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This article provides all the information necessary to get started with free digital creation software. Very simple to use, it is  DesignCap infographic maker .

Those who work in digital marketing know this; computer graphics play a major role. The use of this digital creation technique gives an undeniable power of attraction to the content and thus allows to increase the traffic of websites. The right choice of shapes and colors with respect for the editorial line and the brand’s imprint is one of the most effective means of conveying a message. This is all the more true with innovative and attractive ideas. 

However, while we often hear about computer graphics and digital creation, do we really know what it is all about? It is especially easy to confuse them with other forms of illustration or presentation of data. However, computer graphics integrate a whole process of reflection and a very specific mission that is specific to it.

What is DesignCap?

DesignCap is simple to use and very complete web software. It allows you to create all the different elements of a digital communication campaign or not. This extends from the business card to the visual accompaniment of a conference through the decoration of a YouTube channel. There are many possibilities. In addition, DesignCap integrates a large catalog of photos, icons, fonts, and other features. And for those who do not fully visualize their concept, this tool offers a selection of ready-to-use models (templates). Enough to start a project even for people lacking inspiration.

The free version of DesignCap includes an infographic creation tool. This gives access to many design elements, templates, and fonts. Therefore, it provides everything you need to be able to start working with ease. DesignCap also provides an arsenal of even more advanced features. They are, however, reserved for premium accounts.

How to use DesignCap well?

After choosing a template (or starting from scratch), it is immediately possible to create the design you want. In addition to a choice of photos from the millions offered by the image bank, you can import those from your library, stored on your computer or in the cloud.

From there, the creation itself can begin. It is time to use the many features available to users. They allow you to modify all the elements as you wish, for example, applying a filter to an image, modifying its size, adding text, whatever its font and style. In addition, different types of graphs, figures, and other tables can complete the package. The advantage of DesignCap is that it is designed to be accessible to as many people as possible. It does not require special skills in the field of creation or production of digital content. All the professionalism required for a project is included in each element that constitutes this tool.

When the creation is complete, the share button directly sends the work done on social networks or to the email address book entered. Or, it is possible to publish it immediately on the net. That is, it can be changed at any time, once it is saved as a project on the account. DesignCap finally offers a function to print these creations.

To conclude

DesignCap is the perfect choice for creating digital infographics without having in-depth knowledge in the field. Even those who use it for the first time have no difficulty achieving what they want. No need to spend long sessions there to understand how this or that tool works.

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