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In this blog post, I’ll be presenting you with the coupon code for NitroPack.

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NitroPack is one of the most effective solutions for website performance optimization. It helps you a lot to optimize your website effectively for Google pagespeed metrics.

It comes with a complete suite of features like code optimization, image optimization, CDN, smart caching, etc.

It helped me a lot to speed up my websites by atleast ~50%, which I’ll discuss later on.

How to avail NitroPack discount coupon?

As you may know, NitroPack is a freemium tool.

NitroPack pricing

But if you a decent website, the free plan may not be enough for you. You may need to go with their paid plans.

If you have a website that has up to 500 URLs, the Lite plan is more than enough for you. On the other hand, if you have a lot of webpages on your website then you may need to have their Regular plan.

NitroPack coupon

When you are going with any paid plans, you need to apply the above coupon, and you’ll be able to save 10% off the pricing. This coupon will be applicable to all the plans of NitroPack.

NitroPack features

As an all-in-one website performance optimization solution, NitroPack comes with the following features:

  • Code optimization – It helps in the optimization and minification of HTML, CSS, and also JavaScript. There are also other features like Defer JS loading and also Key Requests Preload that helps you improve your pagespeed index and also in improving time for First Contentful Paint.
  • Image optimization – For serving images in the next-gen format and also dynamic scaling of images for faster page loads. It also supports lazy loading of images so that the images will be loaded to the users only once they are in the viewport. This will prevent your website from loading images unnecessary on the initial page load.
  • CDN for faster page speeds – It makes use of Amazon CloudFront for serving your website resources superfast. If you are already using CDN services like MaxCDN, KeyCDN, or using your hosting providers’ inbuilt CDN you can disable them.
  • Smart caching – It makes use of smart caching, warmup cache, and also smart cache invalidation for faster page speeds. Some different mechanisms of caching supported by NitroPack are browser-aware caching, cookie-aware caching, device-aware caching, and session-aware caching

These performance-boosting features of NitroPack help a lot in boosting page speeds and also improving metrics like First Contentful Paint, TTFB, and other core web vital metrics as emphasized by Google for better mobile browsing experience.

As outlined in my NitroPack review, here are the results I got after installing NitroPack on my website.

Before installing NitroPack, these were the load times of my homepage and also one of my long-form content.

GTmetrix report of homepage before nitropack
GTmetrix report of long form content before using nitropack

I installed NitroPack on my site without any additional changes.

Here are the results.

GTmetrix report of homepage before nitropack
GTmetrix report of long form content after using nitropack

That’s on average 57% increase!

Just imagine the boost in conversions it results in. It’ll pay back the money you pay for the NitroPack subscription.

Apart from conversions, your website SEO will also be improved as pagespeed is becoming one of the most important Google ranking factors.


NitroPack is a really good all-in-one performance optimization plugin for speeding up your website load times significantly.

If you are tired of using many plugins and tools to please the Google Pagespeed Guidelines, you’ll not be disappointed with NitroPack.

Honestly, the results I got from NitroPack were hard to believe to my skeptic’s eyes. But man, was I not dreaming!

If you are interested in getting this tool, feel free to make use of the coupon code to get a discount on NitroPack.

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