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Finding ways to stand out and stay ahead of the competition is significant to succeed in the increasingly competitive world of mobile apps. A Deep-link directory submission list is an effective way to optimize your effort. And not every brand is deriving benefits out of it.

So, what do we understand by Deep link directory submission? How are the brands benefiting through it, and what are the different kinds of deep links you can implement? This blog will help you gain all the answers!

What is Deep Link Directory Submission?

To send the website users directly to a specific page, including the promotion or product page within your business, is the technique that marketers use. It is known to be the deep link directory submission.

The homepage is done through this as it is different from the standard link directory submission to typically direct the users to a browser version or the app.

You can check out the deep link directory submission sites list that we are offering. The deep links are submitted at the deep link web directories list, increasing the inner pages and traffic rankings. You can easily promote your website with this technique.

By manual deep link directory submission, you can also promote your inner pages with the home page.

Due to the one-way link, you can now get a high PR ranking and drive organic traffic to your website with the help of this technique.

Types of Deep Links Directory Submission?

The following are the three main kinds of deep links that are used by marketers today:

1. Basic Deep Linking Directory Submission

Essential deep linking takes a user directly to a specific page and is also known as standard or deep universal linking. A travel brand, for instance, can add an essential deep link directing consumers to a flight sale page efficiently.

However, if a customer links to the website, the customer will land at an error message or get directed elsewhere.

2. Deferred Deep Linking Directory Submission

The deferred deep link navigates a detour for people who do not have the link to the website, and this operates in the same manner as the essential deep linking.

The users will be taken to the original page on where they were navigating with the help of a deferred deep-link, and this would make sure that they are not going through the process manually again.

3. Contextual Deep Linking Directory Submission

It would work in much the same manner as the primary and deferred deep links, instead offering even greater functionality and is also known as on boarding.

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The Benefit of Deep Link Directory Submission

1. Streamlining the User Experience

Free deep link directory submission list makes the customer journey seamless by minimizing the need for manual navigation and getting people where they want to go faster. This enhances customer satisfaction and also optimizes the overall user experience.

2. Increasing Retention and Engagement

Fewer users will churn, and more will stay and engage with your brand, as this is yet another significant benefit since the deep links make the customer journey more streamlined. When people are active on search, social, or other platforms driving further engagement, deep links can also navigate people back to your page.

3. Boost App Discovery and Acquisition

App discovery and acquisition can be boosted through a deep link. People can be directed back to your site with the help of deferred deep linking. Deep linking can increase your opportunities to rank in Google and drive people to your app as it can be optimized with keywords.

4. Drive Conversions

Deep linking takes customers closer to the end goal, that is, conversion, as it can make the customer journey shorter and more accessible, boosting retention and engagement. It is the simplest way to increase profits and drive revenue.

5. Get Customer and Campaign Insights

You can gain valuable customer insights to refine your buyer personas and personalize and improve your marketing by collecting data using contextual deep link directory submission sites.

Submission Guidelines For Deep Link Directory Sites

  • You need to ensure that the directory is not penalized or malicious.
  • Keep your website listed under the correct category.
  • Addition of title and description with every related keyword to your website.
  • Adding your name and email address for reference.
  • Never add more than one site, and do not spam.
  • Check out the attention note before submission of the website.
  • You can check on the section by clicking on the latest sites while adding the website.

Final Thoughts

There are backlinks for your website that target your home page and not the website’s internal pages. You will not achieve better results for the inner pages, although you may get a good rank for the home page keyword. It is where the deep-link directory submission list comes into play. It is harder to bring traffic to your website’s internal pages, although getting traffic to your home page is hard. Deep-link directories submission is the best way to obtain direct traffic to internal pages of the website.

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