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Most bloggers genuinely mean well. But sometimes, bloggers offer bad advice to fellow bloggers who have no idea that they follow bad advice. Follow bad advice, nothing seems to be working. But what do ignorant bloggers know? The advice seems good because the blogger they follow seems successful. Must be an effort problem. So, the ignorant blogger works harder, harder and harder, working longer to force the bad blogging advice to work. What happens after 6 months of working 12 hour days? The bad advice followed yields terrible blogging results.

Frustrated, the ignorant blogger quits. Why? No matter how hard and long you work, following bad advice leads to blogging failure 100% of the time.

Who do you follow online? What blogging mentors do you follow? Do these pros have a proven blogging track record? Do these individuals boast pro blogger status in the first place? Some bloggers follow bad blogging advice from amateur bloggers without even knowing amateur bloggers are…..amateur bloggers. I do not have all the blogging answers but I am a pro blogger who knows how to succeed online. I successfully teach other bloggers how to become pros by sticking to the fundamentals of creating and connecting. But I also delve into blogging mindset. Following my blogging advice genuinely, generously, patiently and persistently yields blogging success over the long haul. Even if doing so feels uncomfortable or flat out scary – and it will, sometimes – the blogging basics I teach yield success, if you follow these fundamentals for years.

But knowing this, do you turn around and follow blogging advice from amateur bloggers? Ask yourself this honest question. Wait for an honest answer. No one enjoys being straight with themselves if ego calls the shots. Ego lies. Ego buys into illusions. Put your ego to the side. Look in the mirror. If blogging feels heavy, leaden and frustrating, you follow bad blogging advice. Why? If you followed good, proven, successful blogging advice from skilled, pro bloggers, blogging would feel light, airy, fun and enjoyable. Sure you’d face fears along the way. But squirming through these uncomfortable moments here and there would be temporary, leading to increased blogging fun and freedom.

Before following any piece of blogging advice, check out the source of the blogging advice. What experience does the blogger have? Pro level? Amateur blogger? More importantly, in what direction does the blogger advice lead you? Does the advice nudge you toward greater fun, freedom and fulfillment? Or does the advice lead you toward greater restrictions, tension and headaches? Some bloggers mean well but offer poor advice. Some bloggers want to free you a bit but offer restricting, confining advice, like working hard and long is the way to become a professional blogger. That’s a lie. I know. I have 15,000 plus hours of blogging experience. I am a pro blogger. Working hard and long mindlessly leads to failure 100% of the time.

Do you want to succeed? Follow your fun. Learn blogging from compassionate, heart-centered pros. Generously create helpful content. Build friendships with top bloggers in your niche by helping them and asking for nothing in return. Monetize through multiple streams of income. Work generously, patiently and persistently for 100’s to 1000’s of hours, over years of your life. Does that advice sound a wee bit different from “work hard and long to become a pro blogger”? Of course it does. I am a pro. I see what most bloggers cannot see. I offer advice most bloggers cannot offer because most bloggers do not have my blogging experience, let alone, pro blogging experience.

Before you trust any blogging advice, check the source.


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