Best Plagiarism Checker For Your Website

If you are writing your own content whether on a website or somewhere on MS Word then you must go for plagiarism checker to identify the originality of your content.


The original definition comes from Wikipedia that stealing someone’s original content and representing other thoughts or ideas as your own is known as Plagiarism. So we have to ensure that

  • Our content is original.
  • Someone is not stealing our content.

There are too many paid plagiarism checkers available in the market but that’s not worthy because a FREE tool can also provide you a satisfactory result. I will not be talking about 8 or 10 tools because below given tools are more than enough to identify plagiarism.


1. Small Seo Tools Plagiarism Checker:

Small SEO tools plagiarism checker is the best plagiarism detector for FREE. You just have to copy your content and paste in the content box or just upload any file ( .tex, .txt, .doc, .docx, .odt, .pdf, .rtf), etc.


With the Plagiarism detector, it also helps to detect grammar mistakes in your content and it will show you the exact result whether the content provided is genuine or how much part is being copied and how much grammar mistakes are there.

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This tool breaks your content into parts and searches through the web. You can also check the source from where the content is copied.

Click Here to check Plagiarism.

2. QueText:

This is a plagiarism detector very few people know because you can query your result only 3 times but I will tell how you can use this tool without any cost or signup.

Open the link and paste your content into the search box then click on the Check Plagiarism button.


It will show you the plagiarism content and the source on the right-hand side. You can only check up to 3 times but let me tell you a trick

  • Open QueText every time in Incognito mode/Private Mode.
  • Copy your content into the search box.
  • Click Check Plagiarism.
  • Thanks, me later.

This is a very cool plagiarism detector. You must give it a try.

3. Dupli Checker

This tool is very similar to the Small Seo Tools Plagiarism Detector. What you have to do

  • Open DupliChecker.
  • Copy content and paste into the search box or Choose File.
  • Hit the Check Plagiarism button or Check Grammar button.


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