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The freedom and flexibility of working as a freelance make this working style more popular these days. As it often only requires commitments per project, it gives each freelancer the authority to determine their own work-life balance.

Moreover, freelancing today is seen as a rather on-the-go type of work that lets one do their work from basically anywhere in the world. You just need to make sure that you have the right equipment for your work and you’re good to go.

Here we have included the five must-have items so you can start enjoying your hassle-free freelancing.

Portable-friendly Laptop

Even if you have a designated office space and computer monitors in your house, it would still be good to change your working environment every now and then. Therefore, having a laptop that you can easily bring everywhere is one of the top priorities for a freelancer.

One of the most important aspects of a portable laptop is its weight. Imagine shouldering a heavyweight every time you commute, a big no! Besides its weight, having a laptop with all the features you need is also important.

ASUS ZenBookis one of the good examples of a comprehensive yet lightweight laptop.It comes in many models, and you can find the perfect ASUS ZenBook that suits your work needs and your pocket.

Portable Wi-Fi

One of the most important thingsabout working remotely is establishing good communication with your colleagues at the office. As most internal company communications these days require an internet connection, we must always be connected.

Although now most coffee shops and co-working spaces have an established Wi-Fi connection available for their customers to use, the issue of internet speed and security can still be a problem. One of the ways to solve this issue is to bring your own portable Wi-Fi, so you can have more freedom in choosing where you work without having to take Wi-Fi availability into account.

Power bank

We all get it- finding a power socket in a public place can be a nightmare at times. Investing in a power bank that can charge your phone and your laptop can be highly beneficial when you’re working remotely.

Most laptops would usually need a power bank with 20.000mAh capacity for 1.5 times charging. Though with laptops such as MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, a minimum of 30.000mAh power bank is needed. It is important to find the right power bankthat suitsnot just your laptopbut also your working style, as some of them might not be allowed on a flight.

Noise-cancelling Earphone

Another problem with working in coffee shops or co-working spaces is the amount of noise that we must endure as we work. It is such a hassle trying to have a productive virtual meeting with so many distractions- not to mention if you are the type that needs quietness to focus.

Noise-canceling earphones are the answer to this problem. Besides its noise-canceling feature, the small nature of the gadget means less space is needed in your bag, compared to headphones.

One of the most recommended noise-canceling earphone sin the market right now is Jabra Elite 85t. At a rather affordable price, you can enjoy up to 5 hours of the adjustable level of Active Noise Cancelling (ANC). More than that, with the Jabra Sound+ app available in iOS and Android, you can now breathe a little easier as it can locate the whereabouts of your earphones. You don’t have to worry anymore about losing your earphones, perfect for freelancers!

Coffee Machines

We all understand that working effectively also requires several supporting needs such as a good environment and, not to forget, coffee! Coffee can immediately be crossed from your list when you’re working from a coffee shop. But if you’re working from home or a co-working space, it might not be as easy.

Having a straightforward coffee machine is everyone’s dream because it means less hassle during your coffee breaks and more time to actually work on your stuff. Nespresso machines, with their compact design and coffee capsules, are the go-to coffee machine in the market right now.

Nespresso coffee machines themselves come in many models and variations. Largely it is divided into the original machine and VertuoLine, which uses different methods in producing coffee. Besides that, the outcome of different machines also varied, ranging from just espresso to several coffee options.

Creating a perfect environment for work is always a challenge, especially when we are working from different places each time. But having the right equipment and tools needed for our work can help a lot in making sure that we can still be as productive in different recurring situations.

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