Does My Blogging Email Strategy Shock You? Why You Should Consider it too

Ryan Biddulph, Taksim Square, Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey


I just checked my email for the week in a few seconds.


Here is how I do it:


  1. click the select button to prepare to delete every email by default
  2. pick 1-3 emails that catch my eye
  3. delete all other emails
  4. scan the 1-3 to see if we have a match
  5. either reply in a few seconds or delete and move on, outside of my inbox


The Corniche, Doha, Qatar.

Doha, Qatar


I spend approximately a few seconds if not a few minutes replying to email each week. Conservatively, I save 1-5 to 10 or more hours employing such a passive email approach. I devote those 1, 5 or 10 hours to:


  • traveling
  • meditating
  • doing yoga
  • studying A Course in Miracles
  • spending time with family
  • walking dogs (depending on if we are house sitting or renting)
  • watching basketball
  • exercising
  • doing anything else in the offline world


Hue, Vietnam


Adopting a virtually 100% passive email campaign unfolded for me the moment I realized how most bloggers – me included – make a god or even God out of email. Bloggers scan email looking for payments. Bloggers look for business through email. Some check email 100 times daily. Others spend 45 minutes reading and replying to a single email. Yet other bloggers believe their entire business will collapse unless the individuals reply to every email in 1, 5 or 30 minutes. But the problem with trusting this mental illness is that you honestly believe that your email inbox is your:


  • freedom
  • liberation
  • Source
  • God
  • happiness
  • business
  • blog
  • relationships
  • responsibility


Why do you believe I am largely happy, peaceful, serene and calm? I make a God out of God and do not tend to make a god out of things 100% worthless until ego assigns meaning to the things. Things can be helpful channels through which you serve people, bond and prosper. But the moment you reframe a channel like email as a Source, or God, bizarre habits, wicked delusions and genuine insanity follows. I mean it. As a litmus test, when you are on your death-bed, for most humans, Truth finally dawns. Do you say to yourself,


2 Howler monkeys who hung around the house/hut/haha shack in the jungles by Bribri, Costa Rica. I preserved 'em via a photo. But neither belonged to the guilt pee pee party. Capuchin monkeys in a different part of la selva used me as a Simian Toilet, their fine urine mist cascading gently onto my dome as I hiked into town.

Buena Vista, Costa Rica


“God, I wish I spent another 100 hours checking email!”


Most people say to self,


“God, I wish I spend another 100 hours circling the globe, or playing with my kids, or feeling grateful for all I had.”


Mediterranean Sea Paphos Cyprus


But today, a guy who blogs, whose wardrobe is T-shirts and shorts, who circles the globe, is allowing the Truth to dawn upon you now. However, you decide whether to live Truth or scramble back into the shadows of delusion. Things play some role. I use a blog-thing to write and publish this blog post. But I largely use things with love, not time, in mind. Think long and hard about that one. Bloggers typically use email with time, not love, in mind. Hence the thought running through 1,000,000,000 human minds today:


“It is time to check email.”


Few humans say to help:


“Let me check this email to spread love.”


Time is an illusion fed by fear, limits and guilt. Only love is real. Timelessness is reality. But most bloggers – including me a fair chunk of…..time – teach how blogging is work, time, things, strategies, and concepts other than love. However, humans can follow practical tips with love not fear being the guide. Bloggers can use email with love, not fear and time, being the guide. Even if you appear to love helping people through email, honestly assess if some fear in your mind has enslaved you to email through the demon of time. Observe the fear-urge to check email again, again, again and again. Check email now. Check email 4 minutes from now. Leave a party. Check email 3 seconds after leaving a party. Check email 30 times during a party. Check email when your kids want to play. Check email when your husband wants a hug. Check email when your dad wants your attention.


Chiang Mai, Thailand


Say what you want about my strategy of checking email for a few seconds weekly, but:


  • I answer to no one
  • I answer to no thing


Can you honestly say the same thing? Or do you answer to this client and that customer? Do you answer to email? Do you answer to email 100 times daily?  Giving your fear-attachment-attention to any thing means you answer to that thing.


I am partially free and directed from within by love. Meanwhile, much of the world is largely bound and directed from the without by:


  • human bodies
  • things (jobs, businesses, strategies, emails, checking email, tactics)
  • time


Rockingham Recreational Trail Manchester New Hampshire

Manchester New Hampshire USA


Do things but only with love. Use things but only with love. Embody these concepts to put things like email, blogs and such in their proper, timeless, non-important place. Make love, freedom and peace your blogging guides. Blog to be free. Blog to free other human beings. Work is part of the blogging equation and you will put in sufficient time but never make spending lots of time blogging the end goal. Make freedom the forever intent. Blogging does take plenty of time and work to go pro but if freedom is your intent it will not feel like plenty of time and work. Do you understand what I mean? Doing something you love adds space and timelessness to any task because love is timeless. I spoke to a dear friend for 3 hours the other day but because we were in a state of love, harmony and happiness the 3 hours felt like 15 minutes.


One Important Note


Does spending hours in your email inbox daily feel like:


  • pure love?
  • freedom?
  • joy?
  • peace?


Cows, Opotiki, New Zealand

Opotiki, New Zealand


If yes, keep spending hours in your email inbox daily because email is not a fear-filled time sucking tool but an instrument for love and service, and freedom. Writing and publishing blog posts and guest posts makes WordPress dot org blogs instruments for service for me. Every blogger walks a different journey. See not this post as demonizing email but spotlighting how fear, attachment and time erode your freedom, peace and happiness. Never trade freedom for anything. Never make any thing a God. Look within to find your:


  • intuitive guide
  • peace
  • happiness
  • freedom


Never look to things like email for happiness, freedom and success because you will always become disappointed, eventually. Things change because things are in time. But looking within introduces you to unchanging timelessness lasting for eternity. Look within frequently. As a rule, bloggers who look within tend to engineer increasingly passive, freeing blogging campaigns because they realize that freedom to do what you want when you want to do it beats staring at a computer screen or phone screen, trading time for money, or mindlessly checking email for the 100th time today.


I have worked with clients who made this active to passive realization. Customers also experienced the “light bulb going off” effect. Loyal readers see it. Consider my blogging email strategy. Think long and hard about how you work your inbox. Do you really want to work an active email checking campaign? Or do you want to be almost completely done with email? All hinges on your intent. But if you choose to follow a passive email blogging strategy like myself you will also gravitate toward a passive blogging income campaign. 


Me overlooking Savusavu Bay with my virtual assistant Hazey. This was from our Fiji trip to Savusavu. 4 month house sit in the Paradise of Fiji, as Fijians have dubbed it.

Savusavu, Fiji


Migrating from a time-sensitive blogging campaign to a timeless blogging campaign means opening passive income channels aligned with a timeless, freeing blogging campaign. Consider:



Passive income does not require you to:


  • trade time for money
  • incessantly check email 50 times daily
  • engage in email ping pong with clients


Rice fields, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia


If you want to learn more about blogging income channels in general, check out this eBook:


15 Ways to Make Money Blogging





My intent is to help you experience a life of freedom, peace and happiness. Most bloggers are bound, stressed and unhappy. Email habits seem to be a major culprit in fueling each negative condition. Rethinking your relationship with email may give you the space to check email less in order to open more passive income channels. Unless of course you experience pure freedom scanning emails for hours daily and working active income channels. Trust your feelings. Trust your freedom. Everyone walks a different blogging path.

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