10 WordPress Social Media Plugins that Are Mostly Free!

Are you looking for the best social media plugins for WordPress? Your search ends here.

Social media is the new SEO.

If you’re struggling to increase your website traffic or sales, focus on increasing your traffic from social media. 

Why? SEO is difficult for most people and it takes A LOT of time to get traffic from search engines. Social media helps you generate quick traffic to your websites.

If you’re looking for proven ways to increase your social media engagement or traffic, increase your social media shares.

Here’s where WordPress comes in handy. WordPress offers a ton of social sharing plugins that help you attract more social shares. 

In this post, we’ll discuss;

  • Top 10 WordPress social media share plugins
  • Their features along with the download links
  • Pricing and many more

So are you ready? Let’s jump into the details to see the top free social sharing plugins for WordPress.

10 Powerful WordPress Social Media Plugins 

wordpress social media plugins

1. Social Snap

social snap

If you have a WordPress website and are looking for a powerful social media plugin to generate more traffic, Social Snap is for you. We’ve been using the same social sharing plugin on BloggersPassion and we’re extremely happy with it.

Features of Social Snap:

  • Gives access to over 30 social networks & apps to choose from (including Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc)
  • Social Auto Poster to automatically post on social media
  • Click to Tweet
  • Place social sharing buttons anywhere
  • Pick button shapes and colors
  • Show social share counts
  • Display different share buttons for mobile/desktop screens
  • Add custom images, titles, etc while sharing on social media
  • Easily recover your share counts if you change permalinks, domain updates, etc
  • Automatically shorten share URLs with Bitly
  • Access to Gutenberg, Shortcodes & Widgets
  • Access to up-to-date stats that helps you track social media engagement 
  • Automatic updates and priority support

How much does Social Snap cost?

Social Snap has a free version that offers limited features and you can download it from here.

But if you want to unlock powerful features (which are mentioned above), you need to go with their premium version. It comes in the following 3 pricing packages.

  1. Plus plan costs you $39 per year and you can use it on 1 website
  2. Pro plan costs you $99 per year and you can use it on 3 websites (you’ll also get access to all 5 add-ons)
  3. Agency plan costs you $299 per year and you can use it on 15 websites (you’ll also get access to all 5 add-ons)

Social Snap offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

2. Share by Sumo

share by sumo

If you’re looking for FREE WordPress social media plugins, Share by Sumo is an excellent choice for you. It gives you access to over 65 social media platforms and services including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Pocket, and more.

Features of Share by Sumo:

  • The ability to show social sharing icons from over 65 social services
  • You can display social icons anywhere including mobile and desktop
  • Drag-and-drop setup
  • Download historical social sharing data
  • A/B testing
  • Advanced Visitor Targeting
  • UTM tracking to identify exactly where your social traffic is coming from

How much does Share by Sumo cost?

Sumo Share has both versions: free and premium. The free option offers you basic features but is useful to all beginners. If you want extra features like UTM tracking, historical social share data, etc – go with their premium version.

Pro version costs you $39/mo ($468 if paid annually). If you want to go with their monthly plans, it costs you $49/mo.

3. Social Warfare

social warfare

Social Warfare is one of the popular and most downloaded social media plugins for WordPress with over 1,000,000 downloads so far. If you’re looking for a lightning fast social media plugin that doesn’t reduce page loading times, Social Warfare is a great choice for you.

Features of Social Warfare:

  • Social share buttons for popular networks
  • Display share counts 
  • Recover old share counts 
  • Display popular posts by social shares
  • Fastest loading social buttons
  • The ability to try different style options
  • Access to Click-to-Tweet quotes
  • Shorten shared links automatically using Bitly
  • Analytics
  • Access to shortcode or PHP snippet

How much does Social Warfare cost?

Social Warfare has both free and premium versions. With the free plugin, you get limited features. If you want to get powerful features, go with their premium version and it offers the following 4 licenses in their premium version. 

  •  Single Site License costs you $29 per year
  •  Up to 5 Sites License costs you $89 per year
  •  Up to 10 Sites License costs you $139 per year
  •  Unlimited Sites License costs you $349 per year

4. Shareaholic


Shareaholic offers a comprehensive set of marketing tools including a social media toolkit for WordPress. With Shareaholic, you get access to over 15+ powerful tools that are used by over 300,000 websites worldwide.

Features of Shareaholic:

  • You can include over 100 social media channels including Pinterest, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WeChat, and more
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Supports theme features such as HTML5, widgets, plugins, infinite scroll, etc
  • You can use URL shorteners such as Bitly for custom tracking
  • Share count recovery
  • Automatically add Pinterest’s “Pin It” button onto the images on your site
  • Responsive and retina display friendly

How much does Shareaholic cost?

Shareaholic has a free plan called “Free Forever” which is best for beginners. 

But if you need more features such as share count recovery, branded URL shortener with pixel tracking, priority support, etc – you should go with their premium plans which are listed below.

  • Professional plan is best for bloggers and new businesses. It costs you $8 per month
  • Team is best for eCommerce, small agencies & consultants. It costs you $31 per month

For more details, check out their pricing plans where you’ll discover all the features you get with each plan.

5. MashSharer


If you’re looking for a social media share plugin for WordPress that’s easy to use and highly customizable, MashShare is exclusively for you. MashShare doesn’t take your IP data or any other personal data as all the code is loaded directly from your website which ensures website visitor’s privacy.

Features of MashSharer:

  • Short URL integration for share buttons
  • Access to most shared posts widget
  • Support for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) 
  • Shortcodes to disable share counts
  • It can be used with many add-ons including Google Analytics, YouTube Video Share, etc

How much does MashSharer cost?

MashSharer has a free version which is useful for most people. But if you want extra add-ons such as Facebook Likebar, Mash Networks, Sharebar, Mash Responsive, Google Analytics Integration, etc – you should go with their premium plans which are listed below.

  • Personal plan costs you $39 per year which can be used on 1 website
  • Business plan costs you $119 per year which can be used on 5 websites
  • Pro plan costs you $199 per year which can be used on unlimited websites
  • Ultimate plan costs you $339 (for lifetime) which can be used on unlimited websites (with lifetime updates)

6. Sassy Social Share

sassy social share

If you’re searching for a FREE WordPress social media plugin for social shares, Sassy Social Share plugin is just for you. It’s a fully responsive and lightweight plugin to display social shares on your website. 

Features of Sassy Social Share:

  • Lightweight plugin which is absolutely free to use
  • No registration required
  • Access to over 100 social sharing services
  • Compatible with Gutenberg editor
  • Enable or disable vertical/floating sharing interface on mobile devices
  • Extremely easy to customize
  • Url shortening service integration
  • Compatible with AMP
  • Access to widgets and shortcodes
  • It’s compatible with various platforms including BuddyPress, BBPress, WooCommerce, WordPress, etc

How much does Sassy Social Share cost?

It’s completely free to use. 

7. Monarch


Monarch is an incredible social sharing plugin created by Elegant Themes. If you already have access to the Elegant themes (yearly or lifetime access), you can grab Monarch for FREE.

Features of Monarch:

  • Choose from more than 30 social sharing networks to display on your website
  • Choose when share counts are to be displayed
  • Choose from various icon styles, shapes and colors
  • Display social icons in your sidebar or other widget areas
  • Displaying social follow links using shortcodes

How much does Monarch cost?

It’s completely free to use if you’ve an Elegant Themes license. It’s NOT available for free to other users. You need to purchase Elegant themes to be able to use this beautiful social media sharing plugin. 

custom share buttons

If you’re searching for a lightweight social sharing plugin for WordPress that offers a floating sidebar, the Custom Share Buttons plugin is a great choice for you.

Features of Custom Share Buttons:

  • Shortcodes to show social shares
  • Extremely lightweight 
  • Add custom image and background color for any social button
  • Floating sidebar
  • Standard share buttons to every post
  • Show or hide options for any button

How much does the Custom Share Buttons plugin cost?

It’s totally free to download and install and it doesn’t have any premium plans. 

9. AddToAny Share Buttons

add to any

The AddToAny Share Buttons plugin for WordPress gives you access to over 100 social networks and apps. It is one of the oldest WordPress social media plugins that’s been available since 2006.

Features of AddToAny Share Buttons:

  • Floating share buttons
  • Fully responsive
  • Counters as you can display share counts in the same style
  • Track shared links with Bitly
  • Follow buttons which help you boost social media followers
  • Image sharing buttons that allow share buttons for sharing images
  • Vector share buttons 
  • Custom share icons so you can create your own social icons 
  • Google Analytics integration

How much does AddToAny Share Buttons plugin cost?

AddToAny is free to use and there’s no signup or login required.

10. Ultimate Social Media Sharing

ultimate social sharing

Looking to increase your social shares and searching for a plugin that helps people share your posts easily? Then, you should definitely check out the Ultimate Social Media Sharing plugin. 

Features of Ultimate Social Media Sharing:

  • Animated social icons
  • Add pictures and snippets to tweets 
  • Use an URL shortener for short links
  • Optimized for mobile
  • Compatible with all WordPress themes & Page Builders

How much does Ultimate Social Media Sharing cost?

This plugin has both versions: free and paid. The paid version costs $29.98 which gives you support and updates for six months. You can use it for a lifetime without paying. 

FAQs | Best WordPress Social Media Sharing Plugins

Here are some of the frequently asked questions around WordPress social media plugins.

What are social media plugins?

Social media plugins help your website visitors to share content with other people via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.  

How to recover lost social share counts?

You can use the following social media plugins to easily recover lost social share counts.

– Social Snap
– Social Warfare
– Shareaholic 

What are the free social sharing plugins for WordPress?

Here are some of the free WordPress social sharing plugins.

– AddToAny Share Buttons
– Sassy Social Share
– Share by Sumo
– Shareaholic

What are the best floating social media plugins for WordPress?

Here are some of the best floating social media plugins for WordPress.

– Social Warfare
– AddToAny Share Buttons
– Sassy Social Share

What are the lightweight social share plugins for WordPress?

Here are some of the fast and lightweight social sharing plugins for WordPress.

– Social Snap
– Monarch from Elegant Themes
– Social Warfare
– Sassy Social Share

Browse more WordPress Plugins:

Final Thoughts On WordPress Social Media Plugins

One big reason to use WordPress is that it gives you access to a ton of WordPress social media plugins. Most of them are available for free. But if you need advanced features, you should check out premium plugins like Social Snap which we’re currently using on this blog.

So which is your favorite social sharing plugin for WordPress? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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