3 Words to Change Your Blog Forever

Putnam County, New York State, USA.


“Talk to people.”


I talked to James Pierce on Twitter months ago. We chat here and there. Talking to James introduced me to Nick Nalbach. I talked to him a bit. Nick asked me to be on his podcast. I gratefully accepted the offer. We did the interview yesterday. Going live in a few weeks.


Talking to human beings opened the door for the podcast interview. Bloggers who tap the @reply button and say something understand the secret of successful tweeting. Don’t get me wrong; developing skills to become a trusted blogger plays a chief role in becoming a pro blogger. But I know legions of skilled bloggers who have not made a penny. Why? The penniless crowd does not talk to people. Being a skilled loner = being a broke blogger.


How to Talk to People




  • comment genuinely on respected blogs in your niche
  • @reply bloggers in your niche on Twitter
  • reply to comments on your blog
  • comment on Facebook Group updates; said Groups being aligned with your blogging niche
  • broadcast live on Facebook; chat with real time viewers and commentors
  • broadcast live on Twitter; chat with real time viewers and commentors
  • reply to DMs on Twitter
  • reply to Messages on Facebook


Talking to human beings forges bonds potentially leading to blogging friendships. Blogging buddies amplify your success by promoting you, endorsing you, hiring you and buying your stuff. But solid friendships take time and generosity to evolve organically. Talk to people. Ask for nothing. Expect nothing. Talk to express a genuine interest in another human being, *not* to squeeze traffic or profits out of someone by begging them to do something for you.


Be Genuine and Natural


I met someone offline yesterday here in beautiful Putnam County, New York State. She has been a forest dweller here for years. Although she lives in a house.


Anyway, on introducing myself, I did not say:


“Hi, I’m Ryan. Buy my blogging course.”


I just introduced myself and chatted about living here.


Being genuine and natural lets people trust you. Being trusted allows bonds to form organically. Blogging buddies who deeply trust each other change each other’s blogs forever through:


  • cross-promotion
  • buying each other’s stuff
  • hiring one another
  • amplifying each other’s reach through leveraging


Observe this blog post. My readers now know Nick and James a little bit better. Each rocking blogger just gained exposure in front of my tribe. My tribe trusts me. My tribe trusts people I trust. Some of my tribe will follow Nick and James now, or a little down the road. Both bloggers gain readers and potential profits too. What opened the door to this increased blog traffic for both? Talking to people.


Tips for Talking to People Daily


Schedule time for talking to people. Set aside minutes to talk via blog comments, Facebook and Twitter. Do you feel confused about how to blog comment the right way? Buy my eBook: How to Build an Online Empire through Blog Commenting


Edge out of your scared-shell. Talking to people may feel uncomfortable at first. Self-conscious fears seem to be triggered when meeting new people. Be with the fears. Proceed to talk to human beings. Prosper. Eventually, talking to people feels like a fun, relaxing party. Does that sound scary?


Limit talking sessions. Be a professional blogger first and foremost, not a professional talker-engager. Spend most time and energy publishing helpful blog posts and guest posts to grow your business effectively. Limit engagement sessions to avoid the common error of socializing for hours then complaining that you have no time to blog.


Ask, answer and just chat. Ask questions. Answer questions. Just chat casually. Find a natural mix between all 3 to bond genuinely with human beings.


Chatting people up daily helps you to make buddies. Buddies make your blogging life easier by amplifying your success. When I go offline later to hike in the forest my buddies add a passive element to my blogging campaign, promoting me around the clock.


Being social, engaging and genuine every single day leads to sugary sweet blogging returns now and over the long haul.




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  3. people


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