How To Choose A Blog Name – Tips For Picking The Right URL

The one mistake new bloggers make is selecting the wrong URL for their blogs. If you want to be a successful and profitable blogger, this is something you have to do properly. Here are some useful tips on choosing your blog URL.

Blog name and blog URL are two different things

Your blog’s name should be the same as your URL. This is beneficial in 2 ways:

  • Helps readers have a strong recall for your blog
  • Makes it easier for search engines to crawl, index, and rank your blog

Many new bloggers make the mistake of having a different name from the URL. That’s fine because it’s always the blogger’s choice. But to get indexed quickly and enjoy a good ranking at the search engines, it’s better to have the same blog name and URL.

When starting your blog, think of the name first and then see if the domain is available.

Determine if you want to establish a strong brand name or just your blog

People blog for different reasons. Some just want to express their thoughts and don’t really care about appearing on the search results or monetizing from it.

Most people, on the other hand, want to make money from their blogs. And if you’re the latter, consider this: do you want to build your personal brand or create a community blog?

This question is important in choosing your blog URL.

If you want to establish your personal brand and be considered an authority in your niche, then use your name as the blog’s URL. This is advantageous because it’s easy to reserve the domain and people can easily search for your blog.

On the other hand, if you want to create a blog that fosters community, like this blog, then follow these 3 easy steps:

– Determine your niche (is it blogging, gardening, web design, or wellness?)

– Find relevant keywords that you can easily rank for

– Find domains that contain the keywords you’ve selected

Here are couple examples:

Keyword research is always important

Don’t skip this step. Finding the right keywords can mean everything. Notice the name of this blog. Blogging Tips is a keyword in itself and I’m very certain that its creator has taken a lot of effort in selecting the right keyword(s) for this blog.

Ultimately, you want search engines to discover your blog and rank it well. That won’t happen if you don’t find the right keywords. There are many tools that you can use. Google’s Keyword Tool, for me, is the best because it’s free and easy to use. I’ve heard that Google will no longer be making it available in the next few months, though. So that means keep an eye on other keyword research tools.

Buy the domain

Serious bloggers need to claim their own piece of web real estate. That means buying a domain. Don’t just settle for a WordPress- or Blogger-hosted blogs. They may be free but they’ll have ownership, which means the control is theirs.

Having your own domain gives you more control. Don’t worry about costs because you can acquire a domain for less than $10.

What about you? Does your blog have the same name and URL? How’s it working for you? Share your thoughts in the comments area below.

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