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My neck and shoulders kill me today.

Hurting. Stiff as can be. So I get creative. I break early and often to do some yoga. Doing yoga every so often throughout my day today improves my posture, stretches out my neck and shoulder area and also increases my relief. I feel good now. Feeling good now allows me to keep blogging even though my neck stiffness tries to prevent me from blogging. Be creative. Do what ya gotta do but use creativity to work your way in, around and through blogging obstacles.

I would dictate posts to save my shoulders and neck from typing-induced stress. I love being that creative because I just use my voice to get the blogging job done. But no dice on this one. My wife and I inhabit an extended stay spot for a little bit because we are on the road, traveling again. I never could bore her with my out loud blogging tips for hours on end.

My job now requires a different level of creativity. That’s just the way blogging goes. Sometimes, you need to find a new type of creative to get the job done under current circumstances. Dictating saved my butt – or my neck and shoulders – during a home-based blogging stretch of stiff neck and shoulders. But we moved on from the bigger, more spacious home. I could dictate without limits in a bigger home. Shut the door to the home office. Speak away. Now I need to find a new strategy for my pain, neck and shoulder style. Got it. Yoga.

Blogging is easier for flexible, creative bloggers. Blogging gets tougher for rigid bloggers who resist being creative. Open up. How can you be more creative to overcome obstacles, to dissolve resistance and to patiently take apart any tough blogging times?  Get creative.

How can you work your way around an obstacle? What can you do to get around a rough blogging spot? Being creative opens you up to greater success because you work around obstacles and keep that sweet traffic and those sweet profits coming. You cease making excuses too. Definitely a good blogging look for anyone who wishes to become a professional blogger.

I could make this excuse: my neck and shoulders feel way too stiff to do anything. I make the the excuse, go to bed and take my Saturday off from blogging. Cool. But being creative with my yoga routine lets me blog-work entirely around the excuse. Doesn’t that make the most sense? Rather than being handcuffed by an excuse you get creative to work your way around the excuse, to find a blogging solution. I found this solution. Now I blog. I get to help you and I help myself in the process. I love picking apart blogging excuses by being creative.

I am a busy bee today. Party tonight for a friend, and we also will visit the kitties and do a little pet sitting, after stopping by the house to clear everything out before the close. 3 things to do in a little bit of time. Plus we have a decent commute to head up toward home. So do I make an excuse of not having enough time to blog? Of course not.

I used my creativity, filmed a few short, sweet videos and now I have blog content published in a 2-4 minute window versus sitting there powerless, being handcuffed by excuses and held hostage by my lack of blogging time, today.

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