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Timaru, New Zealand


Does blogging get any more simple?


Smart bloggers know that giving leads to getting. The more you give, trust in the process and relax, the more you get. Focus on giving to accelerate your getting and to also release survival mode and its poisonous influences. But know that leaving survival mode behind feels like a terrible struggle for most people because you and I tend to think like employees, courtesy of the general public, family and other influences. Employees focus largely on getting a paycheck versus giving their heart, soul and energy to a job. Thinking like most employees guarantees you remain firmly planted in survival mode. Stop thinking like someone who works mainly to get a paycheck. Give to build something bigger than yourself and your basic survival needs.




Give to get. But do not give solely to get. I recorded the video below to stress how getting traffic and profits rests on giving freely of your time and talents. All the traffic and profits you crave sit behind generous, patient and persistent service. Allow this idea to sear itself onto your mind to better understand how to become a professional blogger. Going pro involves oodles of giving well before professional blogger careers move into form.


Nagigi Beach, Vanua Levu, Fiji.

Nagigi Beach, Vanua Levu, Fiji


Observe any icon. All top pros in any niche give steadily, generously and persistently for a bit before getting occurs. Large businesses, titanic profits and overall freedom seem like sweet benefits most folks focus on but few understand the amount of giving that went into building such large empires.


Think about different ways for giving through your blogging campaign. Start with your blog. Publish detailed comment frequently. Use your blog for its infinite worth. See blogging as a sweet medium for helping an increasing number of people. Do not view blogging in any light less than this fabulous medium for touching humanity, even as a newbie blogger. New bloggers have power at their cyber finger tips. Remember that.


Bangkok, Thailand


But blogging is only one giving channel. Blog commenting – genuinely executed – is another way to give freely of your time and talents. Publish comments to add value to blog posts. Comment to make friends. The getting through blog commenting involves fostering bonds with fellow bloggers. Blogging buddies send traffic to your blog. Some readers simply click your comment link based on being impressed after reading your blog comment.


Promoting fellow bloggers via your blog and social media is yet another way to give freely of your time, talents and generosity. This one seems easy. Tap tweet buttons. Share posts on Facebook. Link to reputable bloggers via  your blog. Be generous, give freely and position yourself to succeed. Everything changes when you begin to give from an attitude of abundance. Be abundant in mind. Note your blessings. Then, in this abundance mindset, pay close attention to successful people in all walks of life. The most successful people give freely because all meaning, happiness and love flows from helping other human beings.


Sunrise and Thai longtail boat, Koh Lanta, Thailand

Koh Lanta, Thailand


Train yourself to give freely. Let go stingy people. Release folks who try to get something for nothing, letting go terrible influences. Do not surround yourself with conditional givers; cancel these poor examples. Network with generous souls who inspire you to be generous, too. You and I tend to become highly influenced by our friend networks.




Check out the video here:


Give to Get




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