Do You Try to Reach Uninterested Readers?

Admittedly, I never targeted my Facebook friend list all too much. Knowing this, I spend little time on the platform.

Why try to reach uninterested readers? I am far better off writing and publishing this guest post on Blogging Tips. Heck; targeting my niche through this blog is one reason why I wrote and published over 1100 guest posts here alone. Why not spend most of your time – if not all – reaching highly targeted, interested readers who enjoy consuming what you have to offer? Makes perfect sense to me. But the old me did not agree. I lacked clarity.

I published content to Facebook. Nothing happened. I felt depressed. Why did no one Like my stuff? Why did no one comment on my updates? Well, most of my Facebook buddies had no interest in blogging. Of course these folks have no interest in my blogging tips themed content. Makes perfect sense. But I had to swallow this truth by being straight with myself. I never targeted Facebook.

Now I waste little time on FB. I do spend tons of time guest posting on blogging tips themed blogs. Why? Posting on blogging tips themed blogs hyper targets my blogging campaign. I know you are highly interested in blogging tips. We have an awesome match. I spend my time helping readers who want blogging tips. Readers enjoy my blogging tips. We both win. But only because I wrote and published content for interested readers who craved my blogging tips.

Do you want to earn a full time income through blogging? Get hyper clear on targeting highly interested readers. Spend virtually 100% of your blogging day speaking to these people, helping these people and hanging out ONLY where these people hang out.

I need to do a better job in this regard 😉 Even though publishing posts on off niche blogs feels good, time is at a real premium for me these days. Traveling itch. I am a full time digital nomad now. No home base. Being on the road demands I hyper target to spend nearly 100% of my time hanging out in blogging tips themed spots only, creating in these spots and connecting in these spots. I have no time to do anything else, if I am being straight with myself.

Stop wasting time trying to reach uninterested readers. Stop trying to make blase readers highly interested in your blog. I realize how many Facebook friends connected with me based on interests outside of the blogging realm. I am at peace with this truth.

Naturally, I spend little time or energy trying to convert uninterested people to become interested people.

Spend all of your blogging time in spots 100% aligned with your blogging tips niche, or whatever niche you work. Be smart with your blogging time. Target to grow your blog intelligently.  Monetize effectively.

Being efficient becomes a must as you get busier and busier. Eventually, you will have zero time to waste hanging out in non-targeted spots. 100% of your blogging attention and energy needs to be fully focused on human beings highly interested in your blogging niche. Wise online and offline entrepreneurs adopt this hyper-targeting mindset because pros literally have no other choice. Clarity thing.

Getting clearer allows you to make a full beeline for only spots aligned with your niche. Guest post on blogs in your niche. Comment genuinely on these blogs. Take your time. Relax. No blogger needs to be in 1,000,000 places at once. Just be in a few spots where people seem highly interested in what you do.

This is the starting point of running a highly targeted, successful blogging campaign.

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