1 Skill to Accelerate Your Blogging Success

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Imagine a boat anchored down in a harbor.


Even with the engine on full throttle, it ain’t going nowhere. Anchors keep you in the same spot despite your best intentions – and heroic efforts – to move forward.


But pulling up the anchor allows the boat to move forward fast.


Blogging Anchors


Bloggers tend to anchor themselves to:


  • potential clients
  • potential customers
  • potential business partners


Someone might hire you. Someone might buy your blogging course. Perhaps someone wants to launch a joint venture with you. Excitement wells up from within your being. Forget the prospect of helping someone; money is on the way! But after 3 hours, no dice. After 3 days, no purchase. After 1 week, no hire. After 1 month, no business partnership materializes.


During the full 3 hour, 3 day, 1 week or 1 month stretch, you anchored yourself to a human being from heavy energies of:


  • fear
  • attachment
  • poverty
  • scarcity
  • greed or desperation


Similar to the anchored ship in harbor, you cannot go anywhere blogging-wise, even if you try like hell to move forward. Writer’s block holds you back. Energy feels lacking. Mental blocks greet you around every corner. Growth stalls. Plus you feel bad about business not materializing.


1 Skill to Accelerate Your Blogging Growth


Learn, practice then master the art of detaching from blogging business prospects.


Learn, practice then master the art of detaching from blogging business prospects.Click To Tweet


Like a captain pulling up anchor, your blogging boat moves forward quickly the split second you remove the anchor.


Most bloggers blog from a heavy but sneaky energy of fear manifest as wild-eyed excitement. Bloggers feel *so* excited at landing a potential client or customer not from abundant energies of love, peace, calm and wealth, but from scarcity energies of fear, mental chaos and poverty. Being grateful, present, happy, peaceful and confident are on opposite ends of the energetic spectrum from being shocked, surprised, excited and attached to potential business.




Cultivating a calm, confident, trusting and detached business blogging vibe keeps you focused on the process of generously creating and connecting from a knowing energy. Generously creating and connecting from a trusting energy allows your:



to increase slowly and steadily. Meanwhile, bloggers who attach to prospective business stop generously creating and connecting because 1 human being – potential client-customer-partner – occupies their minds, somewhat obsessively. Check email. Wait around. Check email again. Why hasn’t the person hired you or bought your stuff? Where is the money?


While you worry, panic and check your email for the 40th time today, wasting precious hours, I just published 2 blog posts and 4 guest posts. Who succeeds? Someone desperately attached to one potential client-customer? Or someone who generously creates and connects from a trusting energy?


Focus on the blogging process, not outcomes. Fall in love with creating helpful content and building genuine bonds with successful bloggers. Traffic, money and business will keep flowing to you. Never mind how detached, relaxed, calm and confident you will feel anytime potential customers, clients and business partners reach out to you.


Tips for Being Detached from Blogging Business


Face, feel and release money fears. Every business attachment feasts on your money fears. Feel the fear. Starve the attachment. Attachments dissolve. Buy my eBook to build a profitable blog by managing your energy:


How to Build a Profitable Blog from the Inside Out



Become heavily invested in having fun with working the blogging process. Enjoy creating and connecting. Make the work feel like the reward. Treat prospects, profits and business as extra’s, bonuses or icing on the cake.


Study posturing pro bloggers. Mimic these calm, confident pros. Soak up their posture through osmosis.


Spend little time and energy interacting with prospective clients and customers. Adopt a “show me the money” approach to dealing with prospective business. Be short, sweet and polite but only commit more deeply to people who pay you for your time and expertise. Nothing personal. Just business. I spend 2-4 seconds emailing prospective folks my rates page. People who pay money secure more of my attention. Everybody else gets none.  I am an entrepreneur, not someone who runs a charity.


How to Develop Blogging Posture





Blogging becomes easier for detached, calm, cool bloggers.


Accelerate your blogging growth. Dissolve any detachments to prospective business.


Enjoy sweet blogging success.

Ryan Biddulph

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