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 I played competitive basketball from the 5th grade to my freshman year in junior college. But I have played basketball for most of my 40 years on planet Earth. I love the sport. Sure I haven’t done that drill in 20 years. But muscle memory and plenty of practice allows me to pull it off. Plus yoga does not hurt LOL. But I bet you that you look at me a little bit differently after seeing the video. I seem more like a human being to you rather than a one-dimensional blogging machine. Being more human makes me more relatable. You can probably connect with me more deeply because you see I like sports and have a life outside of blogging. 


This is a key step to becoming a professional blogger. Being at least a little bit personal lets people connect with you on a human level. No human being blogs for 24 hours a day. I sure don’t. People need to see you doing other things and talking about other things –  versus just talking about blogging all the time –  to make an important, human, genuine connection with you. I talk about blogging most of the time but also chat about interests outside of blogging. Meditating, yoga, reading A Course in Miracles, watching Netflix, watching Amazon Prime, walking, shooting hoops and spending time with my niece are fun activities for me that I chat about on my blog.


 Doing these things makes me more relatable because human beings are multifaceted. We are human beings, not human doings. You and I are not one-dimensional bloggers. Someone who talks blogging all day long becomes a robot in our eyes. Who wants to live like a robot? Why do you blog? I blog to live in places like Fiji and Bali for months at a time. You better believe I enjoy blogging and I enjoy living in the tropics even more. Sharing your offline life by getting a little more personal inspires people to trust you more deeply because you become human, relatable, a genuine person. 


Clients and customers will hire you more freely when you’re not one-dimensional. Sure you need to have blogging skills. Ultimately, people hire skilled bloggers that they trust. People buy your stuff if you know your blogging stuff. But the personal touch puts you over the top in terms of becoming a pro. Professionals have that certain level of detachment about blogging. This detachment shows itself through bloggers who talk about stuff other than blogging, quite regularly.


 I admittedly did a poor job in this regard for a long time. I vibed mainly from fear, scarcity and poverty so desperately that I seemingly talked blogging 24/7, 365. But I learned my lesson. Human beings succeed the most online because fellow human beings need to see you are a human with varied interests, to connect with you, to relate to you and to trust you more deeply. Imagine if I just showed myself blogging all day long. What human being can relate to that? What happy, healthy and prospering  human being can relate to blogging all day long? None. 


Success is having fun doing what you do. Doing what you do involves blogging some of the time and playing sports some of the time, spending time with the family, watching movies, playing with your pets, meditating, watching TV, exercising and circling the globe maybe. You tell your story. But make your blog personal to accelerate your success. I know it may feel uncomfortable to share elements away from your blogging life sometimes. Self consciousness arises. Fears arise. People love being private. Nudge through these uncomfortable energies and share your life. I want to get to know you better. I want you to be more human to me. Be more genuine by chatting about life away from blogging. Let’s see your interests. Relax a bit. Take your foot off of the blogging pedal. Share your life to be more credible, trustworthy and relatable in my eyes.


 I remember seeing a few top bloggers during my early blogging days. Although I respected their game and worldly success, I did not relate to them at all because all they talked about was blogging and making money online 100% of the time.  How boring.  I never dreamed of blogging all the time and stacking up numbers. I do not believe a spirit moves into a meat suit to blog and stack up cheddar. I do believe a spirit moves into a meat suit to have fun helping people, to blog, to work a job, to spend time with family, to circle the globe, to play with the pets, and to do whatever that spirit intends to do during their time on planet earth. 


During those early days, I gravitated towards successful bloggers who generously helped people and shared aspects of their personal life. You and I blog to have fun helping people but to free ourselves and to free the people who choose to follow us. That’s the endgame. We love the process. But we also love living our dreams whether the dreams be working from home or circling the globe through our professional blogging career.


 Get a little more personal. Did you know I was a part-time physique model for a bit?



 Or that I am a meteorologist?



Check out that picture above. That’s me receiving my BS in earth science with an option in meteorology. You can also see I was quite a bit bigger back then. Before I did the physique modeling bit – when I got shredded –  I bulked up to about 210 lb and did a little bit of light powerlifting. I used to bench 335 on the decline. Not incredibly strong but of course not weak either. I had to get in shape though. I could not get up a flight of stairs without huffing and puffing LOL. 




I bet you look at me a little bit differently now. I may seem a little more human to you, a little more relatable, because I am not some blogging machine circling the globe as a professional blogger, living in the tropics. I am a human being with varied interests, hobbies and a life outside of blogging, just like you or any other blogger. Get a little more personal with your blog to become more successful and to enjoy the journey.




Being personal requires that you think like a successful blogger because sharing more about your life requires you to nudge into your fears. Do you need a guide to think, feel and act like a successful blogger? Buy my eBook:


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