Blog Comment Frequency: How Much Is Enough?

Ronald in Bangkok


I seem like a fickle beast sometimes on the blog commenting front.


Feeling good is step A1. No way around that one. You have to enjoy blog commenting to see steady returns over the long haul.


But as I’ve been getting feedback on my eBook:


How to Build an Online Empire through Blog Commenting


I wanted to address one confusing point that flummoxes some bloggers.


Said point also befuddles some bloggers.


The concept flabberghasts bloggers too.


How Frequently Should You Comment on Blogs?


OK here’s the drill; if it feels fun, light and kinda airy, like you’re having a blast, you can blog comment from once weekly on top blogs to 2-3 times weekly.


BUT….the split second blog commenting feels like a chore, cut back on volume immediately. I am not kidding. Treat your high volume blog commenting campaign like I treat aggressive ladyboy prostitutes here in Bangkok, Thailand; drop it/them immediately.


For prying eyes unaware of my history please take a deep breath; I do not hire prostitutes. Kelli reads my blog. No; my incident had to do with being stalked then chased by 2 colorful lady boy street walkers early in the morning, trying to drum up business from the late night farang crowd (which I call early in the morning). See link in prior paragraph.


I ran into this issue a few times during my blogging career. No; not being attacked by burly, hairy lady boys in Bangkok. That only happened once. I mean blog commenting felt heavy to me.


Way back in the day I pulled back on commenting when it felt heavy. You recall when I closed comments on Blogging From Paradise, right? Too much. Tension. Felt like work.


If commenting once weekly on well-read blogs from your niche feels good, do it. Comment on at least 5 to 10 blogs though to build your friend network. If commenting twice weekly feels like hard work, or if you strain to get the job done, 1 comment weekly on a blog works beautifully because life, blogging and blog commenting are energy games, first and foremost.


Why in the Hades do you think I’m writing this blog post after 37 hours of travel, factoring in the 12 hour time change from New Jersey to Thailand?


My energy concerning blogging is tight, aight? Some say the Blogging Force is strong with me.


I love what I do. I have fun doing it. Words flow freely even if I only slept 1-2 hours during the 18 hours spent on a plane.


Overall Blog Commenting Volume


I am a big fan of building blog commenting momentum by publishing genuine comments on at least 5 blogs daily. After reading posts I spend 5-10 minutes in some cases crafting an authentic, personalized blog comment.


If you feel tension in your mind at the idea of writing 5 comments a day aim for 1-3 right now. Spread these comments out among a handful of top blogs in your niche to build your blogging buddy network and to increase your exposure.


Hassaan Khan is a shining example of how to do blog commenting right.


Whenever I read his comments here on BFP or on any of my guest posts he is authentic, warm and provides real value through his comments.


Follow him to see how to do blog commenting properly.


Bonus Point


How can you discern if a blog is quality enough for reading and publishing meaty comments?


Go with the heavies in your niche to remove any doubt.


High traffic blogs, highly engaged blogs and flat out authority blogs stick out like sore thumbs. Your intuition will lead you.


I chatted with a reader recently who shared a few powerhouse blogs in her niche, delving into the quality question. Hearty thumbs up for both blogs. One quick visit alerted me; these are players in the blogger’s niche.


I focus heavily on building relationships over any SEO benefits so give little thought to factors like Domain Authority. Many blog comment links are No Follow anyway.


Your Turn


What’s your take on blog commenting volume?


Do you comment if it feels good and cut back if blog commenting feels like hard work?


What tips can you share with our community?


Blog Commenting eBook


I noted my flagship blog commenting eBook above but wrote a shorter read if that floats your blogging boat. Think of it as my lite blog commenting eBook:


How to Leave Attention Grabbing Blog Comments


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