Blogging: Things Can Change Fast After a Slow Climb

Overnight success never happens.

But things can change fast. Blogging becomes a long term gig. But blogging long term positions you to build success momentum. Success momentum allows things to change fast. How it works: generously help people for years. Nothing much seems to happen for months or years.

Everything moves along slow and steady. But things can change fast at that point. Generously, persistently, patiently serving people positions you to go pro. After years of work, be ready to experience a blogging domino effect.

Work executed for a bit leads to seemingly quickly changes. Never get it twisted. 1000’s of blogging hours go into things changing fast. One blog post takes off after publishing hundreds of blog posts. Skills expand. Success finds you. Be ready. Prep yourself for experiencing blogging success.

Never try to get rich quick. Getting rich quick is impossible. Getting rich slowly is possible, probable and then, a certainty. Climb the blogging mountain slowly, patiently and persistently. Get through tough times. Embrace muck. Express gratitude. Watch yourself evolve during the long blogging journey.

Year of blogging work seem daunting but the prolonged work leads to fast changes sometimes. Overnight success never unfolds. Work over night for a long time. Eventually, skills, exposure and credibility increase to a certain tipping point. Reach that tipping point. Relax. Allow success to unfold. Some success unfolds slow and steady. Some success blitzkriegs you into submission.

Respect this latter scenario. One of your blog posts goes viral after honing your writing skills for over a decade. Perhaps your latest podcast or live broadcast on Facebook yields a big spike in listens or views. Note the big spike for what it is. Things change fast. Especially after a slow, steady climb over years.

Be Prepared

Prepare yourself to handle:

  • client surges
  • customer surges
  • increased responsibility

Be ready for things to change fast. Cultivate your nimble nature. Be ready to shift. Honor how working generously for years positions you for things to change fast. Imagine publishing over 1000 guest posts on one blog. Every guest post boasts value. Appearances suggest things move slowly.

Like all appearances, illusions dominate these ghosts. Fear is not real. Only love is real. Things move quickly in the background. All work you put in over years yields sweet rewards flowing to you exponentially.

Go with the blog. Move fast. Never let the slow climb lull you into complacency. Some bloggers move fast after years of generous service because said bloggers put in the work, paid their tuition and reap sweet rewards. Think; imagine writing and publishing 3000 blog posts over years.

Being in 3,000 spots online can lead to quick traffic and profits surges. Be ready to field business inquiries. Prep yourself to profit online. Invest in my eBook for work at home entrepreneurs. Augment your work at home education. Allow things to lead quickly through the power of leveraging.

Are you prepared to coach 6 clients today? How do you schedule? How do you manage time between calls? How does your billing process work.

Honor surges with your consulting or coaching business. The surges manifest because bloggers stick to the proven system of creating and connecting.  Never get caught up in these oscillations. Be patient. Be persistent. Serve clients generously. Handle abundant times. Move your attention to being generous. Know how success greets bloggers too busy looking for outcomes.

Never obsess over outcomes, metrics or stats. Handle things changing fast seamlessly, gracefully and calmly.

About the Author

Ryan Biddulph inspires with his blog and eBooks at Blogging From Paradise.

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