Basic Programming Skills for SEO You Must Know


SEO is a trend of the last decade, however, before it was also popular but without such a massive need for these specialists. The SEO professionals may come from many backgrounds but they all find it beneficial to have the basic programming knowledge to raise their wages as well as boost their skills to be highly competitive workers on the market. Check the top 5 programming skills a good SEO specialist should have. At last, do not forget about a team of expert programmers, like Assignment Core, who may provide you with professional help with programming homework in any coding language, – so that you do not get puzzled about how to perform the same task next time.

programming skill for SEO

SEO — What Is It and Do You Need It For Your Content?

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. SEO specialists primarily specialize in the analysis and optimization of content or websites, so that they may be shown in the first pages of the search engine. For example, you need to buy headphones, and you end up seeing in the first pages of Google a particular website or brand. Why exactly this website? Because it has been previously optimized and upgraded to be there. It does not work only to pay to be in the first top 5, as the content should be also relevant. If you lack-targeted audience, you need SEO.

Frankly speaking, learning the basics of SEO is not a hard-nut-to-crack, however, you have to constantly study the latest trends, and follow the leaders in the content making.

Top 5 Programming Skills to Boost Your SEO Practice

There is much training for SEO specialists both in-person and online, however, they are mostly concentrated on marketing and selling experience. Programming skills are usually left behind, that’s why it may be sometimes favorable to find a programmer who knows at least basics of SEO. This is what puts in action SEOs, as they understand that many platforms may replace them. Machine learning is constantly “understanding” how to optimize websites without any manual help. And, coding may guarantee that your website will be seen by all the users as well.

Still, such Search Engine Optimization will lack a touch of a human, as programming may not always provide the highest results in optimization because the program considers all the data generally, while a human may estimate the content from a personal point of view and say a verdict that is similar to other opinions.

  • Coding language

    Do not worry there is no need to be super professional but at least to have a clear idea of how the websites work. Knowing the front-end and back-end of the website to make changes without breaking the actual code is a brilliant skill that should be paid extra. You must have Idea about little bit how its work and how this is benefits for SEO.
    Like PHP when you are working on WordPress then this language you must know about is and their functions. If you have a idea then you can also modified your blog with SEO and coding.

  • HTML is a basic building of the WEB

    A good SEO specialist needs to know it for orienting in metatags which are basically keywords, parameters of the websites which make them visible to users. Also, with the help of HTML, Google bots may faster find the website.This is just a markup language which will help you many times during optimizing your site. Through HTML you can also add custom tags or words in your sites with keywords which you are targeting for your website.

  • CSS

    CSS is Cascading Style Sheets which allows understanding the speed of the website. With CSS Validator, an SEO expert may see what the website lacks or where the metatags are missing among others.You can create your own custom design with button and many other things in your website if you have little bit idea about this language. This this language you can modify your site with colorful and make the best UI experience with adding a few CSS code.

  • Web design

    Design is always a good idea, and SEO specialists may understand what colors, images, animations, or plugins are no longer trendy and which only distract the users. Photoshop may be involved as well to adjust the size or looking of the images and their quality.

  • Rendering

    It also allows Google bots to analyze the pages or content you made for a client. If the content is made professionally and bears any value to users, it has high chances to appear in the first pages of the search engine.

Specialists in technical SEO, a separate group of professionals in this field of practice also specialize in indexation, SSL, site structure, migrations, and many more. Those who only start a career with the Search Engine Optimization, there are luckily no educational degrees needed. However, if a specialist has a programming background or used to visit training or classes dedicated to coding, he has more chances to produce an effective product. As a result, his hours will be paid double.

Where to Learn Programming Skills for SEO?

Definitely, all the classes and courses to upgrade the skills may be found online both for free, with a subscription fee, or with a free trial. First off, you may check courses ongoing online from Harvard University. After finishing the course, you may get a certificate and add it to your CV. Then, do not neglect using the largest platforms for online education such as Coursera, Udemy, EDX, PVTuts, Udacity among others.

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