4 Tips to Silence Your Inner Blogging Critic

Nizwa, Oman.


(Post updated August 2020)


Nasty chatter. Negative suggestions. Tough feedback.


Your mind can be a real bastard.


Human beings who can drop another human being in a heart beat – blocking trolls, releasing worn out friendships, etc – tolerate the most damaging, deadly, dastardly demons spawning in their own minds. Seriously guys; meditate just a little bit. The split second you begin to become aware of your thoughts and feelings, you will wonder why you trusted your:


  • fears
  • doubts
  • limiting beliefs


Being human and sometimes trusting fear, I am not beyond my inner critic. But I’ve followed a few tips to largely free myself from these untrue, illusory ideas.


Guys; you will experience greater success, fun and freedom by dissolving your inner critic, one limiting belief at a time. More blog traffic? Sits on the other side of your inner critic. More blogging profits? Better silence that critic.


Follow these tips to silence your inner blogging critic.


1: Follow Some Daily Awareness Expanding Practice


Meditate. Or do deep yin yoga. Or sit in a quiet room, and observe. Wisdom begins the moment you begin watching monkey mind, thoughts and feelings jumping from branch to branch. Meditating, doing deep yin yoga, or spending silence in a quiet room helps you develop the skill of observing thoughts and feelings, versus identifying with your thoughts and feelings.


Being aware of your inner critic is the first step in feeling and releasing fear-filled thoughts.


2: Allow Fun to Lead You


If you have genuine fun doing something, you make uncomfortable but freeing choices, to do that something.


Bloggers; pick a niche you have fun exploring. Blog mainly for fun. This way, when your inner critic reveals itself, you will embrace its nasty little chatter because you have so much darn fun blogging.


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Example; I talked myself out of writing an eBook for years. Too many fears. But I eventually had so much fun writing, I wrote the sucker, wading through ego chatter and its fears, allowing my joy for writing to buoy me, keeping me afloat.


3: Nudge into Fear


Nudge into fear. Hear your inner critic. Feel the feelings. Releasing the feelings. Silence another false, constricting, limiting belief.


Example; the internet slowed down considerably here in Oman the prior 4 days. My ego chatter aka inner critic told me to not bother writing this post, because I would not be able to upload it, anyway. Classic fear. I nudged into these uncomfortable feelings, knowing I may not be able to upload and publish, and wrote the damn post. I shed a bit more of the “wasting my time” fear by nudging into it, feeling the discomfort, writing the post and dissolving that inner critic fear, common to bloggers.


4: Hang Only with Loving Bloggers


Love is real. Fear is illusion. Loving bloggers keep you vibing high, in Reality. Your inner blogging critic sees through the prism of fear, creating an illusion, appearance, something not even there. Loving bloggers inspire you to keep blogging in Reality when your ego critic goads you to surrender to illusion-fear. See why it helps to make blogging buddies? Although all flows from within, hinging on your intent, goodness, you better have some exterior support in the form of generous bloggers like David Boozer and Matthew Loomis and Lily Ugbaja.


This journey is fun, freeing and sometimes, scary, but you need to face and release inner-critic-fears to succeed online. Be a blogging dynamo. Enjoy the journey more richly. Follow these tips to silence your inner blogging critic.


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