Have You Embodied this Pro Blogger Quality?

Koh Lanta, Thailand.


In my mind, I spent a few moments on the beaches of Thailand this morning. I cheated a little bit during the end of my meditation session. Seeing myself on the beaches of Koh Lanta simply energized me to be the person who continues to live this kind of life. 


Here’s how it works;  you visualize some dream you intend to live, then you allow the dream to feel real in your mind by adding details to the image. From that point, the more you visualize your dreams and the vision feels real, you be the person who does the things from the right energy, that eventually lives the dream. It is that simple. But sometimes it does get a little uncomfortable because most people doubt the visualizing faculty. 


 So, I looked at the beautiful, peaceful waters we often see during the high season in Thailand. Clear and relaxing, I felt a nice cool breeze from the Andaman Sea kissing at my face. Doesn’t this feel delightful? I look left and right to see coconut trees and palm trees swaying in that same breeze. Empty beach. The farther south you go on Koh Lanta. Less and less tourists visit these beaches. When Kelli and I visited in 2014, we basically had private beaches to ourselves, the farther south we headed. Eye-popping beaches. Stunning beaches. Do you see how visualizing helps you step into being the professional blogger before you become the professional blogger? But drilling deeper, visualizing helps you embody a professional blogger quality incredibly important and quite critical on your blogging journey.


 The quality:  Never looking for shortcuts or overnight success.


Adopt a Calm Sense of Knowing


 Every single blogger who succeeds online does so from a generous, patient and persistent energy. Visualizing gives you the calm confidence and knowing that your dream is coming true. Once something is coming true, you instantly relax and begin being the person who does the things and feels the emotions consistent with someone who lives that dream in their life. Professionals know that success is on the way so there is no fear that leads to trying to take shortcuts or trying to experience overnight success. Both are impossibilities anyway. Pros see the journey through because doing generous things over thousands of hours is the natural progression that leads them to their dreams. Shortcuts feel uncomfortable, wrong and flat out the way away from your dreams, when you visualize your dreams regularly, like a professional blogger.


 Plus, you will surround yourself only with professional bloggers who remind you to generously, peacefully and knowingly see the journey through the right way. When I  mention blogging the right way, this just means being generous, patient and persistent. Knowing arises when you feel confident and calm on your blogging journey. 


This professional blogger quality of never looking for shortcuts or overnight success may trigger fears in bloggers who want overnight success or shortcuts.  The only reason these people move into your experience is to show you specifically where you are at in terms of your generosity, patience and persistence. Eventually, you will become so relaxed, calm and confident that you would never ever think about trying to take a shortcut or to get rich quickly.


Neither exists anyway. Both roads lead to struggles and failure. Or in the rare case of a blogger who becomes highly skilled in manipulating people to make money online quickly, you lose your reputation and business 100% of the time. Why? You have nothing of value to offer because you rushed the process and didn’t develop the skills necessary, the exposure required and the rock solid credibility you need to build a long-term, lasting online business through blogging. 100% of the time, blogging from an energy of fear leads to failure.


 Keep revisiting your vision. Patiently, persistently and generously set aside moments every morning to see your dream life in detail. Allow the picture to come alive. The picture really is true. It is happening now. Making this realization does wonders for your blogging campaign because you be the generous, patient and persistent person who knows success is yours and who knows your vision comes true a little bit more everyday. 


Knowing this, you relax, chill out and simply have fun helping people from a trusting energy. People looking for shortcuts – vibing from a heavy energy of fear – disappear more quickly from your energy field, or from your experience. All occurs because you made the choice to blog the right way. Blogging the right way involves visualizing your dreams then being the person who allows those dreams to manifest.


Let Love Guide You


 Be driven by love. Be driven by having fun helping people. This is the perfect energy to embody the generous, patient and persistent vibe to maintain over a decent chunk of time. Plus, you even forget time. No joke. Weeks and months will fly by and you’ll be so lost in having fun helping people that time enters into a truly illusory nature. It’s almost like you’re consumed by your blogging purpose but in a wonderfully loving, harmonious way, completely void of tension, anxiety, worry or fear. Maintain this vibe over a sustained amount of time and your dream comes in to form even more quickly. But you don’t care about quick results at this point. Why? You don’t want anything quickly. Fear does not drive you. Nor does impatience. Falling in love with the process, you generously create content and build connections with top bloggers in your niche and allow the outcomes to take care of themselves.


 This is such a simple process. The blogging process becomes clearer as your vision becomes clearer. At first, this clarity finding experience feels a little like magic. The haze lifts. You rend the veils of illusion, living and blogging from an energy of love, abundance and generosity. Success really is yours. Now you just have fun helping people and allow it to come into form from relaxed, detached and patient energy.




 Be like a professional blogger. Be generous, patient, persistent and knowing that your dreams are moving into form. Visualize your dream every morning. Taste, touch and smell the mental picture. Feel it. 


The picture becomes more real and more true each time you revisit the image. Then you get busy having fun helping people. Let’s go any last urge to get rich quick, to see overnight success or  to look for shortcuts. Let go those amateur hour frames of mind and become the professional blogger you were always meant to be, as you blog your way toward your dreams.




Being generous, patient and persistent as a pro blogger requires you to develop posture. I wrote an eBook to help you in this area. Buy it here:


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