Are You Aware of Your Blogging Self Saboteurs?

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Blogging self saboteurs sometimes lurk in the background. But other times, these sneaky little mind demons sit in the front of your mind, knocking on its door with their incessant, annoying pinings, trying to all but guarantee your blogging failure.


Let’s review the blogging process and how saboteurs rear their hideous little heads….


So you publish a blog post.


After publishing, thoughts and accompanying feelings run through your mind. Not good enough. Poor content. Bad job. Nobody will read it anyway. Who cares? Why waste your time? The format stinks; you need to change that. You have done better jobs. Your post sounds unintelligent.


Blah blah blah…….


Ego creates fear-based limiting beliefs known as blogging self saboteurs. Literally, thoughts and feelings you generate, believe and cling to deeply dictate the direction of your blogging career.


As within, so without. Feeling, clinging to and deeply believing these ideas sabotages your best, most determined blogging efforts because you cannot outfox your deepest beliefs. No one outworks their limiting beliefs. No one out runs their head trash.


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Literally, you emit a vibe – based on your predominant energy-feeling – to the Universe. The Universe mirrors the vibe back to you. Blogging self-saboteurs destroy your chances at becoming successful because fear-based limiting beliefs mirror struggle and failure back to you. Work for 5 years in a row doing the right blogging stuff, but if you cling to deeply held, fear-based, blogging self-saboteurs, the fear in your mind mirrors back to you as struggle and failure.


It’s like, you work intelligently and generously but invalidate the intelligent, generous work because you fear that you are a loser, bum or fraud. Or perhaps you publish a fabulous post but fear the post is crap. What comes to pass? The world largely sees you as a loser, bum or fraud. The world largely sees your post as crap. Don’t blame the world. The world mirrors back to you what you believe about yourself.


Own your vibe. Face, feel and release blogging self-saboteurs. Begin meditating. Do Kriya yoga. Don’t you worry your pretty little face; meditating daily and doing Kriya yoga will trigger, unearth and reveal your fears manifested as blogging self-sabotage, as surely as the night follows the day. Feelings of being worthless, an absolute loser or failure will arise in your being. Face, feel and release, no matter how unpleasant the feelings fear.


Moving forward, you will have let go a few more blogging self-saboteurs. Now you feel your posts seem a bit higher quality. Versus feeling like a fraud, you know that you blog genuinely, compassionately and honestly. You no longer feel like a complete loser because as the loser self-saboteur voice quiets, you feel grateful and appreciative, to see all you do have blogging-wise and life-wise, and see more gain than loss.


Guys, like all blogging processes for cutting through struggle and failure, prepare yourself for feeling bad here and there. Purges involves wading through some energetic messiness but the outcomes of greater freedom, peace of mind, serenity and increased blogging success are well worth a few moments of nudging into energetic muck.




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