How to create a quiz in WordPress?

What is a Quiz?

A quiz is a form of a game seeking to assess how knowledgeable one is on a subject, based on one’s answers to a set of given questions.

Quizzes aim at creating viral content, which is not only a source of fun but also creates more traffic to websites. More importantly, quizzes play an essential role in education.

Online Quizzes

Everyone has encountered a quiz at one point or another during their online trips. Quizzes are everywhere on social media, and even websites have not been spared. Each online quiz has the potential to go viral, provided that it receives wide sharing.

What is the essence of a Quiz?

Many people brush away the significance of taking an online quiz of any kind. They don’t see past the fact that someone out there is trying to shelf away their daily worries and lighten their world with a fun quiz. Quizzes play an important role in various fields, such as:

  • Calculating IQs.
  • Diagnosing illnesses.
  • Testing aptitudes.
  • Matching job seekers for job opportunities.
  • Testing your memory retention.
  • Testing understanding of a particular subject.
  • Identifying personal attributes.

Types of Quizzes

  • Personality quiz
  • Scored quiz
  • Trivia quiz
  • Match-the-pair quiz
  • True or False quiz
  • Multiple choice quiz
  • Yes or No quiz
  • Test your knowledge quiz

Benefits of adding an online Quiz to your website

  • It enables you to engage your audience.
  • It enables you to grow your email list.
  • It increases your brand awareness.
  • It enables you to grow your social media following.
  • You get to acquire valuable customer data for marketing purposes.
  • You get to receive priceless customer feedback.

A list of 10 popular WordPress Quiz Maker Plugins

  1. Formidable Forms (recommended)
  2. Try to Interact
  3. Quiz And Survey Master
  4. mTouch Quiz
  5. LearnDash
  6. WP Quiz
  7. Quiz Cat
  8. Chained Quiz
  9. HD Quiz
  10. ARI Stream Quiz

How to create a quiz with WordPress Forms (Formidable Forms)

Here are the steps to successfully create a quiz with Formidable Forms.

  1. Download and Installation Formidable Forms.
  2. Download and Installation of the Quiz Maker Add-on.
  3. Creation of a quiz form.
  4. Publishing the ready quiz form.

Step#1: Downloading and Installation of Formidable Forms

The easiest way to create an online quiz is to employ a drag and drop form builder. Formidable Forms, in addition to other excellent characteristics, possesses this drag and drop feature, it is no surprise that Formidable Forms is your best bet at creating quizzes.

To download and install Formidable Forms, follow the following easy steps:

  1. From your WordPress site, go to the Account Page and download Formidable Forms.
  2. Upload the downloaded Formidable Forms either through FTP or through your WordPress Admin.
  3. To upload through FTP, first, open the downloaded file and upload the enclosed formidable folder directly to your WordPress Plugins directory.
  4. To upload the downloaded forms through the WordPress Admin, go to Plugins and select the Add-New tab. Click the Upload Plugin to upload the downloaded Formidable Forms automatically.
  5. Complete the installation by tapping on the Install Now option.
  6. On the other hand, if your WordPress site supports the automatic installation of plugins, you can easily execute this step by directly downloading and installing Formidable Forms from the Plugins button.

Step#2: Download and Installation of Quiz Maker Add-ons

WordPress has a Quiz Maker Add-on, which converts Formidable Forms into automated quizzes. To install this add-on, go to Formidable on your WordPress site’s dashboard. From here, click on the Add-ons tab. This will give you a list of Formidable Forms add-ons. Scroll to the Quiz Maker add-on, then click the Install button.

After the add-on has been installed, its status will be displayed as ‘Active.’

Step#3: Creation of a Quiz Form

After successfully installing Formidable Forms and activating the Quiz Maker add-on, you are halfway through your quiz-making journey. The next step will be to create that quiz that brought you here in the first place.

create a quiz form add new button

From your WordPress dashboard, go to Formidable then proceed to Forms. From here, click on the Add New button. This will present you with three different options for creating a form with Formidable Forms, which are:

  • Starting with a blank form.
  • Using a form template.
  • Importing from an XML file.

In this case, click on the create blank form option. After this, name your quiz. After naming it, you can add all the fields you need by dragging and dropping them on the quiz.

create a form drag drop fields

If you are creating a multiple choice quiz, you will need to add the radio field as well as the dropdown field.

Next up is to proceed to the bottom of the form builder page, drag the Quiz Score field and drop it on the quiz form. To easily score the answers given by a quiz taker, your quiz form needs to have all the correct answers embedded in it. These answers are inserted by clicking the Entries tab, then selecting the Add New option. The last step will be to enter all the correct answers into this new entry. This entry will act as the answer key for your quiz.

Step#4: Publishing the ready Quiz form

publish form block add form editor

Since your quiz form is now armed with questions and an answer key, it is now ready to be published as it can collect answers and grade all participants. To publish your new quiz, create a new page or post on your WordPress website, insert your quiz and, go live. Inserting the quiz can be done either by manually entering the shortcode builder or a form block.

Try multi-purpose Formidable Forms

What can you do with Formidable Forms?

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