How to become an SEO analyst: A Brief Guide

SEO or known as search engine optimization is something which has been helping sites and content writers for quite some time now to increase traffic and ranks of their pages. And these days more than ever with increasing competition in the field of e commerce and freelancing it’s a must that you should have these SEO skills up your pocket. Today in our article we will be briefing you on just the perfect tips required to become an SEO analyst and expert.

Now contrary to popular belief that these skills can only be adopted by professionals and what not. That is not true anyone with passion can learn these skills, who want to practice and learn on SEO on their own. Our people have also been practicing and using SEO for years and today we’ll be sharing with you just what those guidelines are. Firstly, let us clear one brief difference between an SEO expert and an SEO professional.

An SEO expert is someone who knows the main working behind how an SEO works and how to apply it to various sites to increase rankings of a website for search engines. While an SEO professional is also an SEO expert but he uses SEO profession to offer consultation or do some project-based work for himself. Although some of you may know this difference already but we’re just stating it here so you know you don’t need to practice SEO to become an expert. So, let’s dive into down our SEO expert guide without further waiting.

As you all already there are no skills in the world which you can learn overnight. You need to be willing to shed your time and some money for it so you get the true enthusiasm for the SEO field. There are literally many major good courses and free source materials available online for amateurs to get a good kickstart their careers in SEO. However, you’re in luck today as we’re going to tell you a few of the most important free resources in the market to help you become a great SEO analyst.

Firstly, there’s the MOZ beginner’s guide to SEO. This free course covers a lot of background and related theories to SEO. Second, is the Search Engine’s Land Guide to SEO, a multi-part series of sorts a real techy and fantastic resource for SEO analysts. Do give this a search! On third, SEO book Glossary this is like the gold standard available online to view great insights including all of your keywords which we’ll discuss in detail later in this blog.

A real crucial factor in your path for becoming an SEO expert and more like the backbone of your aim is this factor folks. So firstly, before going further brush up on your skills on google for search engine spiders. What these do basically, is then on google any person searches for an item or thing of their choice these spiders crawl inside the related articles codes. Depending upon the query and with an efficient algorithm. After this process that page is added to the search engine’s index which is basically an assortment of webpages.

So, in simple terms when you google stuff online it shows you the results at a lightning speed due to the fact that it’s displaying the results from its indexed collection. Hence conclusively, here you need to know a little about the 3 main important ranking factors from google on the basis of which they rank the webpages. Firstly, Relevancy which states how well a page matches someone search. Then Authority showing how much the page matches someone’s research and lastly, Quality depending upon your sites overall content and focus keywords used.

We know most of you would also eb confused at this point thinking that is some type of coding necessary to become an SEO analyst? Well good news, you don’t need to learn the excessive long hard to grasp cording but just a few good basics of HTML. Since google will be viewing your site in the form of code and not as our eyes see the webpages. So, if you don’t have a basic understanding on how to optimize your page’s code as Google wants then there’s no use right?

Nothing lasts forever right? And Google like everyone keeps on changing their SEO algorithms and ranking factors practice, so make sure to keep yourself up to mark with those so you’re not left behind in this world of competitiveness. The best way to do that is to stay up to date through a couple of great websites to always rely on such as. Search Engine Roundtable, a must follow website for you to know which gives daily news regarding changes in the SEO field. Then Google blog self-explanatory pretty much where they share related info.

Due to the importance of Keywords for SEO analysis and good quality content to drive the right amount of traffic you’re aiming for we’ll explain both of these factors side by side in this point and the one followed afterwards. So, stressing on the importance of keywords first. Having the right keywords on your site will not only make it look appealing for the readers but also help it rank higher in the search engines mainly google. Sounds simple right however it’s not that simple.

In order to find the best possible keywords, you need to take factors such as Search Volume (showing how many people are actually searching for that particular keyword), Relevance (making sure your keyword is relevant to your topic and etc.). To help your SEO self out in such a scenario you need to employ some high-quality software for your use which will help you in proving the list of keywords and their competitiveness rank currently.

Example being of Google Webmaster Tool which is a free online based tool to give you one of the best info for your website related to SEO. Google Analytics, is also another great free option to give you great traffic related insights for your site while also showing how users pilot around your website. Lastly, a professional option is the paid SEMRUSH. One of my personal favorites by the way, due to its versatility. It shows you the competitor analysis, keyword research, link building and many more useful SEO related insight.

No site is the best without amazing and audience grasping content. With just the right keywords and fresh relevant content you can gain the bets from you SEO skills and see the fruit of your hard work in no time. So, we also advise to have premium content on your site from the best of content writers or by yourself if you’re someone like me who likes to write and is maybe well at it, I don’t know. With the proper keywords, engaging content, pictures and videos you’ll have more visitors navigating through your website than ever. However, be patient and don’t expect overnight results.

Well, our SEO lovers that’s our guide on what to do and opt to be the SEO analyst in your homes. Remember as we touched above be patient and keep on brushing your skills and don’t expect results with the blink of an eye keep giving it your best and if you give in enough then the SEO approach will benefit you surely.

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