✍️✒️Can You Buy Blogging Success?

Charleston, South Carolina


After checking my comments for the first time in 2 hours some 39 spam comments popped up.


39 bloggers foolishly believed one can buy blogging success with $5 invested through Fiverr.


Imagine that?


Bloggers actually believe investing a few bucks can bring you success.


Other bloggers believe one can buy blogging success by investing $1000’s of dollars.


In truth, if you:


  • intelligently
  • mindfully
  • strategically
  • intentionally
  • generously


invest a decent chunk of money in:


  • a skilled web developer
  • a skilled team of freelance writers


perhaps you will succeed as a blogger.


Paying highly confident, clear and skilled writers to churn out a high volume of problem-solving, detailed content can position you to go pro.


However, few bloggers actually:


  • shell out big bucks to hire skilled writers for years
  • invest big bucks in a premium, bespoke, eye-popping blogging theme


Except in the rarest of cases, no one can buy blogging success with money alone.


Bloggers need to gain critical blogging experience in almost every case to even know:


  • who to hire
  • why to hire them
  • how to hire them
  • how much to pay them


Work to Gain Critical Experience


Never throw money at blogging.


Generously helping people allows you to succeed.


Developing blogging skills positions you to thrive.


Networking diligently helps you to get connected.


Opening various income streams gives you ample profits over the long haul.


Blogging requires physical work.


Physical work begins in the mind.


However, most bloggers do not train their minds. Being mentally untrained, most bloggers blog from the fear-based state of mind known as “delusion”. Delusional bloggers falsely believe that spending money can buy you blogging success.


However, until you learn how to blog the right way from personal experience you will never know how to invest money properly to hire others to blog the right way, for you.


Get to Work








Get to work.


At a minimum, invest in your domain and hosting. Emit a professional image. Own your online real estate. Brand yourself properly.


Invest in a premium theme to blog as a professional blogger does well before going pro. Blog the right way to position yourself to succeed.


From there, get busy working. Create helpful content that solves reader problems. Build strong connections to expand your reach far and wide. Open multiple income channels to allow money to flow to you through various streams.


Be patient. Be persistent. Be generous.


Blog for the long haul.


No one has figured out how to succeed with blogging based on spending money alone because bloggers need at least some personal experience, diligent research and an intimate knowledge of blogging in order to hire people with confidence.


Beware Wasting Money to Go Backwards


Since 2007, my blogs have received 500,000 plus spam comments.


Most of these spam comments flowed to my blog courtesy of bloggers who dropped $1, $5 or $10 to hire someone to post 1000 comments on blogs daily.


100% of these comments go to my:


  • spam folder
  • trash folder
  • pending folder


Literally, a half a million comments purchased by bloggers through money have never been seen by the general public through my blogs, alone.


Imagine the billions and billions of spam comments that nobody ever sees? Imagine the hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars bloggers collectively waste on:


  • spam comments
  • low quality articles
  • hack-job SEO


over the years?


Making matters worse, each blogger who tries to buy blogging success with money actually goes backwards. Not only does the individual go completely undetected by humanity, in the rarest of cases where a blogger notices a spammer’s name through a few channels online the individual completely loses any shred of:


  • credibility
  • trust
  • integrity


Imagine wasting money to go backwards for 1, 2, or even 5 years?


Stop trying to buy blogging success.




Develop skills.


Solve problems.


Help people.


Blogging gives you whatever you give to blogging.

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