Do You Try to Sell Meat to a Vegetarian?

A few moments ago, someone emailed me offering a content swap.

Unfortunately, I emailed the blogger prior with my advertising rates. The blogger pitched me on a guest post a few days ago. My rates page clearly explains I only offer premium guest posting services. I also explicitly explain how to ONLY reply IF you will pay my rates because I junk-spam any other email types.

I labelled her email as spam and moved on. She tried to sell meat to a vegetarian. I am only interested in receiving money for renting out guest posting space on my blog. I am not interested in free content swaps. Many bloggers offer me a content swap. I am a professional blogger. I receive money for products and services rendered.

The blogger tried to sell me something I had zero interest in. Forget about her wasting her time and my time. I clearly warned her how unless she was willing to pay my rates to NOT reply with any other email because I would label it as spam, and move on. She paid a steep price because now her email address has one more spam red flag against it. Add enough of those and all of her emails wind up in spam. Good luck building a thriving business from a spam folder. I dare ya; try it 😉

Stop trying to force, manipulate or coerce people 100% NOT interested in your offering. Instead, spend 100% of your time creating for and connecting with people 100% intrigued by what you have to offer. I spend all of my time helping bloggers interested in my blogging tips. Makes sense. People buy my eBooks and courses because I spend my day with these people.

I sell meat to carnosaurs. I sell vegetarian food to vegetarians. I never try to convince, coerce or manipulate a carnosaur to consume a vegetarian diet. I never try to force a vegetarian to eat steak. Makes zero sense. Wastes my time. Wastes your time, too. Even worse? Using force to engage in a completely non-targeted campaign annoys most folks and also results in more of your emails finding spam folders.

People sometimes message me on social with a casual, light chat about life. Within 2 replies, these folks try to convince me to join their network marketing opportunity. Again; these folks try to sell meat to a vegetarian. Do you think I want to join your network marketing opportunity because I am enjoying nice weather? We only chatted about the weather. How much of a qualifier is that? How targeted a marketing campaign is this? Do you see why this approach makes zero sense and leads to failure, virtually 100% of the time?

My friend and highly successful online entrepreneur Alonzo Pichardo teaches you how to develop clarity, posture and self-confidence. He creates and publishes highly targeted content for his ideal follower then lets the content do what it does. He creates generously then allows the business to flow to him. Think of setting up a vegetarian restaurant, serving the most delightful vegetarian dishes, marketing to a highly targeted niche, then allowing vegetarians to find you. Now that’s smart, prospering and abundant.

We chatted about blogging and network marketing a while back and how you need to do both the right way, patiently, to experience online business success. Listen here:

Target. Create highly targeted content. Share in targeted spots where your followers, customers and clients hang out. Build friendships with successful bloggers in your niche. Be patient. Have posture. Stop spinning your wheels by trying to sell to people uninterested in your offering. Get clear to improve your blogging success.

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