Does Engagement or Follower Count Matter More?

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Check out one of my recent tweets:


The tweet registered 1,658 impressions because I shared helpful text, @replied other tweeters and stuck with Twitter for a long time. I did not register 1,658 impressions because I inspired 47,000 people to follow me.


Guess what? Most of those 47,000 people clicked a follow button and disappeared. I am not blaming them one bit. I gave not a ton of engaging energy to Twitter for a while. That’s OK. I butter my bread on my blog and through other self-hosted blogs, through guest posting. I create on cyber real estate I own and on blogs owned by my buddies. We set the rules. We monetize however we want to monetize. We brand. We call the shots.


But I share the above tweet and my follower count to make a point: engagement matters more than follower count because follower count simply indicates someone tapped a follow button. Someone tapping a follow button means nothing for your business bottom line because tapping a follow button means someone tapped a follow button. Who cares?


I appreciate someone spending a split second to tap a follow button to notice Ryan Biddulph. But I do not attach to someone tapping a follow button. Engaging tweeters? These cats are another story. I generated 1,658 impressions because WE generated 1,658 impressions. WE meaning:


  • 22 human beings who Liked the tweet
  • 8 human beings who retweeted the tweet
  • 4 @replies (me and humans chatting)


Human beings Liking, RTing and @replying co-created the impressions. Engagement matters most because exposure, credibility, blog traffic and blogging profits grow if human beings read your tweets, enjoy your tweets, Like your tweets, retweet your tweets and reply to your tweets. Every Like, retweet and @reply sends a clear message to Twitter algorithms; put this tweet in the main feed. Putting the tweet in the main feed increases impressions. Increasing impressions exposes the tweet to more human beings.


Being exposed to more human beings increases engagement potential. Paying close attention, the number of followers has little to do with this process only because Twitter did not place the tweet in the main stream for the number of followers you boast, but for the number of human beings who enjoyed your tweet enough to act on the tweet tangibly, Liking it, retweeting it and/or @replying to it. That’s it. That’s business. That’s traffic.


Twitter superstar James Pierce inspired me to publish more text-only, bullet-point-list type tweets through his shining example. He does it with great success. I began doing it and quickly experienced success too. Since James and I chat with each other and enjoy each other’s tweets, I happily promote him, endorse him and mention him on my blog. He generously promotes me, has bought a few of my eBooks and reviewed one of my eBooks too. @replying to tweets, Liking tweets and retweeting tweets opened the door to the friendship, the cross promotion and the blogging income.


At the end of the day, you will not build a thriving blogging business solely because you are popular because a number cannot buy your stuff or hire you. Engaged human beings help build a thriving blogging business. Someone who taps a follow button and disappears does not co-create a thriving blogging business for you. People who interact with your individual tweets co-create a thriving blogging business for you.


Ditto for every platform. Facebook, LinkedIn, and of course, engaging humans through your blog by solving their specific problems and by mentioning fellow bloggers on your blog too. I closed comments on my blog because the return was not worth the headaches but I do bring the commenting-engaging-discussion to social media. Let them handle the spam 🙂


Talk to people. Ask questions. Share answers. Discuss. Share. Being popular has little to do with gaining lasting blogging success. Being social, generous, authentic and helpful lays the foundation for a prospering blogging career.




Here’s my Twitter and blogging eBook if you need a read to do Twitter right:


How to Build a Profitable Blog through Twitter


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