Blogging Full Time Requires a Full Time Commitment for a While

Vacation time.

My wife and I travel full time usually but the past 16 months have been different. Minus a few house sits in NYC we largely spent time in NJ tending to family matters. Now we travel again. I feel as if I am on vacation for the first time in well over a year. We just settled in to a house beside a deep forest in New York State.

But I am at it at 8:30 PM on a Friday night. Full time blogging requires a full time commitment for a while.

Years Before Pay

Expect to commit full time to blogging for years before the pay day arrives. Work for free for a while. Polish your skills. Build your friend network. Open multiple streams of income. After generously serving people for a bit, work for pay. No one has a definite pay date because bloggers do not work jobs. Bloggers build businesses. Entrepreneurs make varying amounts of money at varying times.

Income grows slowly, steadily and at various increments. Hug this truth; work for years before going pro. Commit full time to blogging before making a penny.

Every professional blogger works for free – for a long time – before earning credibility enough to make money blogging. Why would someone buy my blogging course? People perceive me to be a credible blogger. People trust me. People trust me because I worked for free for quite a while. I had to develop my skills before someone trusted me enough to buy my eBooks.

Tips for Making a Full Time Commitment for a Long Time

Pick a freeing reason why you blog. Blog mainly for fun. Fun pulls you through uncomfortable blogging periods. Fun and freedom pull you through your fears.

Stop working hard and long. Force negates. Bloggers burn out, struggle, fail and quit by trying to succeed working 16 hour days for 1-2 years. No pro who experiences lasting success takes such a short, intense blogging journey.  Blogging is a marathon; not a sprint. Slow down. Calm down. Set up a 3-5 year time frame. Relax. Expect to blog for a while before going pro.

Follow pros to ground yourself in reality. Greed or desperation sometimes clouds your judgment. Perhaps you feel an urge to take a blogging shortcut. Following professional bloggers grounds you in this reality; shortcuts do not exist. Pros remind you how going pro consists of committing full time to blogging for years.

Toss Around Numbers

Generously help people for 4-8 hours some 5-7 days weekly for 3-5 years. Toss around these numbers to comprehend a full time blogging commitment. Do those numbers scare you? Do not worry. Every honest human being experiences at least a twinge of fear pondering a 5 year commitment to blogging daily for up to 8 hours – or more – hitting 5-7 days weekly.

Remember why you blog. Hold this fun, freeing driver near and dear to your heart because freedom trumps fear every single time.

Crickets serenade me as I write these words. I enjoy the sounds of the serene, placid forest. I blog late into the night for the likely 3,000th plus time because being free to circle the globe is worth putting in blogging work.

Find your fun, freeing reason why. Hold it to see the blogging journey through.

Live your dreams by making a full time commitment to blogging for years.


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