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I know a part of you may want to boost your Domain Authority fast.

For various reasons, boasting a high blog DA can prosper you. For starters, individuals intrigued by advertising on your blog may use Domain Authority as a qualifier. Prestige seems to be a sweet benefit of increasing your blog DA.

But before answering the question, a definition would help, right?

First, let’s define Domain Authority per Moz:

Domain Authority Guide

Now that we have that out of the way, can you build up your DA quickly?

Sorry, but no.

Bloggers – aka human beings – think in terms of days, weeks or months, using the word quickly. No one thinks things happen quickly over years. I have not met that person yet, anyway. Naturally, if quick means days to months and Moz lists factors that always require years, to grow the right way, or to grow at all, nope, you cannot grow your DA quickly.

Good things require plenty of effort and even more time. Re-read that sentence. Anything worthy blogging-wise flows to you after you pay your dues. Blogging dues need to be paid over many 1000’s of hours spanning years. No one takes short cuts because if you skip the 1000’s of blogging hours spanning years you also skip the blogging success you crave.

I checked my DA now. Blogging From Paradise lists as a DA 43 site. I built up my blog to a DA 43 site – considered stronger than average by most bloggers – by doing the right things for 1000’s of hours over years of my life. I took no short cuts because taking shortcuts guarantee you do the wrong things that lead to a low DA. People only link to your blog because you become a skilled, trusted, credible blogger who publishes value and networks generously. Being skilled requires 1000’s of blogging hours of practice. 1000’s of blogging hours of practice requires years of your life. Years of your life, according to virtually all human beings, is no quick journey.

This is why boosting you DA fast is impossible. The skills you need to do this cannot be developed quickly. Skills develop slowly because bloggers only become skilled by practicing blogging for a long time. Why would you link to this blog post? I spend 1000’s of hours blogging to gain confidence, clarity, skills and credibility. I could never have developed my blogging skills over 50 hours because no human being is that good. No human being succeeds quickly in any endeavor. Good things require plenty of time and plenty of practice.

Build Your DA Slowly to Do it the Right Way

Publish helpful content solving reader needs. Generously promote other bloggers. Ask for nothing from fellow bloggers. Give without expecting anything. Eventually, as your skills and blogger friend network grows, the quality of your content and loyalty of your friends both boost your DA. The quality of your content sends a loud, clear signal and links pointing to your blog from authority blogs in your niche increase your DA slowly, but steadily. Do it the right way.

What happens if you feel fears and NEED TO grow your DA fast? Take a deep breath. Take 10 deep breaths. Find a quiet room. Begin to FEEL the fears fueling your desperate need to boost your DA fast. Cry. Feel frustrated. Feel hopeless. Feel whatever is there. Then, after fear-feeling, exit the room and observe how calm, relaxed and chill you feel. This is the only vibe to maintain if you want to become a professional blogger with a high DA, increasing traffic and increasing profits. No other way exists IF you want to actually enjoy the blogging ride.

Calm, relaxed bloggers blog generously, patiently and persistently for 1000’s of hours to boost DA and to go pro.


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