How To Improve Ranking by The Best Igaming SEO Services


Whether for trend or the chances of making more money, online gaming is gaining people’s interest day by day. The industry is big now in global sense covering a lot of e-games, a lot of people and making really a good amount of money everyday. The competition online is high with the increase of online gaming platforms, hence the need of grabbing a good position in the search at search engine has also become an important part. Proper optimization, proper use of strategies and proper projection of game plan is vital.

Igaming SEO service is not much different than general SEO services that are being mostly performed with website optimization but as the completion is high and due to the rules and regulations prevailing in the industry, the SEO strategies should be more targeted and quality oriented rather than quantity oriented.

igaming SEO services

Briefly on page and off page SEO

All SEO services can broadly be categorized into on page SEO and off page SEO. Whether a normal website or a gaming website all the SEO techniques comes under the umbrella of on page and off page SEO. On page SEO refers to all the activities that can be controlled or done within your website to improve search engine position. Using proper keywords, optimizing content, meta description, html tag, alt tags, title tag, minify css and JS, enabling ssl/https, a good url structure all that comes under on page SEO activities.

Off page SEO refers to the activities that are performed off the website or outside the website for improving search engine position of the website. Off page SEO basically covers backlinks from another site, promotional activities in other platforms as social media etc. For a website to secure a good position in search engine results it is required to perform both the on page and off page SEO and make sure that they are checked and repeated time to time.

SEO tips for gaming websites

Similar as for general websites, SEO for gaming websites can also be performed both on page and off page. Few SEO techniques are discussed here. If you own a gaming website or handling one these highlights discussed below might help you in boosting your site’s ranking or help you in gaining more traffic.


Content is the big cheese in SEO. General SEO services or specifically igaming SEO services, content are always the main key. Good quality content with proper insertion of keywords is very important for SEO. Regular update of content with proper quantity and meaningful information is always loved by website visitors. For online gaming websites you can create video content along with text. In the last few years a big number of video content have been regularly accessed by various visitors, specially the e-gaming websites and thus making video content a prime need for websites or any campaign in social platforms. Most of the time gamers want to access the videos either to learn how to play or to see if it is worth buying before actually putting money to the game. You can also add links to your video content. That’s a good way to gain more traffic and it also helps in optimizing your website for search engine.

Keyword analysis

If your content has good sentence framing or grammar but not keyword rich, it wouldn’t work. So before you start writing something, just make a thorough research on the good volume keywords. You can go for the trending keywords that people often search or recently searching in Google. There are online software for keyword analysis where you can find out the appropriate keywords for your content.


Backlinking is a principle SEO technique. It is helpful not only for gaining audience but also helpful in getting exposure. But only the number of links does not matter here. The quality of high authority links is also an important factor. So more the number of good quality links to your site more will be the page authority and more will be discoverable by search engine. For gaming sites, it is a great idea to make backlinks from gaming discussion forums. You can provide links of your content or site that are relevant to their discussions. Thus people will start finding your site and if they like it they will stick to it.

Removal of SEO related error

When there is duplicate content in your website it naturally lowers your page ranking as search engine has to decide which site is the authentic one. Using of canonical tags helps you remove this problem. So it is important that you choose the tags correctly. Low word count is also an SEO related error. The actual word count for Google is not fixed but 600-700 numbers of words is a standard number. But it is also true that more the length of the content with relevant information more Google will prefer.

A too long title tag or meta description is also a matter of tension in SEO. Title should be about 65 characters and meta description should be about 100-300 characters. There should be one H1 heading in your site’s pages. This is important regarding optimization of your site. But make sure you use H1 heading only for one time per page.
There may be some links in your page that return to 4xx status code. If you have these broken pages it may harm your ranking. Your website may have mixed content. That means it may have both https and http content. To fix this error you should remove or fix all the unsafe links.

Social media

Social media is a very convenient way in reaching out to your audience. Setting up of a Facebook page, an Instagram profile can help in targeting your audience and make communication better. In online gaming, most of the gamers go for social media to check the gaming updates or to check for reviews. Using of proper hashtags works well in online promotions and grabbing more internet traffic.

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