Google Keyword Planner:Get More Profitable Keywords In 2020

You can use filters to find more specific keywords like low competition with high cpc, language and specific location wise keywords, seasonal keywords etc.

After getting the keywords result page, you can choose the keywords that are fitting for your keyword research criteria by sorting them using filters.

Here’s what type of filters you are getting in Google keyword planner.

On the top of the page you can see  four aspects available on which you can change your keywords results.

1. Location- Filter keywords country wise

2. Language- Get keywords data to a specific language region

  1. Search networks- You can select results from only Google or Google with search partners (my suggestion: select second: google with search partners)

4. Date range- You can select this filter to get results in a specific time period like in the image below August month selected.

Moving to below the result page, you will see “Add Filter” features, which provides amazing filter options to sort out the list.

Let me go through everyone so you can understand the function of every filter better.

Note: I will only cover filters that will help you in keyword research because many of them for ad publishers. Describing them only confuses beginners.


Keyword filter lets you get the results list with keywords containing the word that you entered in this filter.

For example, in your results list you want to see only keywords that contain SEO then just enter “SEO word” in this filter and apply.

Boom! Now all the keywords in the result list contain SEO words.

You can also use this feature to filter the list that doesn’t contain your entered words.


Want to get only low competition keywords list, then this is the filter you need to use.

Avg. search volume

By clicking on this filter you will get all the keywords with high search volume.

And if you click once again, you will get all low volume keywords.

Top of Page Bid

This filter will help you to find high CPC (cost per click) keywords.

Basically this filter for ad publishers to get the bidding amount idea of the keywords but bloggers can also use it to get high CPC keywords.

click on “high range”, and fill the amount then all the keywords with high cpc will appear with above your entered amount.

“Low range” will show the opposite.

That’s all the filter you will need as a blogger to keyword research with Google keyword planner tool.

Let’s see filters in action with example,

I got the result page with all the keywords related to my main keyword “blogging”

But I want a list of keywords with high search volume cpc above 100 rupee with low volume.

So I filtered the list with my specific requirements and clicked on apply.

Vola! Here’s the results!

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