8 Best Digital Marketing & SEO Blogs in India

Do you know, SEO and Digital Marketing are hot topics like Artificial Intelligence (AI) because nowadays Search Engines are optimizing themselves to deliver quality content to the users.

Therefore, in order to be the best you should learn SEO and Digital Marketing from the Top Bloggers of India to rank your content. Let’s discuss some Best Digital Marketing & SEO Blogs to read in 2019:

Trust me, this is the best blog to date to learn SEO, WordPress and Digital Marketing. Harsh Agrawal, the man behind this blog teaching blogging for years. This blog will definitely help you to start a blog and earn money even affiliate marketing.


This is another great blog right there on the internet teaching SEO with a very great way by giving tips and tricks of SEO and Affiliate Marketing.

Kulwant Nagi, the man behind this blog I love his way how he organizes a blog post by adding great keywords like Top 15 Tools, Best Google Chrome Extensions, etc.


If you want to increase your website traffic or your affiliate sale then you must make a habit of reading Anil Agarwal‘s blog.

Anil provides the best techniques to increase traffic and sales, reviews of different SEO tools and even FREE Trials and Giveaways for many different PAID products.


Ankit Singla, founder of MasterBlogging is a professional blogger and affiliate marketer. By reading his blog, you’ll definitely learn how to write a good WordPress post. I love his content as he focuses mainly on WordPress.


Ankur Aggarwal is great at Digital Marketing and I was inspired by him a lot. Ankur runs a youtube channel also where he uploads FREE Digital Marketing courses and other secrets to rank higher in Google.


Deepak Kanakaraju is a Digital Marketing Consultant from Bangalore, India. Deepak is also a Speaker and Digital Marketing Trainer.

You can find all digital marketing related stuff on his blog. He trains students and professionals from many different locations with his paid digital marketing courses.


This is another great blog on the list with lots of blogs related to digital marketing and SEO. Amit Mishra, the man behind this awesome blog is a very kind person and will listen to you on social media with any kind of query. I learned a lot from him and from his youtube channel.

This is a must-read blog for beginners to learn WordPress and Digital Marketing. Amit also interviewed many people so far on his youtube channel from which you can get inspiration to start your own. In fact, I loved the interview of Avi Arya on his channel.


Sourav Jain, the man itself started this blog with his name. He is an Author, Digital Marketer and Social Media expert with more than 10 years of experience. Sourav runs many different websites and training agencies teaching Digital Marketing to the students and professionals.

You can join his training institute or buy his book to learn Digital Marketing.


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