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Hey Friends,

After facing problems with Social Warfare Plugin, I purchased the social snap plugin.

And now I became a fan of this plugin due to its wide range of features which are not available in any other social sharing plugin.

That’s why I decided to write the Social Snap Plugin review and tutorial to help my bloggers friends like you.

I’ve tried to cover each and everything in detail.

Social Snap Plugin Review 2020: Is it the best alternative to Social Warfare Plugin?

Without any doubt, I can say that it’s far better than Social Warfare Plugin and has lots of features which are not available in any other social sharing plugin.

It’s more popular than Social Warfare Plugin.

See this Social Warfare Vs Social Snap screenshot (Google Trend Data)

I hope you understood that Social Snap is more popular then Social Warfare Plugin.

Pro Bloggers are also fan of this plugin.

Let’s check what they say about this plugin.

 have been using other social plugins for years but lately was looking for something that offers more features. I bumped into Social Snap and it offers solid features such as stats and easy to use configuration option. Now, ShoutMeLoud uses Social Snap plugin for social media sharing.

Robust, fast, and packed full of growth-centric features. Social Snap is an essential plugin in my marketing arsenal.

Why did I move from Social Warfare to Social Snap?

Are you still using Social Warfare Plugin?

Did you know? On 22 March 2019, I got the news that Social Warfare Plugin was allowing malware into installs. ( Both in FREE & PREMIUM version)

Let’s see this tweet of official Social Warfare account.

They Clearly Said that deactivate the plugin immediately until they provide a new update.

Lots of sites get affected including pro bloggers sites.

Let’s see these screenshots:

Check What Adam (Founder of WPCrafter) Tweeted.

Now Let’s check the Facebook post of PRO blogger Anil Agarwal

After updating to the latest version, this plugin was working properly for me.

NOTE: This Plugin is still conflicting with other plugins.

Many of my blogger friends suggested me to delete the social warfare plugin ASAP.

I didn’t delete it because I was not facing any problem after updating this plugin.

But from last few days, I was facing a problem that one of my plugin Thrive Architect was not working properly. Even after editing my blog posts using this plugin, it was not showing any changes in the blog post.

Then I realized that this problem may be due to Social warfare plugin. So, I deactivated it and now Thrive Architect Plugin is working properly.

I also inform my Facebook group members about his problem.

But I was very tensed because now I’ve to select the Best alternative of social warfare plugin ASAP.

So, I created a poll on my Facebook Group to decide which is the best social warfare alternative.

As you can see in the above image,  many of them suggest me Social Snap plugin. So, I purchased it and After installing this plugin I became a fan of this plugin.


Because It has 19 amazing features which I’ve covered in this article

Social Snap Review: 19 Unbelievable Features of Social Snap PRO Plugin:

Social Snap plugin provides a wide range of features.

I’ve covered 19 best features of Social snap here.

1. 30+ Popular Social Sharing Networks

Social Snap comes with more than 30 social sharing network option. It means your blog readers can share your blog post to their favorite social network.

Some of the popular social sharing network available in this plugin are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Mix
  • Reddit
  • Email
  • Whatsapp
  • Messenger
  • Buffer and many more.

2. Recover your share counts easily

If you lose your share count when you:

  1. Change the social share plugin. (Suppose you switched from social warfare to social snap)
  2. Change your domain name
  3. Change your permalink structure
  4. Change Http to Https Protocol

Then you don’t need to worry about anything.


Because you can recover your social share count easily with just a few clicks.

I’ll talked about this setting after this features section.

3. Super Fast Performance

We all know that site speed is also an important SEO factor.

Social Snap is designed for speed and high performance. It loads quickly and hence improve the speed of our site.

There are two main reasons for the fastest speed:

  1. It loads JS file asynchronously
  2. It uses lightweight SVG vector icon instead of image to load it quickly.

That’s why I said it is designed for super fast speed and high performance.

4. Floating Sidebar

As you can see in the below image it provides a very attractive floating sidebar social share plugin.

You can customize the design from the setting. I use a circle shape because it looks more attractive.

5. In-line Social Share Buttons (Below and Above Post)

Social Snap provides awesome looking in-line social share button.

You can Place it in:

  • Above the post
  • Below the Post
  • In Both Location

Also, if you don’t want to show it on mobile then you can disable it from setting.

6. Social Share Button on Media

If you want to display social share button on your blog post images to attract your blog reader to share that image with their followers.

Then you’ll glad to know that you can do it in just one click with Social snap plugin.

7. Share Hub

If you enable Social Hub option then it’ll add a floating action button in the bottom right corner of your screen which will show social network (on hover)

Let’s see how it looks like.

8. Sticky Bar

The sticky bar looks very attractive in the mobile device but it doesn’t look good in desktops.

It has 3 options in the setting:

  • Show on mobile only
  • Show in desktop only
  • Show in both mobile and desktop

I highly recommend you to use a sticky bar only in the mobile device because it’s not looking good in the desktop.

9. Social Snap Add-ons

Social Snap Pro and Agency plan comes with 4 super useful add-ons. These add-ons can help you to drive traffic to your blog in auto mode.

Social Snap provides 4 Add-ons:

a) Social Auto-Poster: It’ll automatically post your new article to Twitter and LinkedIn. It’s very helpful for those bloggers who publish new articles every day or every week.

b) Social Logins: It helps your blog readers to login from their favorite social media site.

c) Boost Old Posts: It’s the best add-on for you if you’ve written lots of articles on your blog. This add-on automatically posts your old articles on social media. So, you don’t need to worry about sharing your old articles to get traffic to your blog.

d) Social Content Locker [Coming Soon]: With the help of this add-on you can lock any important part of the blog post. It’ll unlock only when your blog reader will either share your article or like your page. So, it’s the best add-on to increase social share and page likes.

10. Minimum Share count Feature

If you are showing total sharing count and suppose any article has zero shares than it does not look good.

Am I right? So, how to fix this problem?

Well, Social Snap has the solution to this problem. Suppose, I want that total shares should be shown only when my article get 20+ shares.

So, what I have to do is just go to the setting and set the minimum share to 20.

Now it’ll show total shares only when my article will get a minimum of 20 shares.

11. Social Follower Icons

 the help of this feature, you can add a very attractive social follower widget in your blog sidebar, footer etc.

As you can see in the image below, it looks very attractive.

Add Image Here

How to Add this widget?

After login to your WordPress dashboard, Go to Appearance >> Widget >> Select “Social Snap Social Followers” and add it wherever you want.

12. Click to Tweet Quotes

If you are using Social Snap then you don’t need to use any other “click to tweet” plugin because Social Snap provides 6 most attractive Click to Tweet block which you can use in your blog posts.

But these four designs are my favorite:

As you can see in the above image. It can attract more peoples to tweet your article because of its awesome attention-grabbing design.

13. Social Meta – [Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Card]

With the social meta option, you can customize how your post will look when anyone shares it on social media.

So that you can try these options to check which is working good for your blog.

14. Statistics & Analytics feature

With the help of this option, you can track the top performing articles, click to tweet and many more.

It’ll help you to understand what works for you and what not. So that you can do some experiments to and check the performance.

Statistics features let you:

  • Check your top performing article based on no. of shares
  • Track your click to tweet button
  • Check the overall shares and many more.

So, must check this feature after installing the Social Snap plugin.

15. Automatically URL Shortening via bitly

We all know that it’s good to use the shortened URL in social media. (mainly in twitter)

But the problem with other social sharing plugin is that the place actual URL in Tweet which does not look good in Twitter.

But If you are using Social Snap then you just need to turn on “URL Shortening” option and it’ll automatically apply Shorten URL in Tweets and FB Posts.

I must recommend you to turn on this feature to make it looks good when someone tweets your article.

16. Page View Counter

If you want to track the total number of page views of your article then you can enable this option.

17. Top Performing Post Widget

Social Snap provides a very attractive widget to show the popular article of your blog based on social shares.

I’m using this widget, check the sidebar of my blog to see a live demo.

18. Place Share Button Anywhere

You can place social share buttons in multiple locations on your blog.

It’ll encourage people to share your article.

Some Popular Location where you can add share button:

  1. Floating Social share button in left or right
  2. Share Hub button in the bottom right corner.
  3. Social Share Button on Media
  4. Social share button Below the post
  5. Social Share button Above the Post
  6. Social Share button below and above the post.
  7. Click to Tweet Buttons within the post and many other places.

19. More functionality than other social sharing plugins

After reading all the features which I have mentioned above you can understand that it provides a lot of awesome features which are not available in many social sharing plugins.

So, must use this plugin to boost your social shares and blog traffic.

Social Snap Pricing: Which Plan is Perfect for You?

Social Snap comes with 3 plans:

1. Social Snap Plus Plan ($39): 

Social snap plus plan is good for you if you want a single site license. You’ll get all the features but the Add-ons are not available in this plan.

2. Social Snap PRO Plan ($99):

This plan is for those who want the social snap license for 3 sites. This plan includes all the features.

3. Social Snap Agency Plan ($299):

If you want to install social snap on more than three websites then you have to purchase the Social Snap agency plan. This plan also includes all the features.

You can use Coupon Code “BLOGGINGLIFT” to get Flat 20% discount on any plan.

Social Snap Tutorial: How to Download, Install and Activate Social Snap Plugin?

Be ready, because now I’m going to tell you how to Install and activate Social Snap plugin License.

STEP 1: Login To Your Social Snap Account

After purchasing the social snap plugin, Login to your account. You’ll see a download button from where you can download this plugin.

NOTE: Please also copy the License key from your account as shown in the below screenshot.

STEP 2: Go to WordPress Dashboard & Install This Plugin

Now it’s time to install this plugin.

Just Login to your WordPress dashboard Go to “Plugins” >> “Add New” >> “Upload plugin” to upload, install & activate this plugin.

STEP 3: Activate The License

After installing and activating the social snap plugin, you’ll need to enter your license key in the Social Snap » License page in your WordPress admin area.

 NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: You’ll get this licence key from your social snap account. Which I’ve mentioned in step one.

Social Snap Plugin Review: How to Recover Old Share Count?

I know you must be thinking that is there any option to recover my old share counts.

Don’t worry! You can easily recover your share count.

You can recover your share counts in these 4 conditions:

  1. You switched from any other social sharing plugin
  2. You’ve changed your website domain name
  3. Changed Http to Https protocol
  4. You’ve changed your permalink structure

CASE 1: You switched from any other social sharing plugin

When I moved from Social Warfare to Social Snap. I lost all the share count.

But I recovered it within a minute.

Want to know how? Just follow the steps given below.

After Login to your wordpress dashboard, go to “Social Snap” >> “Settings” >> “Advanced” >> Plugin Migration

And click on “import Share count” button.

A new popup will appear to confirm that you really want to recover share count.

Click on ok button and that’s it.

Your share count will be updated within 5-10 minutes.

CASE 2: You’ve changed your website domain name

Suppose you were using and now shift the entire site to

You also know that in this case, you’ll lose all the share counts.

But if you are using Social Snap plugin then you don’t need to worry about anything.

Go to your “WordPress Dashboard” >> “Social Snap” >> “Settings” >> “Advanced” >> “Share Count Recovery”

You’ll see the screen as shown in the above screenshot.

Now you only need to enter your old domain name & new domain name and it’ll recover the social share count from your previous domain name.

CASE 3: You’ve Changed Http to Https protocol

Now let’s discuss another case, after installing the SSL certification (i.e. changing the protocol to HTTP to HTTPS).you may lose all your social share count.

So, If you are willing to recover social share count then again go to “WordPress Dashboard” >> “Social Snap” >> “Settings” >> “Advanced” >> “Share Count Recovery”

As you can see in the screenshot above, from here you need to select your previous protocol.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you’ve moved from HTTP to HTTPS then select the HTTP option (i.e your previous protocol)

CASE 4: You’ve Changed Your Permalink Structure

We all knew that if we’ll change our permalink structure then definitely we will lose our social share count immediately.

But if you are using Social Snap Plugin then you don’t need to worry about anything.

Just go to “WordPress Dashboard” >> “Social Snap” >> “Settings” >> “Advanced” >> “Share Count Recovery”

An now go to URL Structure section and select your previous URL structure and click on save button.

It’ll recover all your social share counts within 5-10 minutes.

SPECIAL NOTE: Suppose you changed your permalink from “Month and Name” to “Custom” then select previous permalink structure (i.e. “Month and Name”)  

Pros and Cons of Social Snap Plugin

Here are some pros and cons of Social Snap WordPress plugin.

Pros of Social Snap Plugin:

  • 30+ social sharing networks
  • Floating sidebar
  • Super fast performance
  • You can recover your old social sharing counts
  • In-line Social share buttons
  • Social media button on images
  • Share hub & sticky bar
  • Social follower icons
  • Click to tweet quotes
  • Page view counter

Cons of Social Snap Plugin

  • Support is available only for one year. If you want support after one year then you have to renew this plugin.

FAQ Related to Social Snap Plugin

What is Social Snap?

Social Snap is a social sharing WordPress plugin. It allow your blog readers to share your article on social media by showing social media button in your website.

Is it better then Social Warfare Plugin?

Yes, Social Snap plugin is far better than Social Warfare plugin. It offers lots of amazing features which are missing in other social sharing WordPress plugins.

Does Social Snap Plugin offer any Discount?

Yes, Social Snap offer a special coupon code through which you can get flat 20% discount on all its plans. I’ve shared that coupon code in this article.

Can we recover Social Share count from Social Warfare Plugin?

Yes, you can recover your social share count from Social Warfare and social sharing plugins in just a few clicks. 

Does Social Snap Works with GeneratePress Theme?

Yes, it works with GeneratePress and all other themes. So, you don’t need to worry about it.

Final Words about this Social Snap Plugin Review & Step by Step Tutorial

Social Snap is one of the best social sharing plugin for WordPress users.

I’ve tried to cover everything in this Social Snap Review & tutorial article.

But Still, if you need any help then please feel free to let me know via comment below.

Is this article helpful for you?

Please Let me know via comment below.

And if you liked this article then please share it on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

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