Do You Run a Blogging Business or a Charity?

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Minus a select few, highly trusted friends who helped me for 100’s to 1000’s of hours and never asked a thing of me, or from me, anyone who pitches me a guest post gets my guest posting rates. Anyone who pitches advertising opportunities gets my advertising rates. I run a blogging business. I do not give away stuff for free save the rarest of cases. Trusted friends who generously helped me for years get free links and guest posts on Blogging From Paradise because these dear friends grew my business exponentially over the years. Everybody else either takes the business opportunity or leaves the business opportunity. I basically expect nothing from no one; their taking or leaving does not sway someone who expects nothing from no one.


Do you maintain the same level of posture? Do you run a serious blogging business? Or do you run a blogging charity? Do you give free links to strangers who want free links? Do you allow people to place sponsored posts on your blog for $10 because people fear spending money, claiming they have no blogging budget? Placing a sponsored post for $10 indicates you run a charity. No reputable blogger runs a serious business accepting $10 sponsored posts – save the rarest of cases – because if you value your blog to those low levels you see your blog as a charity, not a serious business.


Hey; do what you do. Everything is on you. But realize that people treat you how you choose to see yourself and how you choose to see your blog. Imagine someone pitching you a $5 sponsored post. What feelings does this trigger? Anger-fear at the insulting pitch? Excitement-doubt-fear that you actually attracted someone who would buy a sponsored post? Disgust-fear at the 10th $5 pitch you received that month? Every trigger digs deep into your being to reveal fears you need to face, embrace, feel and release in order to cease running a charity and to begin running a serious, prospering blogging business. Confidence follows. Clarity follows. Posture follows.


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I include an easy to read disclaimer in my advertising page: only reply if you agree to pay my rates because I label all bargaining-bartering-budgeting emails as spam-junk-blocked and move on. Of course, people who think I am joking, bluffing or folks who simply do not read the entire page find my spam-junk-blocked folder fast. Posture. I run a blogging business. Either pay or move on. Take it or leave it. But if you do not move on after scanning my rates and allow your fear of losing-spending-investing money to scare you into replying with a bartering email, I spam-junk-block your email and never deal with you again. Plus the spam-junk-block puts you one email closer to finding spam-junk folders with all of your emails. 100% of the time, this is your fault because you did not:


  • respect me
  • trust me
  • read the entire advertising page
  • believe me
  • act like a serious client-customer yourself.


Be an entrepreneur who blogs. Practice. Hone your skills. Charge premium rates and prices. Do business with clear, serious people. Let go everyone else. Business is simply business; nothing personal. Let go the charity mindset of bargaining or bartering with human beings concerning your business services. Have you ever seen someone barter payment at a doctor’s office? Have you ever seen someone barter payment at a law office? Do you barter payment with the bank for your mortgage? How did that work out, when you told the bank you don’t have the budget to pay $2500 this month but you will pay them $200, no problems? If this sounds insane in the offline world it is just as insane in the online world? Why the heck do you run a blogging charity, allowing people to barter, bargain and budget shame you into charging a pittance, if you charge any money at all?




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