How Do You Get Social Media Followers to Read Your Blog?

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First off, change your thinking. Change your mindset.


You do not GET social media followers to read your blog. You ATTRACT human beings to your blog by being generous, engaging, patient and persistent. Everything changes as your mindset changes. Nothing changes if your mindset changes. Capiche?




Human beings who click Follow, Friend or any linking button on social media are…..human beings. Generously helping these human beings, speaking to them, asking them questions and answering their questions is the simplest way to influence the people to read, follow and subscribe to your blog.


1: Generously Help People


Followers are people. Generously help people on social media. People come to trust you via your help. Trusting people follow your blog. Blog followers tend to buy your stuff, hire you and endorse you.


Help by publishing helpful posts on your blog and sharing to your social media profiles. Help by answering questions on Facebook Groups related to your niche. Serve by broadcasting live videos on Facebook and Twitter. Start with those 4 ideas of service. Happy, trusting people who dig you on Facebook begin following your blog.


2: Speak to People


@reply followers on Twitter. Ask how their day is going. Answer their questions. @reply people who RT your content. Reply to followers who comment on your Facebook updates. Reply to friends who Share your Facebook updates. Speak to people. Talk to followers. Bond with followers.


Being social with followers forms bonds. Followers trust you more deeply because you listen, process, answer, chat and care. Trusting social media followers follow your blog. Simple.


3: Ask Questions


Human beings who follow you on social media enjoy being heard, being cared for, and being able to share their thoughts. Ask questions related to your blogging niche. Let your social media followers answer. Answering questions gives people power, confidence and clarity. Bloggers who share the spotlight, giving people power, confidence and clarity attract large, loyal followings to their blog through social media.


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4: Answer Questions


Answer questions tossed your way via social media followers through DM’s, Messages, Facebook niche specific Groups, LinkedIn and Twitter hashtag lists aligned with your niche. Answering questions lobbed your way bonds you to people who grow to trust your advice. Again; trusting humans who follow you on social media gravitate toward your blog.


Develop Posture


Most bloggers blog from fear. Scared bloggers impatiently, desperately and greedily run around trying to GET followers. Failure follows because what you chase, flees. Face fears. Feel fears. Release fears. Develop posture.


Attract humans via social media to your blog. Be generous. Be social. Allow social media followers to gravitate to you, to follow your blog and to become loyal readers, customers and clients.


Two chief factors fuel successful blogging social media campaigns:


  1. trust
  2. generosity


Trust the tips above. Be generous. Organically, trusting bloggers become patient bloggers. Generous, patient bloggers follow simple steps – help people and talk to people – for a sustained period of time. Following simple, proven steps for a period of time, patiently, influences people to follow your blog after following you on social media.


This is hardly rocket science and in truth, most humans find helping humans and talking to humans incredibly easy. But you need to change your mindset if you work your blog and social from predominant energies of fear – like most bloggers – because only posturing, trusting bloggers who help folks generously, patiently and persistently influence social media followers to become blog followers.


I know you’re up to the task 🙂




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