How Is Your Blogging Neighborhood?

How is your blogging neighborhood?

What blogs do you guest post and comment on regularly? Be honest with yourself. Blog only in high-energy neighborhoods. Blog only in spots respected within your niche.

Birds of a blogging feather flock together. Knowing this, spend all of your time and energy creating and connecting on respected blogs. No need to create and connect only on the highest-ranking blogs in your niche. Feel free to spend time on respected but lesser-known blogs too.

Look at your blog in the light of truth. Do you run a high energy blogging neighborhood? Scan your sidebar. Does it look clear? Does it look professional? Let go any bad blogging neighborhood elements like spammy ads or overloading your sidebar with too many elements.

I run a super clear and clean blog at Blogging from Paradise. I intend to live in a high-energy blogging neighborhood. I only guest post on respected blogs aligned with my niche. People perceive me based on how I write and where I write.

Follow my lead. Only publish posts and guest posts on respected sites. Success or failure meets you based on where you create and connect.

Never let the temptation of money or easy links pull you to low energy blogging neighborhoods. Never let your desperation call the business shots. Some bloggers accept $5 sponsored posts. What type of link do you place along with the $5 sponsored post? In every case, if someone only has $5 to pay for a sponsored post be prepared to receive a link pointing to an extremely low quality website damaging your blogging reputation.

Whether for pay or free, link only to respected websites or risk living in a dumpy blogging neighborhood. Forget Google. Readers perceive you based on sites you link to. Sponsored posts, guest posts and simple free links need to be connected to respected sites in your niche or related to your niche. Otherwise, your blogging neighborhood just went south.

Observe top bloggers. Note how the best bloggers link to respected, credible blogs and websites only. Linking to valued sites improves your blogging reputation. Toss in sweet Google benefits and you have a winning neighborhood guaranteed to accelerate your blogging success.

Be disciplined. Never link to a low-quality site just because someone pays top dollar. Never link to a low-quality site just because someone pays your guest post or sponsored post rate. Link for the long game. Create a vision. Dream big dreams. Make sure all links fit into your vision. Blog with posture. Turn down everything save the highest quality links pointing to trusted websites.

Guest post on respected sites. Boost your credibility. Align with prospering readers. Bloggers struggle to make money because bloggers network in low-energy neighborhoods consisting of less prospering bloggers. Hobnob only in high-energy communities. High vibing blogging spots attract prospering people who freely become your clients and customers.

Profit through your blog. Hang out in prospering spots. Leave bartering and bargaining bloggers on a budget behind to haggle with people in low energy spots. My prices are fixed. I never negotiate. Taking this stance helped me to make more money through my blog because I said no to lack and yes to abundance.

But I only learned how to develop posture by hanging out in posturing blogging neighborhoods. Successful bloggers teach successful blogging lessons. I never would have learned these lessons unless I hung out in high-energy blogging neighborhoods.


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