50 Free Event Submission Sites List 2020 [Updated]

Event Submission sites offer a great opportunity to promote your business as well as gain quality inbound links back to your site. Along with bringing traffic, it is also a great way to generate leads for your business. Here is a list of High DA/PA Event Submission Sites that I found with some extensive hours of research. These sites are absolutely free and extend the reach of your event to some significant extent. Keep looking the space for more updated links.

Event submitting sites are specifically supportive of posting detailed information of events on sites and inform the global audience regarding the pre-decided meetings or events or webinars. Most of the new companies or startups that are more established companies will make use of events submission sites for business promotion and make events while not spending any amount on development. Also, you’ll possess the ability to offer tickets for your event from these sites which is a truly high ROI opportunity. Free event submission sites don’t charge for submitting event details but, for ticket booking functions, these sites may charge you to a little percentage or amount of commission on each ticket sold out.


Why Event Submission Sites are Vital for you-

  • Grow your Event’s Reach and ticket selling volume
  • More interactive method of promotion
  • Bring Genuine Leads and Traffic
  • Expand your Community
  • Reach your Targeted Audience easily
  • Save your valuable time
  • Increase ROI or revenue

Top 10 Event Submission Sites for Your Event

If you are an event planner and looking for event submission websites for promoting your event, here are the best and top 10 event submission sites for your event.

  1. Converz.com
  2. Facebook.com
  3. Bookmyshow.com
  4. Paytm.com
  5. Eventful.com
  6. Meraevents.com
  7. EventBrite.com
  8. AllEvents.com
  9. Hook2events.com
  10. Explara.com

Free Event Submission Sites List

Both Free and premium event submission

You will be able to go for both free and premium event submission option on the above event submission sites. Or you can place your ticket booking function on a commission basis. Hence, collecting participants for your specific events is possible here in these sites with lesser efforts.


In conclusion, people who look for a list of events in the Google search engine will definitely find your site easily and your purpose of event submission will be fulfilled. These event submission sites will work for you like a silent agent to yield more participants and ultimately promotion.

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