How To Fix Lag in PUBG Mobile Emulator (2020 Updated)

Introduction to PUBG Mobile Emulator

PUBG Mobile Emulator-Everybody knows about the PUBG game so basically, that game was only for high (PC) but nowadays PUBG game is also available on Mobile phones.

Mostly generation is playing this game. Like this game is available on mobile like the same game is also available on pc that means you can also play on PUBG mobile game on an emulator.

PUBG is easy when you play on an Emulator instead of Mobile.

The question raised that why is PUBG easy than playing on Mobile so the answer is because when playing on the emulator you have maximum FPS.

And when you play on mobile you have not max FPS so the reason is that pc is powerful than Mobile. If you have good and high ram’s mobile that means you have better performance in PUBG but if you have a low mobile so you have not got a better performance.

Your game will be lag. If you have a high pc that means you can play the game smoothly without lagging. But the problem is that you cannot play without lag.

PUBG Emulator lag fix

But do not go away, at the end of this article, you will be able to know that how to fix lag in PUBG mobile Tencent gaming buddy.

The question is that what is the actual problem and how to fix this? Simply, you need some changing and setting on your computer.

We will recommend some main and important settings you have to do before the starting game. These settings are a must for this game, doing that you would fix the lag problem in PUBG Emulator.

The main and important settings consist of three stages.

  • Pc settings
  • External settings
  • Internal settings

So without wasting time let’s start. Firstly, we discuss stage one “Pc Settings”.

PC Settings:

Go “display settings” and note the display resolution like “1366 to 768” then you go to “Graphics settings” and set the game-loop on High Performance.

tencent gaming buddy lag fix

how to fix lag in pubg mobile emulator

how to fix lag in pubg mobile emulator

You need to set the battery power option on “Ultimate performance”.

Ultimate Performance

You need to turn off all types of auto-updates like “Window updates” and “Drivers updates”.

Download and install “Quick CPU” software in your pc then set a battery power option on ultimate performance. Further, you need to set “core parking index, frequency scaling index, turbo boost index on 100 %”.

core parking index


External Settings:

  1. You need to turn on the game loop “Emulator” and your emulator must be updated so you have to check your emulator that is updated.
  2. You need to open “Settings Center” and set all settings like below. If you have good CPU then “OpenGL +” is best and if you have a high graphic card that you can set “Direct X+” instead of “OpenGL +”.
  3. You need to set “Game Resolution” on SD 720p (Default game resolution).
  4. You need to set “Display Quality” on smooth or Auto.

how to fix lag in pubg mobile emulator

how to fix lag in pubg mobile emulator


Internal Settings:

  1. need to turn on the “Accelerate” doing that your network will work fast.
  2. You need to set your internal game setting that shows below.
  3. should turn off the shadow option in an internal setting.

Realistic Setting

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