5 Facts About Shared Hosting That You Don’t Know

Well there are different types of web hosting available on the market but Shared Hosting is the most affordable one. Specially for beginners, shared hosting provides affordable plans with necessary features so that they can easily learn and apply things with time.

In public buses anyone can travel and sometimes you don’t even get a seat, same happens in Shared Web Hosting, like multiple websites stored on a single server and all the sites sharing some common resources. 

If one user uses extra resources then other users(site owners) will face low speed, the server can also overload and can be shut down for cooldown. In this article, I will share some of the coolest facts about shared hosting that you must know before starting a blog in 2021.

shared hosting facts

What is Shared Hosting? Things You Must Know

A Shared hosting is a type of web hosting service where many websites store its data on one web server connected to the Internet.

Shared Hosting is generally the most affordable option for hosting, as the overall cost of server maintenance is divided on many customers.

Shared Hosting facts

Shared servers can give hosting to many clients at one time. Every customer utilizing the shared facilitating stage’s worker approaches highlights like information bases, month to month traffic, Disk space, email accounts, FTP accounts and other additional items offered by the host.

Framework assets are shared on-request by customers on the worker, and each gets a level of everything from RAM and CPU, and different components, for example, the single MySQL worker, Apache worker, and mail worker.

1.Shared Hosting Isn’t a Ranking Factor

Usually Shared Hosting does not play a role in ranking factor, because a shared hosting provider is the only one responsible for all server management in simple terms Uptime and Downtime. The Host provider merely handles the responsibility of maintenance and upgrades of servers Hardware and software, replacing drivers or upgrading their operating systems. 

2.Site Speed Is an Issue

The site speed may be increased with the better optimisation of your website and you might have limited bandwidth so it will slow down if there is a lot of traffic on other websites that are sharing the same server. Better Site speed helps you rank better on search engines.

3.Uptime and Downtime Are Important

Uptime is important for your website, the percentage of Uptime which every company claims is 99% and it is very crucial for you to look for a hosting provider that offers your 99% uptime and has a 24/7 server monitoring team.

4.Host Server Location Matters

Host server location is very important for quick information and quick response. As the traffic will be more on a website it will take much more time to open up. Just imagine if a user is requesting from India, you may find the server in Mumbai, Chennai or possibly Singapore.  

5.Security Is Essential

Shared hosting is on the lower hand in terms of security which is a much essential fact for hosting users. So ensuring that you buy website hosting from a good provider will take care of the security aspects of your shared hosting.

Extra Benefits Of Shared Hosting

  • Affordable price is the most beneficial part of shared hosting. 
  • In shared hosting scalability like lower disk-space, bandwidth and some basic features are included. You can upgrade your plan as per your requirement. 
  • With growing competition, every provider tries to offer unique facilities to its customers.
  • In Shared Hosting Multiple Domain Hosting is much cheaper compared to dedicated hosting and VPS. 
  • You will get c-Panel and other user friendly applications for the customization and for the proper monitoring of your traffic. 
  • Host Unlimited Sub Domains
  • You will get Unlimited email accounts
  • You will get Unlimited my SQL database
  • You can easily switch to Prestashop, Dolphin or Woo commerce as per your Website use.
  • In Shared Hosting you may get Free domain 
  • Easily customize your Website with the control panel provided by the hosting company.
  • Private Name server is the most beneficial point of shared hosting.

What are the factors you need to see before Choosing any Shared Hosting?

Well there are many points before selecting a Shared Hosting Plan from a Shared Hosting Service Provider.

Shared Hosting facts

We will talk about them here and after reading the full article you will be able to select your web hosting provider.


The very first thing which we notice is pricing, the shared hosting is cost effective as compared to any other type of hosting facility, but sometimes few Hosting providers may cost you very less but their service must be compromising. Do go for over priced services and don’t choose the cheapest one.

Server Uptime

Well many of us think that server uptime is not a very important thing to mention but  let me give you a small example, whenever we open some bank site they say the server is not available this means the server is under maintenance or it’s suffering high traffic issues.

Hardware Used

Some cheap hosting providers play games here with the clients, they use HDD disks and they are quite sluggish, so prefer SSD drives that give 600 times better performance than HDD.

CMS Support

Many of you might not know that there are more than 450 content management system plugins(CMS) for your website and you get the access to the CMS of your choice.

Server Latency

Faster the response the more chances of your website to rank on top, if you are requesting from India and the server is in germany then it will take almost 160 milliseconds to get the response, while if the server is available in India itself then the time taken will be reduced to 10-45 millisecond.


In very simple terms the Redirection can be defined as the number of redirections a web server takes to deliver the content from the server to the Client. 


No one is perfect and it’s very obvious that you will be having some issues or queries, so your shared hosting provider must be an active service solver otherwise you’ll be dissatisfied and will face some triggering issues.

Payment Method

Not everyone uses net banking and credit cards so choose only the most convenient and safest way to make a payment on the internet. Like some Indian users prefer to pay with UPI rather than Debit cards.


You are a customer, they must treat you with respect and they must not charge you some extra bucks on something that will cost them a negligible amount. Like Free SSL certificate, Free Domain name and some security plugins.

Server Uplink

Server Uplink can be Explained as High-Speed Connection for Up Coming Traffic from the clients website. It is a Connection between Internet and Server.


Don’t go with a third class Hosting provider because they will cost you some bucks but in return they can be fraud or their service can be very poor. SO check on external websites that are they good or not for shared hosting.

User Interface

You are not an experienced programmer that can under each and every technical term or icon so its better to opt for a user friendly interface with proper server monitoring facility.


So, in a very simplified manner Shared Hosting is the best type of hosting for you if you are starting up your new Online Business Store and before selecting the best shared hosting provider you must keep some things in your mind.

I have already mentioned all of them above so you must go and check out all of them and then select the Best Shared Hosting Provider for your Website.

shared hosting facts

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