7 Best SMS Marketing Software of 2021 (Ranked & Reviewed)

SMS marketing plays a vital role in reaching customers on a personal level. Today, both prominent brands and small/medium businesses use text messaging to boost their marketing campaigns.

The reason for the popularity of SMS marketing is its broad reach and personalized effect. And SMS marketing software helps to automate the entire process of marketing via text messages. However, not every SMS marketing tool is created equal.

The tools offered by different companies have different feature sets that help businesses. To help you settle on the best one for your business, I reviewed and compared the top SMS marketing software.

I also covered their fundamental features and included a glimpse into their pricing structure.

What is the Best SMS Marketing Software?

Here are my top picks for the best SMS marketing software to use this year.

1. SimpleTexting

Best For Complete SMS Marketing

SimpleTexting Homepage

SimpleTexting offers what it proclaims: a clear and simple SMS marketing software. It’s fast, easy to use, and affordable, making it the ideal SMS text messaging marketing tool for businesses of all sizes.

Your business can send opt-in SMSs to an entire contact list. It supports bulk SMS sending and allows you to create drip campaigns through automated follow-up messages.

The popular SMS marketing software lets you add promotional items such as images and opt-in links to messages. You can also track which users clicked on a particular link and enable hassle-free two-way communications. The service even has dedicated customer support for tackling problems.


One of the exciting features of SimpleTexting is that it can easily integrate with third-party tools such as Zapier and Mailchimp. This lets you incorporate contacts and automate the entire marketing process.

Here’s a list of the features SimpleTexting offers:

  • Intuitive two-way messaging
  • Advanced message scheduling
  • Ability to create autoresponder-based drip campaigns
  • iOS as well as Android apps
  • Easy data collection through custom fields
  • Audience segmentation and tracking
  • Powerful integration through SimpleTexting API
  • Time-saving message templates
  • Ability to create surveys and polls
  • Group texts and self-cleaning lists


SimpleTexting Pricing Page

SimpleTexting’s pricing plans are staggered across three tiers, and you can opt for monthly or annual billing. I recommend going for the yearly billing plans as they allow you to save up to 25%.

The following is a breakup of SimpleTexting pricing plans:

  • Starter Plans beginning at $18.75/month
  • High Volume Plans starting at $108.75/month
  • Customs Plans based on individual requirements

All of the prices mentioned above are for yearly billing and come with a 14-day free trial. During this period, you get access to 50 outgoing messages, unlimited incoming messages, and complete access to all of the SMS marketing service features.

2. TextMagic

Best For Multi-Platform SMS Marketing

TextMagic Homepage

TextMagic is a UK-based SMS marketing software company that can help you streamline your marketing efforts through multiple channels. Using this tool, you can easily send notifications and bulk SMS marketing messages through mobile, desktop, and even web browsers.

The tool helps you establish two-way communication with your subscribers and send mass text messages. It even lets you send text messages through email, which can be thought of as an alternative to email marketing.

Similar to SimpleTexting, TextMagic can also integrate with CRM solutions through APIs and Zapier integrations. This allows you to automate, optimize and streamline your SMS marketing plans. It also offers reliable reporting and analytics features.


One of the significant advantages of TextMagic is that it lets you send simple messages to customers, employees, and other business associates. It’s a cost-effective solution for efficient and secure messaging.

At the same time, it also allows small businesses to send SMS messages across multiple platforms from one interface.

Here’s a list of some of the essential features that TextMagic offers:

  • Online SMS through TextMagic
  • Easy conversion between emails and text messages
  • SMS gateway API
  • Available on mobile devices, Mac, and PC
  • SMS distribution lists and two-way chat
  • Global coverage across multiple nations
  • Enhanced security through SSO and 2FA
  • Enterprise SMS solutions
  • Carrier/Email lookup and validation
  • Unicode-based multi-language SMS
  • Detailed reporting and analytics


TextMagic Pricing Page

As far as pricing is concerned, TextMagic keeps things magically simple. Opening an account on the platform is free, and you don’t have to pay for any inbound messages. Only outbound messaging is charged, that too, on a prepaid basis.

You can buy unlimited credits and use them when you need to. Prices vary depending upon the country you want to send the messages to. I suggest you use the nifty pricing calculator available on the website in case of high volume requirements.

One of the best aspects of this SMS marketing software is that credit never expires, and you simply pay-as-you-go. You can also cancel anytime you want, and all the credit will be refunded instantly. It’s as simple as that.

3. ClickSend

Best For Pay-Per-Text Mass Messaging

ClickSend Homepage

If you’re a business owner or marketing expert looking for a cost-effective pay-per-text messaging service, then look no further than ClickSend. This SMS marketing service lets businesses conduct SMS marketing campaigns that have a global reach.

The software is entirely online, and you don’t need to download anything to use it. ClickSend lets you send SMSs through cellular services and even email. This SMS marketing platform allows you to send bulk text messages using social media like Facebook messenger as well.

ClickSend has dedicated APIs that allow easy integration with third-party apps. This functionality lets you connect with other marketing automation platforms, which helps to streamline your marketing strategy further.


As far as marketing solutions go, ClickSend is an all-in-one mass text messaging solution. But that’s not where it stops. Apart from text, it lets you send voice messages and rich media. It also supports marketing through fax, email, and postal channels.

Please go through the following list of ClickSend’s features:

  • SMS/MMS/Voice/Email/Fax gateway
  • Dedicated online dashboard and APIs
  • Fast delivery and global coverage
  • Military-level 256-bit SSL security
  • Reliable 100% uptime SLA
  • Global reach
  • Easy integration with Zapier, Salesforce, and similar apps
  • 24/7 prompt customer service
  • Extended limit of 1224 characters per message


ClickSend Pricing Page

ClickSend’s pricing plans are divided across its multiple services. Regarding the SMS marketing pricing structure, the rates start from just $0.0911 per message for under 2000 messages. The greater the number of messages, the lesser the price-per-message.

Inbound messages are always free with any plan, and you get a dedicated number and short code at no cost to you. The company also offers voice, email, fax, and postal marketing services, for which you can check out the pricing structure here.

At the same time, the SMS marketing software doesn’t charge any setup fees, has no hidden costs, and provides free customization and delivery reports. You even get the option of prepaid and postpaid services.

4. Salesmsg

Best For Small And Medium Businesses

Salesmsg Homepage

It’s not only large businesses that need SMS marketing automation; small and medium ones do too. That’s the clientele that Salesmsg serves; it gives your small business the tools it requires to conduct successful mass text campaigns at affordable prices.

The tool’s user interface can seem a bit bland compared to other, more expensive options. However, users believe that this simple and user-friendly nature of the tool sets it apart from others in the same niche.

Like the previous tools on this list, Salesmsg can interface with other applications such as Zapier, Hubspot, and Zoho. Using it, you can also generate new contact numbers for reaching out to your prospects via phone.


The Zapier integration stands out among its many features as it allows the app to interface with hundreds of other applications like Slack, Mailchimp, ClickFunnels, and more. These integrations increase the usability of the tool by multiples. It also supports auto-replies, mass texting, and call-forwarding to landlines.

Here’s a list of the tool’s notable features:

  • Simple, secure, and highly scalable
  • Two-way online texting
  • Support for local landlines as well as toll-free numbers
  • Integration with third-party CRMs and marketing automation platforms
  • MMS support
  • Auto-replies and canned responses
  • Forward scheduling of text messages
  • Double opt-in as well as opt-out management feature
  • Calendar integrations and emoji support
  • Private and archived conversations
  • Tag-based segmentation


Salesmsg Pricing Page

Just like its user interface, Salesmsg pricing plans are transparent and straightforward. It offers a three-tiered breakup of plans, which are available across the US and Canada. And as every plan comes with a 30-day moneyback guarantee, there’s no risk to the customer.

The following is a list of the Salesmsg pricing plans:

  • Pro Plan at $35/month
  • Premium Plan at $300/month
  • Custom Plan at variable rates

5. SlickText

Best For Web-based SMS Marketing

SlickText Homepage

SlickText helps businesses across the US and Canada with an affordable, entirely cloud-based SMS marketing software. The service’s advanced technology and an emphasis on details that most similar services overlook make it ideal for SMS marketing.

Apart from the web-based interface, SlickText also has a dedicated mobile app that you can use to monitor your SMS messages and marketing on the go. It also provides dedicated support for teaching businesses how to use the tools to their advantage.

The reason for the widespread adoption of SlickText is its intuitive interface and extreme ease of navigation. The platform is supported by experts who have detailed knowledge about marketing compliance, making it a service suitable for businesses of all sizes.


SlickText is a CTIA compliant software and lets you send text messages in bulk. It doesn’t charge for incoming messages and provides sufficient customer support for new users learning the ropes.

The following is a list of some essential features that SlickText has to offer:

  • Bulk text messaging
  • MMS support
  • Supports text-to-join and shortcodes
  • Comes with dedicated link-shrinker
  • Advance text message scheduling
  • Supports SMS autoresponders
  • Two-way, inbox-based text messaging for attracting potential customers
  • Enhanced audience engagement through text-to-win contests
  • Automated birthday texts
  • Supports SMS-based surveys and votes
  • Automated drip campaigns
  • Unique opt-in links
  • Easy Zapier, Facebook, Email, and Shopify integration
  • Simple customer segmentation

And that’s just the top of the feature-set that SlickText has to offer.


SlickText Pricing Page

As far as pricing is concerned, I think SlickText provides the greatest number of options. Its pricing plans span a massive ten tiers, each with a successively increasing number of features.

The following is a quick breakdown of SlickText’s pricing plans:

  • 14-day free trial plan at $0
  • The Basic Plan at $29/month
  • The Step Up Plan at $49/month
  • The Lil Bro Plan at $79/month
  • The Big Bro Plan at $139/month
  • The Boss Plan at $189/month
  • The Albatross Plan at $350/month
  • The Whale Plan at $750/month
  • The Monstro Plan at $1250/month
  • Custom Plans at variable rates

6. EZ Texting

Best For Ease-of-Use

EZ Texting Homepage

EZ Texting is another web-based SMS marketing software that helps your business curate real-time text message campaigns. The platform has all of the tools required to launch and run successful text message marketing.

Since it comes with flexible packages, EZ Texting is suitable for all business sizes. Its ease of use is impeccable, and you can control most features right from the dashboard. It even provides a guided tour that can help you start with mobile marketing quickly.

Coming back to the dashboard, it’s incredibly user-friendly and offers intuitive controls that you can pick up quickly. The extreme user-friendliness makes it simple to add new contacts, monitor performance, and analyze reports.


EZ Texting’s multiple features make it an SMS service that’s worth checking out. You get detailed analytics and reporting features with the platform, along with easy contact management.

Given below is a list of the features EZ Texting has to offer:

  • Intuitive and straightforward contact management
  • Detailed reporting and tracking
  • Text message customization for enhancing open rates
  • Incoming messages free
  • Seamless integration with third-party apps
  • Reusable message templates
  • Text scheduling and forwarding
  • Text-to-landline messaging


EZ Texting Pricing Page

The EZ Texting pricing plans are divided across four tiers and are billed either monthly or yearly. Annual plans are better in the sense that these allow you to save 20%.

Here’s a list of the yearly pricing plans for EZ Texting:

  • Value Plan starting at $19/month
  • Essentials Plan starting at $29/month
  • Premium Plan starting at $49/month
  • Custom Plan starting at $299/month

7. Tatango

Best For Political SMS Marketing

Tatango Homepage

Tatango has capabilities similar to other SMS marketing services, but it’s built particularly for political marketers. It has held a position as one of the top political SMS marketing software for over 13 years.

Tatango lets you create messaging workflows with zero coding skills needed. Using this tool, you can segment your subscribers and send the appropriate messages to the right customers.

It also provides you with detailed messaging and subscriber analytics, which allow you to glean effective marketing insights. All this combines to make Tatango a marketing tool that’s ideal for political SMS marketing.


But that’s not where the advantages of Tatango ends. Apart from the above features, this tool allows you to create merge tags for personalizing text messages. It even integrates with other marketing apps using the Tatango API.

The following is a list of Tatango’s essential features:

  • Event-based SMS automation
  • Message tracking through analytics
  • Dedicated mobile messaging API
  • Complete administrative controls
  • Multi-channel messaging
  • CTIA compliant messages


Tatango Contact Page

Tatango’s pricing plans start at $199/month and go up according to the type of campaign you require. However, it doesn’t provide any free version and doesn’t come with a free trial period.

What is SMS Marketing Software?

SMS marketing software refers to (usually) cloud-based tools that allow businesses to send personalized SMS messages to potential and existing customers. Globally, over 75% of consumers actively seek SMS messages with special offers curated for them.

Currently, the global SMS marketing industry is growing at a CAGR of around 20.3%. With mobile phones and apps such as Facebook messenger dominating communications, it’s no wonder more and more marketers depend on SMS.

Wrap Up

Today, consumer phone numbers have become a gold mine for marketers. And SMS marketing is the one way to mine this valuable resource. Personalized text messages can impact consumers better than any other marketing channel.

If you’re planning to boost your business by leveraging SMS marketing, then the following tools can certainly help you out:

Whatever your industry niche or business size, you can be sure to find a suitable SMS marketing software tool from among the above.

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