7 Best Pinterest Scheduler (2021): Automate Pins Easily!

Want to have a consistent flow of Pinterest traffic?

You need a post scheduler. 

Here, I’ll show you 7 of the best Pinterest scheduler tools available, namely:

Let’s begin.

Tailwind is a popular social media “marketing assistant.”

It is loaded with features that can streamline and automate your social media campaigns on Pinterest and Instagram.

How to use Tailwind

After connecting your Pinterest account, click ‘Publisher’ from the main menu.

Switch to the ‘Schedule’ tab to begin planning your posting schedule. 

From there, use the ‘Add Time Slot’ button to add publishing times during a specific day. 

Tailwind allows you to choose which queues to pull content from as you do this. 

To add posts to your queue, you can head to the ‘Drafts’ tab. Next, select a suggested pin, type a board name, and click ‘Add to Queue.’

Queued posts are automatically published on the next available time slot in your schedule. 

To create a new post from scratch, go to ‘Tailwind Create’ tab from the main menu. You can also choose from the options under the ‘Create New Pin’ drop-down menu button.

Tailwind extra features

  • Tailwind Chrome Extension – With the Tailwind Chrome extension, you can add content to your publishing queue from anywhere on the internet. 
  • Suggested Posts – Tailwind can supply you with endless content suggestions that your social media followers will appreciate. 
  • Tailwind Create – You can use Tailwind Create to design custom social media posts from within the platform. 
  • Built-in Analytics – On Tailwind’s “Insights” page, you can track metrics like your follower growth, engagement rate, top pins, and more. 
  • Tailwind Communities – Tailwind allows users to connect with like-minded individuals to share content ideas, tips, feedback, and encouragement. 
  • SmartLoops – SmartLoops allow you to create a list of posts that continuously get rescheduled at the best times. 

Tailwind pricing

Feature Free Pro Advanced Max
Price $0  $14.99 per month, $9.99 per month with annual billing $29.99 per month, $19.99 per month with annual billing $59.99 per month, $39.99 per month with annual billing
Pinterest/Instagram profiles 1 profile each 1 profile each 2 profiles each 3 profiles each
Posts per month 20 posts per month 100 posts per month 1,000 posts per month Unlimited
Designs per month 20 designs per month 200 designs per month Unlimited Unlimited

Tailwind: Things I like

  • Easy-to-use interface – Tailwind’s popularity is largely thanks to its incredibly user-friendly interface. The intuitive navigation and overall responsiveness of the platform make the app a breeze to use. 
  • Post customizations during preview – Not only does Tailwind show a preview of posts, it also lets you add minor tweaks to the image’s design. 
  • In-depth insights – Apart from basic data like follower growth and comments, Tailwind also includes advanced metrics like “Virality Score” and “Engagement Score.” Use these numbers to see a bird’s-eye view of your social media presence.
  • Cool design tool – Tailwind Create lets you design awesome social media visuals in just a few steps. You can easily add text, set a color palette, define consistent branding elements, and more. 
  • The community – Communities make platforms extra valuable, especially with an active group that shares advice, tips, and ideas among members. What makes Tailwind Communities special is, you can effortlessly discover, join, and engage communities within the app. 

Tailwind: Things I don’t like

  • Limited to only Instagram and Pinterest – There are lots of social media management platforms that can match Tailwind’s basic features. However, most of those alternatives support more networks, including Twitter and Facebook.
  • A bit pricey – Tailwind’s plans are also a bit expensive, considering you can only use the tool with a limited number of profiles. Even the “Max” plan only allows you to link up to three profiles each for Pinterest and Instagram.

Click here to try Tailwind!

Another popular social media scheduling platform would be Hootsuite, which also supports Pinterest.

Hootsuite simplifies the bulk of your social media marketing efforts, including content creation, analytics, and post scheduling. 

How to use Hootsuite

To use Hootsuite, the first step is to plan your schedule from the “Publisher.

Select your Pinterest account under the ‘Social accounts’ drop-down menu. 

When done, you can now specify your preferred posting times using the interactive calendar. 

To queue up pins, click ‘Create’ from the main menu, select ‘Pin,’ and enter your post’s details. Of course, you should also upload the image you want to pin, be it an infographic or a photo. 

Don’t forget to choose the board you want your post to appear in. 

Once you’re happy with your pin, click ‘Schedule for later.’ The pin will then be published on the next time slot in your schedule. 

Hootsuite extra features

  • Bulk Composer – With Hootsuite’s Bulk Composer, your social media copy can be done for you weeks in advance. 
  • Post performance and best times to publish – In addition to in-depth analytics, Hootsuite can also help you track your content’s performance and determine the best posting times. 
  • Hootsuite Inbox – Hootsuite consolidates your social media conversations into one inbox so you can handle all your communications in one place. 
  • Streams – The Hootsuite dashboard allows you to create and track custom “Streams,” providing you with essential overview information on selected accounts.
  • Hootsuite Apps – You can expand the functionality of the Hootsuite platform through various free and paid apps.

Hootsuite pricing

Feature Professional Team Business Enterprise
Price $19 per month $99 per month $599 per month Custom
Social media profiles 10 social accounts 20 social accounts 35 social accounts 50 social accounts
Posts per month Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Users 1 user 3 users 5 users Unlimited

Hootsuite: Things I like

  • Great user interface – The Hootsuite platform is among the top in terms of user interface design. Important elements and text are readable while the navigation is spot-on.
  • Good value for money – Hootsuite’s higher-end plans may be a bit expensive. But the cost-effectiveness of their entry-level plan is perfect for bloggers who don’t have a lot of social media accounts. 
  • The extra apps are actually helpful – Hootsuite’s add-on apps don’t just add basic features that other social media management tools include out of the box. You can find free apps that turn podcasts into shareable video clips, manage your business listing reviews, and more. 
  • Real-time post previews – When creating posts or pins, Hootsuite will show you a live preview. This lets you see exactly what your followers will see once the post goes live. 

Hootsuite: Things I don’t like

  • Free plan is basically useless – Hootsuite does offer a free plan to help new users familiarize themselves with the platform. Unfortunately, it only allows you to schedule up to five posts – nowhere near enough if you want social media growth.  
  • Minor bugs – There were times when Hootsuite had issues loading the live preview when creating posts. User reviews all over the web also complain about minor bugs with tasks like using emojis and uploading images.  

Click here to try Hootsuite!

SocialBee is the most recent social media management platform I’ve used. 

While it has powerful content planning and scheduling features, it relies on Hootsuite for the Pinterest integration. 

That’s why the ideal setup is to have a free account on Hootsuite and use it to manage your Pinterest account via SocialBee.

How to use SocialBee

You can start planning your Pinterest posting schedule on the ‘Schedule Setup’ page.

Using the calendar view, you can add posting times directly by clicking on any slot.

Just be sure to select your Pinterest account when defining your posting time.

To add content to your queue, click ‘Add new post’ at the top toolbar.

This will pull up a familiar window where you can fill in the post’s description, image, and so on. You can even create multiple variations of the same post for testing purposes.  

One of the things I like about SocialBee is the content categorization feature. I suggest creating a category for your Pinterest pins to set specific rules such as re-queueing and link shortening. 

To learn more about SocialBee, please read my in-depth review and tutorial.

SocialBee extra features

  • Concierge services – With SocialBee, you can hire a dedicated social media specialist to ensure your social media marketing goals are being met. 
  • Basic analytics – SocialBee lets you track basic stuff like your top-performing posts, follower growth, and activity status. 
  • Manage your audience – You can use SocialBee to blacklist specific users, unfollow dormant Twitter accounts, look for high-value accounts, and more.
  • Content curation tools – SocialBee features automated curation tools for a handful of content sources, like RSS feeds, Pocket, and Zapier.
  • Browser extension – SocialBee also has a browser extension you can use to save and queue content on the go. 

SocialBee pricing

Feature Bootstrap Accelerate Pro
Price $19 per month $39 per month $79 per month
Social media profiles 5 social accounts 10 social accounts 25 social accounts
Posts (per category) 1,000 per month 5,000 per month 5,000 per month
Users 1 user 1 user 3 users

Important: As a Master Blogging reader, you can use SocialBee’s coupon code to get 30% discount on any of their plan.

SocialBee: Things I like

  • Post variations – SocialBee lets you create multiple post variations, allowing you to fine-tune your content strategy over time. You can easily build variations as you create new posts. 
  • Live preview of posts – Just like Hootsuite, SocialBee also shows a live preview of posts as you create them. This is always helpful, especially if you care about publishing content that will turn heads. 
  • Content categories – You can configure custom rules for content categories, granting you modular control over your social media schedules. Some of the pre-built categories include “Blogs from RSS,” “Curated News,” and “Our Blog Posts.”
  • Advanced content posting settings – With SocialBee, posts can have their own posting time that overrides your schedule. You can also set expiration dates for posts that are set to re-queue after being published.
  • Simple interface despite packing a lot of features – Despite having a ton of features, beginners won’t get lost around SocialBee – thanks to its simple and intuitive interface. Your dashboard also 

SocialBee: Things I didn’t like

  • Relies on other apps for certain social media accounts – For some reason, you can’t link SocialBee to your Pinterest account directly. You need to have a Hootsuite account linked to your Pinterest before you can manage it on SocialBee.
  • The platform needs some refinements – While SocialBee’s website is undoubtedly easy to use, it still has room for improvement. In my experience, there are typos and mobile-responsiveness issues that need some ironing out. 

Click here to get SocialBee’s 14-Day free trial or purchase it at a 30% discount.

Countless micro-influencers use Buffer for its generous free plan. 

Buffer also has a lot of premium features that help big-name brands meet their social media marketing objectives. This includes the calendar view, analytics, reporting, and custom link shortening.

How to use Buffer

With your Pinterest account linked, go to ‘Publishing.’ 

Select your Pinterest account under “Channels.” 

This will show you the list of posting times specified by Buffer for each day. 

You can edit the default posting times when queueing a new post. 

To add more posting times, go to the ‘Settings’ page and switch to the ‘Posting Schedule’ tab. Set the posting time under “Add a new posting time” and click ‘Add Posting Time.”

Now, here’s how you add pins to your content queue.

Go back to the ‘Queue’ tab and click any of the time slots. Alternatively, click ‘Create Post’ to set up the content first before deciding its posting time. 

To schedule a pin, click your Pinterest account and select the board you want to pin to. 

The rest should be rather self-explanatory. 

Buffer extra features

  • Advanced analytics features – Buffer takes analytics to a whole new level with insights on hashtags, audience demographics, individual post-performance, and more. 
  • Dozens of third-party integrations – You can do more with Buffer through integrations to third-party services like Zapier, Quuu, IFTTT, Feedly, and so on. 
  • Two-factor authentication – Buffer supports two-factor authentication as a solid layer of security against brute force login attacks.
  • Multichannel campaigns – With Buffer, you can oversee multi-channel campaigns that target different social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. 
  • Engagement tools – Buffer consolidates your social media conversations and interactions into a single platform to help you maximize engagement. 

Buffer pricing

Feature Free Essentials
Pricing $0  $6 per month, $5 per month with annual billing (plus 2 months free)
Social media profiles 3 social accounts Unlimited (+$6 per additional account)
Posts per month 10 per month Unlimited
Users 1 user 1 user (add more users with “Team Pack” add-on)

Buffer: Things I like

  • Minimal user interface – Not only is Buffer’s interface easy to use, it’s also designed with practically zero room for visual clutter. This makes the platform substantially easier to learn and navigate than other tools.
  • Great free plan – Buffer’s free plan is adequate as long as you don’t have an aggressive social media posting strategy. You can manage up to three accounts, schedule up to 10 posts per month, and fully customize your posting calendar. 
  • Business-grade reporting – Buffer can generate white-label reports that contain all the crucial insights on your campaigns. Decorate your reports with your logo, an auto-generated cover page, and so on. 
  • Automated tools for Instagram – Buffer is basically a must-have for bloggers who are active on Instagram. It allows you to automate the first comment to your posts, tagging, Instagram Stories, among others. 
  • Buffer browser extension – Buffer also has a browser extension that lets you bring any web page directly to your queue. This is useful whenever you stumble upon share-worthy content that your audience will appreciate. 

Buffer: Things I didn’t like

  • No post previews – As of writing this post, Buffer no longer shows previews when composing posts to add to your queue. Some users don’t have a problem with this, but it is an inconvenience to other meticulous marketers (including myself). 
  • Post composer is pretty basic – There’s not a lot to do when creating new posts on Buffer. Apart from the lack of previews, it also pales in comparison to other platforms with in-depth composers like Tailwind. 

Click here to try Buffer!

Later is known for its Instagram marketing features. However, they also offer a Pinterest scheduling tool you can use to automate your pins and optimize your Pinterest strategy.

How to use Later

When using Later for the very first time, you must first upload some media before you can schedule posts. 

You can upload media directly from your device or via Dropbox or Google Cloud. 

To schedule a pin, select your Pinterest account in the “Schedule to” list. 

The next step is to drag an image from your media library into any of the slots in your calendar. Take note that you can change the calendar view to ‘Month’ if you want. 

You’ll then be able to compose the rest of your pin using the Later post creation window. 

It’s worth noting that you need to manually schedule each pin when using Later. 

That’s because Later only lets you plan a posting schedule and queue content for the following social networks: 

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter 
  • TikTok
  • LinkedIn 

Later extra features

  • Image editor – Later lets you edit images on the fly before scheduling them for social media. 
  • Easily switch time zones – If you’re targeting users in different countries, you can easily switch between time zones in two clicks. 
  • Organize your media library – Later emphasizes the importance of media library organization with built-in filters and a labeling system. 
  • Quick media curation tool – In addition to media organization, Later also lets you gather assets from hashtags, stock photo sites, tags, and brand mentions. 
  • Built-in analytics – Later’s analytics tool works by tracking your profile growth, post performance, audience interactions, and more. 

Later pricing

Feature Free Starter Growth Advanced
Price $0 $15 per month, $12.50 per month with annual billing $25 per month, $20.83 per month with annual billing $40 per month, $33.33 per month with annual billing
Social media profiles 1 social set (1 account per supported network) 1 social set (1 account per supported network) 1 social set (1 account per supported network) 1 social set (1 account per supported network)
Posts per month 30 posts per profile 60 posts per profile 150 posts per profile  Unlimited
Users 1 user 1 user 3 users 6 users

Later: Things I like

  • Tailored to your goals – Later implements an elaborate onboarding process designed to tailor the platform to your specific objectives. Going through it will provide you with relevant hashtag recommendations, suggestions based on your experience, and so on. 
  • Great free plan – Other than Buffer, Later is the only other platform that I’ll recommend to free users. At zero cost, you can link your profiles in major networks – each with an allowance of 30 posts per month.  
  • Grow and manage your media library in one place – Later’s media library management is nothing short of top-notch. In addition to helping you organize your library, you’re also given tools to acquire content from unique and relevant sources. 
  • Search for user-generated content – Being able to discover user-generated content using your social media management tool is a huge plus. You can funnel all the user-generated you can find straight into your social media queues. 
  • Awesome learning center – Later isn’t the only social media management platform backed with loads of learning resources for newbies. However, they deliver it via a streamlined “Learning Center,” covering everything from the basics to tips for advanced users. 

Later: Things I didn’t like

  • No Quick Scheduling for Pinterest (manual scheduling only) – For some reason, Later decided that Pinterest accounts don’t need a consistent posting schedule you can use for future posts. I find this a bit strange since Quick Scheduling works really well, even on platforms like TikTok and LinkedIn. 

Click here to try Later!

Designed to compete against the best social media management platforms, SocialPilot is indeed a solid contender. 

It can help you schedule posts, track analytics, and even manage your social media ads – all through a user-friendly interface.

How to use SocialPilot

To start scheduling pins with SocialPilot, you must first link a specific Pinterest board.

You can do this by heading to ‘Accounts’ and clicking ‘Connect Board’ under Pinterest. 

Authorize SocialPilot to access your Pinterest account. When done, select the Pinterest boards you want to use and click ‘Save and Setup Schedules.’

SocialPilot lets you choose between the suggested schedule and a manual schedule. 

Selecting “Manual Setup” allows you to build your own posting schedule from scratch. 

To start queueing pins, head to ‘Posts’ and click ‘Create Post.’

There, you can compose your pin yourself or repurpose content from relevant websites or custom feeds. 

You can also use the calendar tool to queue posts from there. 

Simply click ‘Posts’ and go to ‘Calendar.’ 

Double-click on any time slot in the calendar to create a post. 

Take note that you can change your calendar view to ‘Month,’ ‘Week,’ ‘Today,’ and ‘Day.’

SocialPilot extra features

  • RSS Feed Automation – SocialPilot makes it easy to curate content from RSS feeds – you just need the feed URLs and you’re all set!
  • Browser extension – You can use the SocialPilot browser extension to curate and share content from anywhere on the web. 
  • Great mobile app – Kudos to SocialPilot for actually creating a fully functional mobile app, allowing you to schedule posts anytime, anywhere. 
  • Bulk scheduling – SocialPilot also supports bulk scheduling social media posts using specially-formatted CSV documents. 
  • Social media inbox – Similar to Hootsuite, SocialPilot also lets you manage your social media messages on the same interface. 

SocialPilot pricing

Feature Professional Small Team Studio Agency
Pricing $30 per month or $306 per year $50 per month or $510 per year $100 per month or $1,020 per year $150 per month or $1,530 per year
Social media profiles 10 social accounts 25 social accounts 50 social accounts 75 social accounts
Posts per month 1,000 per month 5,000 per month 10,000 per month 10,000 per month
Users 1 user 3 users 5 users 10 users

SocialPilot: Things I like

  • Create different schedules for specific Pinterest boards – SocialPilot allows you to implement different posting strategies for different boards. This is great if you blog about a wide range of topics and create pins for different users. 
  • The mobile app is really helpful – A lot of marketing tools offer a half-baked mobile app, usually a poor port of their desktop website. That isn’t the case with SocialPilot’s full-fledged app that lets you do important tasks like creating posts and managing accounts.
  • Supports a lot of networks – SocialPilot supports a lot of social media websites, including networks I haven’t even used or heard of before like VK. This will be a game-changer to bloggers who like to build a presence in every corner of the socialsphere. 

SocialPilot: Things I didn’t like

  • Navigation is weird – Put simply, you can’t click on any of the icons when using the main menu SocialPilot. You can only click on text – an issue that sounds irrelevant but feels awkward and confusing during actual use.
  • SocialPilot considers one Pinterest board as one account – Since Pinterest boards are considered separate accounts, you need to configure their settings one by one. Yes – that includes their posting schedules. 

Click here to try SocialPilot!

Sprout Social, used by thousands of authoritative businesses and bloggers, is another comprehensive social media management platform. 

When it comes to preparing a posting schedule, Sprout Social features a unique approach. 

How to use Sprout Social

To create a posting schedule with Sprout Social, go to ‘Publishing’ and then select ‘Sprout Queue.’

Select your Pinterest account from the drop-down menu and click ‘Queue Times.’

Sprout Social will show you a sidebar that displays the pre-defined posting times for your Pinterest account. 

Click ‘Manage Queue Settings’ to take control over these posting times. 

Finally, look for your Pinterest account and click the ‘Edit’ button to the right. 

You should now be able to designate posting times for each weekday. 

To add posts to your Sprout Social queue, click ‘Add to Your Queue’ from the “Sprout Queue” page. Alternatively, click ‘Compose’ in the right toolbar. 

Start composing your pin by adding a description, uploading an image, and modifying the available Pinterest options. 

Sprout Social extra features

  • Smart Inbox – Sprout Social’s “Smart Inbox” feature is a mini social media listening tool that can track mentions of your brand. 
  • Advanced listening – In addition to Smart Inbox, Sprout Social also comes with other listening tools, like the “Query Builder” and topic tracker.
  • Content feeds – With Sprout Social, you can use feeds to curate content from Twitter, Instagram, and RSS URLs. 
  • Manage reviews – Sprout Social aggregates reviews from platforms like Google My Business and Glassdoor so you can monitor them in one place. 
  • Detailed reports – Lastly, Sprout Social automatically generates reports about content performance, competitor analysis, Google Analytics metrics, and more. 

Sprout Social pricing

Feature Standard Professional Advanced
Price $99 per month, $89 per month with annual billing $169 per month, $149 per month with annual billing $279 per month, $249 per month with annual billing
Social media profiles 5 social accounts 10 social accounts 10 social accounts
Posts per month Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Users 1 user ($99 per additional user) 1 user ($169 per additional user) 1 user ($279 per additional user)

Sprout Social: Things I like

  • ViralPost – Sprout Social takes a data-driven approach when it comes to posting time suggestions. By choosing the “ViralPost scheduling method, posting times will be set based on your audience’s usage and engagement patterns. 
  • Composing a pin includes Pinterest-specific options – When composing pins, you can also set Pinterest options using the Social Sprout composer. This includes the pin’s title, destination URL, and designated board. 
  • Fix failed posts on mobile – Post failures happen even with the best social media scheduling tools. Luckily, Sprout Social gives you the ability to fix and retry failed posts while you’re away via the mobile app. 
  • CRM integrations for businesses – Sprout Social supports integrations with CRM and social commerce integrations. Some of the supported integrations are Zendesk, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Shopify. 

Sprout Social: Things I don’t like

  • Manually managing queue times takes too many steps – As you may have noticed, setting up your schedule with Sprout Social takes a lot of steps. Without a guide, a beginner could get lost looking for the scheduler and other important tools. 
  • A bit expensive – Sprout Social is powerful, but its pricing plans can be too steep for smaller bloggers. Unfortunately, they don’t offer a free version, but you can try out the platform for 30 days at no cost. 

Click here to try Sprout Social!


There you have it – the best Pinterest scheduling tools for bloggers. 

The list includes the top-rated social media marketing tools in the industry. Still, I know there are a few out there that are worth checking out.  

If you have suggestions or questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. 

See you in the next post!

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