A Complete Guide to Using Youtube Ads to Grow Your Business

About 2 billion users watch several videos on YouTube every day. Owing to this drastic shift, people are watching 50% more videos year after year on this platform. That is why we have seen new creators making their way on this platform and small businesses pacing upon the same platform.

YouTube is a vast platform, offers not just a base but also an opportunity for business owners to showcase their products/services in front of a huge audience. And every non-existing customer is your potential customer that can be converted once you start posting online. To understand the different aspects of YouTube, ads have a look at this guide. Also, if you find advertising your product on YouTube interesting and helping once done with this article, use a video maker of your choice available to get started.

Now before proceeding further, answer a quick question. How much time do you spend watching videos on YouTube, and how many times do you come online? These are two interconnected questions because, according to a survey, an average person spends between 40-45 minutes per session on this platform. That means if you come online thrice, you spend close to 3 hours watching videos.

In these hours, a user watches several videos and is also exposed to multiple advertisements on those videos. To grow in the business world, you need to make your presence on these videos to catch the viewer’s attention towards your products/ services. Before you start searching for videos to integrate your ad, make sure your research is very well-done.

There are different categories under which ads are kept. Here they are:

While watching a video on YouTube, there might have been instances where you would have come across videos with non-skippable ads. These ads are integrated into videos that have a high reach. These ads can be skipped after 4-5 seconds, and they force the viewer to watch the entire ad. Now, these ads can’t be a minute long. They are just 15-20 seconds long. So being a brand, if you are allotted such space in a video, you need the ability to utilize it to the fullest.


In these ads, you don’t have to draw attention because the viewer is already watching it.. Now what you can do is design captivating content (advertisement) so that the viewer gets intrigued by it and buys your product.

On the one hand, you are surely going to get good engagement, but on the other hand, such ads increase the video abandonment rate as well. For a well-prepared and showcased ad, this space can help in a growing business, but it is categorized as a bad rap as it is forced upon the viewer.

These are the generic ads that can be skipped after 5 seconds or so. They are known as true view ads because if a viewer watches the entire ad, they are intrigued by it and want to know more or buy the product.

skippable youtube ads

These two are the broad classification of ads that are available on YouTube.

What are the Benefits of an Advertisement on Youtube?

If you are looking for ways to grow your business, there is nothing better than going online. Here are a few benefits that your business will get when you start posting ads on YouTube:

  1. Getting a Good Reach

An essential component in business is the reach it has. If you are marketing your product in the correct way, it will increase your product’s reach amongst people. According to a survey, on an average of about 2 billion users are there on this platform. On average, the active users amongst these watch close to 5 billion videos daily.

With time these numbers are only going to increase. So, plan your marketing accordingly so that you use the full potential of this platform.

  1. Diversity in Targeting Audience

On YouTube, you can target the audience based on topic, category, keywords, demographics, and placements. All these options can help you in segregating every product. You can create videos accordingly and target the audience with the help of these categories.

  1. Cost

Putting an ad in a video and putting up a banner has a huge cost difference altogether. With all the information provided in this article, you must be wondering how much would an advertisement cost. On average, it costs somewhere between $0.10 and $0.30 per view. It highly depends upon your ad’s end goal, the targeted audience, and the video quality as well.

  1. Time

Another vital benefit of posting ads on YouTube is the time factor. Basically, over time it is calculated that people are most active on YouTube than their social media handles. So, you get a larger audience with better results.

You should head out to create some good content about your brand and pitch it up in videos that are relevant to your product or high-viewed videos. To create interesting and catchy videos, you can take help from an online free YouTube video editor.

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