Factors that Affect Page Load Time & Website Optimization Strategies

SEO is an integral part of the business in 2020. Digital platforms are radically changing, and it is upon you to optimize your business SEO strategies if you want to expand your online presence. The tech gadgets used by the people in the world range from smartphones to super-fast laptops. Moreover, your SEO techniques help you to rank websites in Google, which directly will yield you quality leads and conversions.

Around 90% of the owners lose business because of one small mistake – webpage load time. If the issue is not fixed, the loss will be colossal overtime. However, you offer incredible solutions on your webpage if the users leave because your load time if high – you are in big trouble, Mister. It is now the right time to analyze the website indexing problems in Google and build strategies to strengthen SEO for your website.

There is a saying that speed thrills but kills. In the case here, speed thrills and wins profitable business for you. Yes, the speed of your website has a lot of effect on the sales of your business. A few business owners are aware of this little secret and have shaped their business with quality SEO techniques.


The speed of the website will directly be affected in regards to the type of internet connection you use. If you have to use dial-up, no matter the optimization, the website will lead very slowly. However, if you use DSL, the speed will be better than the dial-up, and the website will load faster. Therefore it is advisable for you to have an internet connection that is fast enough to open websites.

Business owners bridge the biggest gaps in the website optimization but fail the address the small gaps in the server and hosting. The web hosting company and the server you choose can have a significant effect on the page load speed. If there aren’t enough resources in the server, the speed of your website will dip severely. Additionally, if you are using shared hosting for economic reasons, it will affect the page load time as well.

The size and type of files you have on the webpage will affect your page load time. Larger files and different file types will increase the load time of the webpage. Though your internet connectivity is faster, it is necessary to optimize the webpage regularly and keep up the pace of load time. You can also optimize the image formats and sizes to keep the files as small as possible.

Plugins add known to add functionalities to your website. However, stuffing more plugins to add innovative functionalities will collapse your website and will slow down the loading speed. Well-coded plugins are suggested for usage in webpages. It increases the chances of loading multiple files in a short span, thus increasing the speed and reducing the page load time.

Choosing a bad browser is the one common mistake users make nowadays. Old browsers do not support new webpages and end up struggling to load certain assets and codes. It is necessary to check if you are using an updated browser. Nowadays, there are many powerful browsers in the market that support innovative features and load any number of websites simultaneously. Choose the best from those and fasten the page load time.

Bad coding is a fundamental issue that has to be sorted out during development. It impacts the page load time primarily and turns off the users when looking out for valuable information. Moreover, lousy coding will have to affect the SEO ranking and page performance badly. It is advisable to start writing quality codes from the initial stage of website development, so don’t end up in the wrong place.

Hotlinking is one of the most common practices that is followed in a webpage to source page content to other pages. The performance and the site speed will be affected if there are many hotlinks on the page. It is advisable to add only necessary links that will add value to your site and improve website ranking on Google.

Website indexing problems in Google is increasing drastically. Business owners are not aware of the negative impact it will receive during the ranking of their website on Google. It is now the right time for you to review your website, do some audits, and optimize your website according to your necessity and boost the ranking of your website on Google.

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