Free Online SEO Tools For Website Analysis in 2021

SEO is the main skill with which you can rank any business or website properly. It is essential for the smooth growth of your platform without imagining bad results. An SEO expert must have tools to work perfectly and engage himself with his platform appropriately. Don’t pay for anything when you can utilize them freely. Most of online tool providers are charging few money where you have to pay some amount for using their SEO tools. Here we have added free SEO tools where you can analysis your website performance and all the things with free. There are some limitation for using it free but these SEO tools are very much good as compared to other SEO tools.

There are 100s of SEO tools that available online where you can use for the SEO of your platform without paying anyone. But the problem is that many of them are just junk and don’t capable of working finely. We have researched a lot and extracted the list of these free online SEO tools where you don’t need to download any types of software in your system for use. You can directly access from online with login or sign up with your email details You should read this article till the end to get better insight about them.

Free Online SEO Tools For Website

Here is the list of absolutely free SEO tools that you must try for once at least for your on page SEO or off page SEO works. We assure you that you will get beyond expectations results by using these online SEO free tools during your work. These will help you to implement correct SEO on your platform by taking steps in the right direction. These SEO tools will also help you to get good traffic on your site. Let’s look at their features and try to understand why these tools are essential for our survival in this field.

  • Google Analytics

    We don’t recommend using any other tool to check analytics when Google provides you with this service. It is the era when Google is the biggest search engine around the globe. This tool will give you a deep insight look on the progress of your website. It will show you from which region you are getting traffic. You will also get an exact number of visitors on your platform by using this tool. A few months back, it was showing exact keywords too on which you are getting traffic.

    Google analytics

    But now, it only shows the page on which the visitors are landing instead of actual keywords. You can overcome this problem by integrating a free keyword tool like keyword hero with it. Many experts recommend using other analytical tools for the same purpose. All these tools fetch data from the Google database by using an API. There are chances that the tool will not be able to get complete data and show inappropriate results. So, we recommend you switch yourself to this tool as soon as possible.

  • Editpad

    Being an SEO expert, you should need an online notepad. You may need to edit emails, articles before publishing, and content for different campaigns. This online SEO tool notepad will enable you to cover all these sections under a single window. You can use this tool to write a new article or email with constant checking of grammar mistakes.

    Editpad SEO tool

    Yes, it has a Grammarly extension integrated with this tool. It will keep showing all the errors you are making in your writings. In this way, you will be able to clear all those mistakes quickly during your work time. You don’t need to spend extra time after completing your writings with this tool. In addition, it will also show you how many words you have written. So, you can stop writing or extend your thoughts to decrease or increase the word count.

  • Check-plagiarism

    An SEO expert is responsible and answerable for the growth of any digital platform. Writing is the main factor that supports all SEO techniques. It is compulsory to write and publish unique content on your website to save your SEO efforts. Here is the website through which you can check plagiarism free. This tool will show you exact matches of your work by comparing it with every document available on the internet. The process may take a while to show results because of a deep search.


    You only have to insert the article, blog, or whatever you want to check in the given text box. The tool will do a deep check and show you how much content is unique and how much content is plagiarized. It will also give you word density that you or your writer have used in your writings for an insight look. So, you can minimize the word if you find it harmful for SEO.

  • Rephraser

    If you have found plagiarism in your work, you need to rewrite the matched lines. Here is the best tool to paraphrase those lines or paragraphs to make them unique. With this tool, you don’t need to wait for a huge time to get a unique copy and publish it. Within a fraction of time, you will get ready to publish the document.

    Rephrase SEO tools

    You can also paraphrase other emails or campaign templates if you find them attractive enough. So, this tool will enable you to work in the marketing field too as an SEO expert.

  • Keyword hero

    To implement SEO, it is essential to do proper keyword research. Without enough keyword information, you can’t defeat your competitors to rank higher than them on any keyword. Keyword hero is a specific tool to get an insight view of any word or phrase. It will also show you analytics of those keywords that are missing in all other tools.

    keyword hero free SEO online tool

    You should use this tool if you are expecting better performance. In addition, you can utilize this SEO tool for 20000 searches per month for free.

  • Ubersuggest

    You can’t implement SEO on your website properly unless you don’t know what your competitors are doing and how they are doing. Ubersuggest is a one of the best free online SEO tool with complete package to deal with almost every aspect of SEO. If you are going to find backlinks SEO tools then when you will use this tool you don’t need to buy that backlinks tools for your projects. With a single click, you can get an insight view of your competitors progress.

    Ubersuggest free SEO tool

    You only have to paste the link to their website, and the tool will show you all the analytics. Now, you can evaluate that website and set your SEO strategies according to it.

  • SEO Minion

    SEO minion is a particular analyzing tool that many SEO experts are using in the world. With this, you can evaluate the on-page SEO score of any website.

    SEO minion

    Also, it can analyze a website deeply to extract broken links. It has many other features like Google search simulation, Hreflang checking, SERP checking, and others. You should give this tool at least one chance to get in touch with maximum SEO aspects with the single tool.

The above list has been made by doing proper research for whole SEO tools which is free for online use and use them for a while to analyze your work and website for the best use. We have found all of these the best for free use without facing any subscription problems. Above all SEO tools are free for all but also they have some terms and condition which you must have to follow them. You should use all of them at different stages of your SEO strategies to experience reliable results.

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