Do You REALLY Know More than a Pro Blogger?



Some new bloggers – or struggling veterans – ask me blogging questions. I offer answers.


The new/struggling blogger disagrees with me. Said new/struggling blogger believes they know the answer to their problem. I do not respond. Why? I offered my advice. If someone with 4 hours of blogging experience or 1000 hours of doing failing blogging stuff believes they know more than a pro blogger with 15,000 hours of experience, more power to ’em. I salute them. I move on.


Digging deeper, believing you know more than a pro with 15,000 plus hours of blogging experience guarantees your failure. Deluding self blinds you from the truth. Being a know-it-all ensures you know little to nothing. Humble yourself for a moment. How can you genuinely believe you know more than someone who has 10 more years of experience than you? Imagine blogging for 100 hours. Imagine blogging for 15,000 hours. Who knows more? Since where your attention and energy goes, grows, 15,000 hour bloggers know more than 100 hour bloggers. 15,000 hour, pro bloggers also know more about how to succeed than struggling veteran bloggers. Pros know how to succeed as a pro. Struggling veterans know how to struggle, like amateurs.


Take a deep breath. Relax. Put your ego to the side. Listen closely to pro bloggers who offer you blogging advice. Trust me; you have no idea how a pro observes your blog because pros see what you cannot see. I can see 50 blogging elements on observing most blogs. I can dissect most blogs like a blogging surgeon. Why? I spent 15,000 hours between blogging and observing blogs. Do something long enough and you develop a skill for observing stuff few people can observe, because they have not your experience, practice and clarity.


New bloggers – or struggling veterans – cannot see what I see. Little to no successful experience, in their beings. Naturally, inexperienced bloggers should listen to highly experienced bloggers. But for odd reasons, new bloggers with no experience believe they know the root of their problems better than pro bloggers with ample experience. Struggling bloggers who know how to struggle, not succeed, believe they know the root of their struggles and the solution to their problems better than pro bloggers with oodles of more experience who know how to succeed.




Ego. Ego deludes you. Ego tries to defend its blind spots. Ego loves preserving itself. Ego knows all the answers. Ego asks a pro for their help, then, disagrees with the pro help – even though you asked – because ego knows the answer, ego knows better than a pro blogger.


As you can probably guess by now, believing that you know more as a newbie or struggling blogger than a pro blogger leads to your failure and quitting virtually 100% of the time…..or until you humble yourself, listen to pro feedback and follow their advice. Trust pros. Pros became pros for good reason. Do not trust your failure. Do not trust your lack of experience. Do not trust your struggles. Believe in yourself but trust in professional blogger advice because pros know how to succeed and you need to learn how to succeed because you have no successful blogging experience.


Logically, most bloggers nod on reading this post. But a hefty chunk will turn around and trust their own struggling, failing advice versus buying my course, listening to it, taking notes and putting the notes into action. Most newbies and struggling bloggers would rather struggle, fail and quit than invest money in successful blogging advice from pros. If you think this is not the case, observe how many people quit blogging after failing for weeks, months then years.


Every sane person knows investing money in your education by listening to an experienced, successful blogger teacher is the way to succeed but few do it. If you’re willing to be one of the few, you will experience sweet blogging success as a pro blogger, yourself.




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