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If you are in search of  Best Domain Registrars of 2020 you are at right place. It is the domain name providers which are responsible for registering and managing domain name for your site.

It is always very hard and confusing
task while choosing the best domain name registrars. You must have to
choose your domain name provider wisely.

In this article, we have discussed more than 10 Best Domain Registrars Of 2020. We have compared all the pros and cons of those providers. Read this article completely before choosing your domain provider.

What is a domain name registrar?

A domain name registrar is a company
that provides you to buy and register domain names for your website. All domain
name registrars are controlled by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned
Names and Numbers), which is a nonprofit domain management organization.

Domain names make your site easily
reach to everyone. Without domain names, You need to enter long combinations of
numbers called IP addresses to visit a website.

The Domain names solve this problem
by allowing sites to select addresses using easy-to-remember words, such as

How domain names work?

For domain names to be widely
available, ICANN allows providers to apply for accreditation and to establish
themselves as the best domain registrars.

These companies then compete with
each other to sell domain name licenses that allow you to get better services
and tools when you buy your domain name.

What Is The Work Of The Best Domain Registrars

All domain name information is
stored in a centralized database. For a domain name to be recognized, all
related information must be added to the database.

All the domain name registrar are
authorized by ICANN to make changes domain name information in the database. A
domain name registrar also provides easy-to-use tools to make these changes
using your web browser.

That said, let’s see how to easily
choose the best domain registrar for your website address.

How to Choose The Best Domain Registrars Of 2020

All domain providers are not
authorized to sell all domain name extensions. For example, some domain name
registrars can only be authorized to sell domain names with country-specific

Every domain name provider can offer
multiple services along with domain name registration. Some domain name
registrars offer cheap domains name as a promotional offer. Also, many free
services are offered by Best Domain Name Registrars.

When choosing the best domain
name registrars
, Follow these bolow criteria

The price and the registration period.

The first thing you should check is
the price of domain names. Some domain name registrars offer lower prices for
your domain only for the first year, but their renewal prices are higher.

A minimum period of 1 year is
required to register your domain. Sometimes it may be 2 or more year depending
on the provider. The maximum period is for 10 years.

It is always recommended to buy your
domain for 1 year first. Also, enable auto-renewal for your domain name.

Check for the domain transfer rate
while choosing your domain name provider.

Domain transfers

Normally, you do not need to
transfer your domain name immediately, but if you are not happy with the domain
registrar, this option should be available immediately.

The first thing to keep in mind is
you can not transfer a domain name in the first 60 days of registration. This
initial period is set by ICANN. After that, you can move it to any other
registrar you want.

Most domain registrars facilitate
the transfer of domain names at no extra charge. However, some may try to make
it or pay an additional fee.

Make sure you check the domain
transfer policy before you buy a domain name from a registrar.

Expire policies

Domain names are registered for a
certain period of duration. You can renew your domain registration before the
deadline expires. However, if you forgot to renew your domain name, it will
expire and anyone can repurchase it.

For companies, this means that
someone can take over your domain name. Always enable automatic renewals for
your domain name to enjoy hassle-free services.

Even if you use the auto-renewal
feature, it’s a good idea to check the expiration policy of domain registrars.
Some domain registers offer a grace period to renew your domain even after the
expiration. This grace period allows you to renew your expired domain name.

Always choose best domain name registrars
for registering your domain.

Complementary services

We also recommend that you review
what other services the domain registrar offers you. While you may not need
these services at this time, it’s good to know you have them.

These complementary services may
include domain confidentiality, domain parking, extended expiration protection,
and more.

You will find very attractive offers
from domain name providers as there is a huge competition. Always check all the
terms and condition before using these offers.

following are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a domain name

Supplement for the price

Some domain name registers
can automatically add complementary services with your package when you
purchase a domain name. Always cancel those otherwise this will significantly
increase the bill.

Normally, a .com domain name should
not cost you more than $ 14.99 / year. Always verify your payment page and
uncheck the complementary services you do not need.

Worst user experience

Most domain name registrars try to
make their site very attractive and easy to use. So they can keep you as a
client. However, some domain registrars do the opposite.

This will make it difficult to
change your domain name settings. You will need to do this if you want to
transfer the domain to a new host or a new domain registrar.

The easiest way to look for this is
to look for best online domain registrar reviews. Keep in mind that very few
happy customers leave reviews online, so it’s important to read your reviews

Hidden taxes

You may need to look for hidden
costs and fees when choosing a domain registrar.

Some domain registrars may have
special offers for the cheapest domains for records for the first time. Most
beginners do not realize, but the cost of renewing the domain is often quite
different and even bigger.

All good domain registrars
facilitate the transfer of your domain name to another company. However, some
will pay an extra fee.

Having said that, let’s take a look
at some of the best domain name recorders and how they compare each other.

10+ Best Domain Registrars Of 2020

Choosing the right domain
saves you from future problems. Not only does it help you
protect your brand, but it also makes it easier for you to move your website to
a new host or service provider.

These are the best domain
to buy your domain name.

If you have not much time to read this complete article, don’t worry we have a table with detailed information for you. Follow the table below to know the complete idea of choosing Best And Cheap Domain Name Registrars.

No. Registrar Pricing
for TLDs (1styear)
Features Official
#01 GoDaddy .com – $2.99*/$17.99.org – $11.99 WHOIS Privacy Protection for
$7.99/yrProfessional email for $1.49 per user/mo.
Visit GoDaddy
#02 NameCheap .com – $8.88.org – $12.98 Free WHOIS Protection as long as your
domain is with Namecheap.One integrated email account FREE
Visit NameCheap
#03 Bluehost .com – $11.99.org – $8.99 Domain Privacy Protection for $11.88/
yrCustom email with G Suite for $5/mo.
Visit Bluehost
#04 Domain.com .com – $9.99.org – $14.99 Privacy Protection for $8.99/yrG Suite
Email for $4.17/ mo.
Visit Domain.com
#05 Name.com .com – $8.99.org – $12.99 WHOIS Privacy Protection for $3.99/
yrName.com Email for $1.67/mo. (1 Address)
Visit Name.com
#06 Google Domain .com – $1*/ $15.org – $1*/ $20 Free WHOIS PrivacyCustom Email for $1/mo. Visit Google
#07 DreamHost .com – $11.99.org – $13.95 FREE WHOIS Domain PrivacyFREE Custom Email Visit DreamHost
#08 iPage .com – $10.99.org – $16.99 Domain Privacy Protection for $9.99/ yrG
Suite email for $5/ mo.
Visit iPage
#09 A2 Hosting .com – $14.95.org – $14.95 ID Protection for $9.95/ yearCustom
email for $3.92/ mo.
Visit A2 Hosting
#10 Register.com .COM – $5.00 .org – $5.00 Domain Privacy Protection for $10 Visit Register
#11 Bigrock .com – $13.95.org – $14.75 ID Protect (WHOIS Privacy) for $8/yrG
Suite for $5/mo.
Visit Bigrock

In the above table, we have shared
all the important information about the best domain name providers. If you
still want more you can read this complete article.

#01.  GoDaddy

domain registrars

GoDaddy is one of the oldest and
most popular domain name providers. It manages over 77 million domain names for
more than 18 million customers.

They offer a wide variety of popular
domain name extensions to choose from. Their prices are extremely competitive
and you can even get a significant reduction in the first year of domain

GoDaddy has a powerful and easy-to-use domain management interface that lets you transfer the domain name or change the configuration.

domain registrars

of GoDaddy Domains:

  • ICANN-Approved domain registrar.
  • Get Privacy Protection for $7.99/ year and also get Privacy and Business Protection for $14.99/ year. Discount will be applied if you purchase a contract for 2 years or more.
  • Multiple plans are available for professional custom email service which starts from $2.99/mo.
  • Domain transfers from other providers to GoDaddy are completely free if you buy a one-year extension for the domain at GoDaddy.
  • FREE GoCentral Website Builder will be given to you.

Pricing for Popular TLDs (First Year and Renewal)

TLD .com .org .net .info .co
1st Year
$2.99* $11.99* $13.99* $2.99* $2.99*
2nd Year
$17.99 $20.99 $19.99 $19.99 $34.99

#02. Namecheap

domain registrars

Namecheap is one of the top
domain registrars
in the market. They have a powerful domain search tool
that helps you find the right domain name and makes suggestions when your
favorite domain name is not available.

They also offer additional domain
services, such as domain privacy and premium DNS. Domain management is clean,
but not as easy to use as the new GoDaddy interface.

One good thing about NameCheap is that they provide free domain privacy with all their domain names.

domain registrars

We use the NameCheap name, but eventually, we transferred our main domains to other providers because we simply had too many login problems in their domain management panel.

domain registrars

of the NameCheap Domains:

  • ICANN-approved domain registrar.
  • Also, Get Free WHOIS Protection. If you are eligible than getting WHOIS guard subscription free of cost with your TLD.
  • One integrated email account is provided free of cost. If you need additional emails you can add it for $0.25/mo. Also, Add GSuite Custom email for $5 per month
  • Domain transfers from other providers to NameCheap are free of cost. You have to renew the domain for at least one year.
  • Positive SSL and premium DNS also available for your use.

Pricing for Popular TLDs (First Year and Renewal)

TLD .com .org .net .info .co
1st Year
$8.88 $12.98 $12.98 $1.99* $8.48*
2nd Year
$10.98 $14.98 $12.98 $13.88 $25.98

#03. Bluehost

domain registrars

Bluehost is one of the largest
hosting companies in the world and is an official WordPress hosting partner. As
part of their web hosting service, they also offer domain name registrations.

Bluehost offers WPBeginner users a
free domain name, an SSL certificate and a discount on web hosting, which is a
perfect offer for anyone who wants to make a website.

You can start for $ 2.75 per month and get a free domain name.

domain registrars

of the Bluehost Domains:

  • You can get Domain Privacy Protection for $11.88 per year.
  • Also Get, Custom email with G Suite for $5/mo. per user.
  • Domain transfers from other providers to Bluehost is free of cost. You need to renew your domain for at least one year.
  • WordPress Hosting plans are also available with Bluehost.

Domains Pricing for Popular TLDs (First Year and Renewal)

TLD .com .org .net .info .co
1st Year
$11.99 $8.99 $12.99 $11.99 $9.99
2nd Year
$11.99 $8.99 $12.99 $11.99 $9.99

#04. Domain.com

domain registrars

From the beginning in 2000, the
Domain.Com is one of the most popular domain name registrars on the
internet. This allows you to register all the high-level domains (TLD)
extensions and country level domains (CCTLDs) of all the codes in your country.

Domain.com is a fast domain search
tool that you can use to search your domain. Their search shows you premium

You have access to all domain
management tools that you expect from a prominent domain registrar, including
private domain (domain privacy), blocking, easy transfer, easy DNS management,
and more. You can also purchase web hosting from them if you wish to do so.

of Domain.com Domains:

  • Domain.com is an ICANN-approved best domain registrars company.
  • You can get Domain Privacy Protection for $8.99 per year.
  • Also, get Google’s professional email service G Suite Email for $4.17/ month.
  • Domain transfer is totally free of cost.
  • Protect your domain form hackers with SSL certificates which starts from $31.99/year.

Pricing for Popular TLDs (First Year and Renewal)

TLD .com .org .net .info .co
1st Year
$9.99 $14.99 $12.99 $19.98 $40.98
2nd Year
$9.99 $14.99 $12.99 $19.98 $40.98

If you have any questions, you can
contact their live chat or email support.

#05. Name.com

domain registrars

Name.com is a domain registration
company that is accredited by Denver, which also provides web hosting, email,
website builder and SSL certificate.

It is owned by Donuts Inc., a
domain-service company specializing in Premium and New Domain Services (TLD),
which is more than the limit for .com / .net / .org website owners.

Name.com has an all-in-one approach to getting online – they have everything you need (such as domain name, hosting, site builder, security and email).

domain registrars

of the Name.com Domains:

  • Name.com is an ICANN-approved domain registrar.
  • Get WHOIS Privacy Protection for your domain at $4.99 per year.
  • It offers multiple email service plans.
  • Domain transfer fees depend on the type of domain you transfer. It varies from time to time.
  • It also provides Web Hosting services starting from $4.99/mo.
  • You can purchase a website builder with drag and drop facility.
  • It also provides SSL certificate.

Domains Pricing for Popular TLDs (First Year and Renewal)

TLD .com .org .net .info .co
1st Year
$8.99* $12.99 $10.99* $13.99 $19.99*
2nd Year
$12.99 $12.99 $14.99 $13.99 $28.00

#06. Google Domain

domain registrars

Many People doesn’t know that Google
Domain Registration Services is provided by Google. This service is still in
beta testing, despite launching in January 2015. This service is not available

Only the people who have billing
addresses in Australia, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain,
Thailand, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, France, India,
Indonesia, Italy, and Vietnam can use Google Domain Name Registrars. 

The above does not mean that you
will not be able to manage existing domain accounts when traveling outside of
these countries.

Features and
Pricing Of Google Domain

  • Private registration at no extra cost
  • Easy integration with top website builders
  • Also, get a Custom email with G Suite
  • Very New domain name endings
  • Customization available for sub-domains
  • Fast, secure, and reliable internet infrastructure powered by Google
  • Simple and easy to use domain management tools
  • Email forwarding services
  • 24/7 Support

#07. DreamHost

domain registrars

Dreamhost is also one of the best
domain registrars
in the globe. They also provide Web Hosting services.
Search for new domains and register your name before someone else does.


  • FREE Private Registration
  • Get FREE Subdomains
  • Domain Transfers Made Easy
  • Simple Domain Management


  • Shielded Personal & Contact Information
  • Protected from Email Spam & Phishing
  • Shielded Personal & Contact Information

Free Domain

  • Managing all your domains from one place makes keeping track of everything easier.
  • Free WHOIS privacy protection on domain renewals.
  • Complete DNS management right from our custom Panel.
domain registrars

of the DreamHost Domains:

  • DreamHost is an ICANN-approved company for top-level domain registration.
  • Get FREE WHOIS Domain Privacy with Dreamhost.
  • You will get FREE Custom Email
  • Domain transfer fee always depends on the types of TLD you are transferring.
  • Dreamhost also provides web hosting services.
  • Also, get a Free SSL certificate with your domain.

Domains Pricing for Popular TLDs (First Year and Renewal)

TLD .com .org .net .info .co
1st Year
$11.95* $13.95 $13.95 $13.95 $26.95
2nd Year
$13.95 $13.95 $13.95 $13.95 $26.95

#08. iPage

domain registrars

Ipage is one of the best hosting
providers among all. Do you know it also provides Domain name registration
services? Yes, you heard right. Ipage is also a best domain name registrars.

Ipage offer over 300 domain
extensions, from .best to .blog and beyond! You’re not limited to just .com or
.net like any other provider.

With Domain Privacy, you can keep
your personal contact information private and safe.

Domains registered through iPage or
transferred to iPage will renew automatically. This keeps your domain name from
expiring by accident or any mistake.

of the iPage Domains:

  • You will get the Domain Privacy Protection service for $9.99/ year.
  • Also, Get G Suite from Google Cloud at $5 per month.
  • Get Additional Services like SSL Certificates at $19.99/ year

Domains Pricing for Popular TLDs (First Year and Renewal)

TLD .com .org .net .info .co
1st Year
$10.99 $16.99 $11.99 $16.99 $26.99
2nd Year
$10.99 $16.99 $11.99 $16.99 $26.99

#09. A2 Hosting

domain registrars

If you want to Register a new domain
or transfer your existing domain to A2Hosting you can do that. A2Hosting offers
the most top level domain extension.

A2 Hosting also offers hundreds of
additional TLD as per your requirements. Search your required domain to get

Registration Features

  • Custom Nameservers: Customize how your domain’s information is displayed in “Whois” searches.
  • Free DNS Management: Speed up your website and improve availability with reduced redundancy.
  • ID Protection Option: Protect your personal information and reduce spam with Whois/ID protection.
  • Domain Theft Protection:  Prevents domain hijacking or transferring from your account without permission.
  • 24/7/365 Support: Their team of friendly support experts is here around the clock if you need help
domain registrars

of the A2 Hosting Domains:

  • ID Protection: Protect your domain for $9.95 per year
  • Add Custom email for your domain at $3.92/ mo.
  • Transferring domain is very easy and simple.
  • Also, get Additional services like Web hosting, WordPress hosting, Email Forwarding, SSL certificates.

Hosting Domains Pricing for Popular TLDs (First Year and Renewal)

TLD .com .org .net .info .co
1st Year
$14.95 $14.95 $14.95 $14.95 $34.95
2nd Year
$14.95 $14.95 $14.95 $14.95 $34.95

#10. Register.com

domain registrars

Register.com was founded in 1994 and
its headquarter is in New York. The company is owned by Web.com Group Inc.
which is an American domain name provider and web development company.

Currently, Register.com manages over
2.5 million different domain names across the internet.

Features and

It includes domain transfers,
website, and e-commerce site builders, hosting and SSL services, email
services, and other online marketing tools.

24/7 customer support is available
via phone and email. There is no live chat option. Customer care is available
from 9 AM to 5 PM from Monday to Friday and 9 AM to 10 PM on Saturday and

At Register.com you will get a .com
website at just $5. There are also different pricing options for all TLDs.


Register.com provides you much
cheaper domain name compared to other best domain registrars. Also, you
can avail WHOIS privacy protection for an additional $ 11 per year.

#11. Bigrock

domain registrars

Registering your domain with Bigrock
is very simple and easy to use. Just follow these three steps.

  • Choose a domain name:  Choose from a wide range of domain extensions like .com, .in
  • Select Aditional services: It is optional
  • Payout: Pay using any method available

Benefits Of
Owning A Domain

  • Let your visitors & customers find you easily!
  • Get better visibility and exposure on search engines
  • Setup personalized Email Addresses
  • Safeguard your identity, your ideas, and your business
  • Make a calculated investment
domain registrars

Aditional You Get With Bigrock Domain

  • 2 Free email accounts
  • DNS management
  • Domain forwarding
  • Domain Theft Protection
  • Easy to use control panel


In this article, we tried our best
to give you the complete information on domain registrars. Hope you find what
you are in search of.

We have covered 10+ Best Domain Registrars Of 2020 and compare all of them. You have to choose one of them you like.

If you still have any doubt our
comment box is always open for you. Just ask any question and we are always
ready to help you.

If you have any suggestion for us just write down in the comment box. We definitely try to improve.

We hope this post helped you to find out Best Domain Registrars . You may also want to see Top 10 Domain Name Generators.

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