10 Content Ideas to Help You Post More on Social Media

For anyone looking to scale a business online, social media is more than just a place to meet friends and consume content. To grab a following, you must move to the other side of the wall and update many posts.

Posting regular and quality content on social media is the number-one way to catapult your online following. These simple content ideas will help you find some inspiration and fill your posting calendar with valuable and memorable posts.

Informative videos are one of the top searched and widely consumed forms of video content online. The nature of these videos attract a very niche market and keep them coming back for more. It is proven statically that explainer videos provide better retention and lead generations.

Your business or brand can focus on any of your domain entities and make informative videos about them. These can be in the form of simple vlogs, animations, white-board videos, or even sketches.

Tips and tricks are the other genres of informative content that is very well received all around the world. Small anecdotes and exciting trivia will go a long way in making a memorable impact on the audience’s minds.

It would be best if you shared facts and trips in the business domain relevant to yours. For example, if you are looking to attract people who love beauty products, then makeup tricks and product reviews are an excellent content option.

Videos have a better reach as compared to photo. They also work better at grabbing eyeballs. You must consider turning your images into animation and short videos. These can be quickly done with the help of an image to video maker online.

Converting a few images into a looped video or a GIF can convince people to stop on their scrolls and consume your content. You can also easily add background tracks or audio-snippets to make them further engaging.

Mobile brands like OnePlus have been using this trick for years. This promo is also the reason why movies publish a teaser before the actual launch. These small clips are potent tools to build anticipation and start a conversation around your product or service.

Think outside the box and only use this video or photo to highlight some key features to gain followers who would come back to see the finished products. It also helps generate a mutual sense of community among all your followers.

Consumer testimonials and feedback are the hidden gems of online content creation. The content is easy to make, cost close to nothing — yet adds assured credibility to your brand.

These can be in the form of video shoutouts, snapshots of an online review, or well-produced videos of the customer talking. Find a way to make this engaging to the audience, and entice them to try your service or product.

Particularly in the post-pandemic world, live-streams have become very common and easy to achieve. These videos take minimal budgets as they need no script or no high-quality equipment. The camera of your phone or laptop is the only tool you need.

You can find interesting topics that will add value to your users and live steam them. These can be live discussions, Q&As, podcasts, game-streaming, or live event footage. Social media platforms also have built-in live-stream features to make this much more accessible.

Rather than investing in a single influencer post, the ‘guest takeover’ a great way to generate content while getting the word out to new audiences. The guest takeover is nothing but an influencer or a relevant name in your industry taking over your social media handle as their own; for a fixed time, duration.

The only parameter to consider there is that your guest is well-known in your target demographic. This process will encourage more users to visit your profile and even follow it and stick along.

The content they produce on the page will remain there as your own and help you derive the most value for your pennies.

Over sixty-percent of all online-content-marketers publish visuals on their page at least two times a week. These graphics and visuals can share more information in less time and space. Using brand-relevant colors and topics will help you gain many eyeballs.

If you want to go a step further, you can use an image to video tool to add a voice-over to your infographics and make them further encapsulating. Infographics need not be boring or educational content; they can merely be a tool to share information creatively.

If you, as a brand or an individual, enjoy writing text-content, then this is your time to shine. With attention spans falling across social media, long articles achieve minimal results and reactions. Use small notes with a creative presentation to tell a story or share information.

You can also make these into posters for image-depended platforms like Instagram. On a platform like LinkedIn, the use of text is highly encouraged, so if you enjoy text content, it is an ideal platform.

The other aim of social media content is to generate engagements and interactions. There are tools built-into platforms like Instagram that let you take these polls and surveys. If done creatively, they can be a goldmine of engagements.

Apart from these features, you can also ask your following this question on your feed. Encourage users to answer in the comments and start a dialogue. This trick has provided enormous growth to many personal brands.

One can notice an apparent pattern in most of these recommendations. A lot of them involve using videos as a tool. This is because video provides better conversions and has managed to capture the audience’s world-over.

These concepts we discussed are only a few ways to generate quality content online. Use these tips as guidelines to help discover your own unique content ideas.

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