How to Increase speed of slow laptop or PC in Windows 10, 8


It becomes challenging to work with PC(Computer) or laptops that have slowed down with time. Like mobile phones and any other gadgets, it is quite common to face such issues when your laptop or computer getting slow day by day and you don’t know how to deal with this issues. And well, sometimes buying a new one is not an option as there are chances your PC or laptop has all the required features but is just lagging due to bloatware, unwanted programs and files, etc. There are many reasons behind that which causes slow your PC or laptop in window 10 and 8 which you are not much familiar to how to increase speed of laptop or computer. If you’re facing such issues during running windows 10, 8 then this post is very helpful for you to get rid this problem soon.

how to increase speed of slow laptop or PC

In such cases, you will be glad to know that there are some tricks and tips you can use to increase the speed of a slow laptop or PC. So if you are already frustrated with the PC or laptop you are currently using due to speed, this blog will help you to curb this problem. You have to follow every steps for your computer or laptop to speed up your PC. Below we have added these steps only for windows 10 and windows 8. If you will perform all the below steps to increase speed of slow laptop or computer(PC) in your windows 10 and windows 8 then your will sure get speed up your PC performance and you can work smoothly with your computer and laptop.

How to increase speed of slow PC or laptop in windows 10 and 8

  • Step-1: Delete the unused files to free up space

  • Sometimes we load our laptops and PCs with gazillion files that turn out to be the reason for slowing it. To start with the speeding up process, the first step would be to empty the space on your hard disk. Start removing or deleting the files that you no longer need or use. This includes the pictures, audio files, presentations, videos, movies and much more. Spare sometime on the weekend and start removing the files from your PC that no longer serve your purpose. You can remove unused files from TEMP, %TEMP% and from recycle bin or Trash.

    Press Windows button+R to open run command in RUN command type TEMP or %TEMP% and press enter or Ok and also remove unused files. When you done from this then you can also clean TRASH or Recycle Bin from your PC or Laptop.

    Delete the unused files

  • Step-2: Uninstall or stop unused programs

  • There are many programs on your system that you hardly use. These programs not only take up space but also run in the background, which results in slowing your laptop. Check for such unused programs, software, and application on your PC and start to uninstall them. Make sure to delete them from the trash as well to get rid of such unnecessary programs completely. If you are not familiar which program is running at the background in your PC or laptop then you simply open taskbar of your system by pressing keyboard button together CNTRL+ RIGHT SHIFT+ ESC then your task manager will be open. From task manager you can stop the program which you don’t need to require which is running at the background unnecessary. You can check the in task manager Process Tab and Services section to uses and stop unnecessary program. Also you can remove your program or software from your system CONTROL PANEL which is no more useful for you or for your system you can Uninstall them which is not useful for your laptop or PC.

    Uninstall or stop unused programs

  • Step-3: Upgrade PC or Laptop RAM

  • A lot of people complain about the speed when the PC is three or four years old and this could happen due to storing large files that take up space. If you are facing lagging problems with a laptop or PC, then you can definitely try and upgrade your RAM to see the difference in its speed. Check the specs of your PC and upgrade the RAM accordingly. It will speed up your laptop or PC and also help you in working with ease. This one is another reason for slow down your laptop if you are using too many software and also your system has been stuck during after 1 hours then you must have to update your RAM(Random Access Memory) memory which is very essential. We recommend to your use 8 GB Ram memory for the best use.

    Upgrade PC or Laptop RAM

  • Step-4: Check for viruses and malware

  • If your new PC or laptop has slowed down recently, then it is better to scan for the virus and malware on your system. There are many antivirus programs available today that can help in scanning and fixing the problems. You can also run a malware scan and, if found, then remove them immediately. Always have an antivirus scanner installed on your laptop or PC to avoid such problems in the future. Sometime virus also responsible for slow down your laptop or PC which is in form of . Exe, Trojan horse and Worm this types of file considered as bad sector in your PC. There are many types of antivirus or malware software for pc or laptop available online, from where you can buy for your laptop according to your budgets.

    Check for viruses and malware

  • Step-5: Disabled high impact startup programs

  • Several laptops and PCs come with pre-loaded startup programs that start running in the background when you turn on the system. These startup programs take up space and also its functioning affects the speed. So it is better to view these programs and remove the ones that are not in use. You can view the programs and applications running on your system by viewing the task manager. Uninstall these pre-loaded programs to speed up the computer in no time. You can remove startup programs which have very high priority on your system you can disable them from Task Manager from your window. In any windows 10, 8, 7 press CNTRL + RIGHT SHIFT + ESC then task manager window will open and select the startup tab for stop the program which have very high impact on your laptop or PC.

    Disabled high impact startup programs

  • Step-6:Update OS, drivers, and apps

  • How often do we ignore the message in windows 10 and windows 8, “Your update is ready to install?” Very often, right? So if your laptop or computer is flashing this message, then you should not ignore it and update your Windows 10 and windows 7 operating system instantly. Operating your system with old OS versions can also slow it down. Along with the Operating system, update other apps and drivers on your PC to work swiftly. You can even reboot the system and update the OS if your system has started to lag a lot. But make sure that you have taken the backup of all the essential files and documents. Sometime this is also responsible for slowing your laptop or PC when you will stop your updating your system. So always keep your system and drivers update.

    Update OS, drivers, and apps

  • Step-7: Install a disk cleaner

  • If you are one of those people who find cleaning PC a task, then the disk cleaners can come to your rescue. Many disk cleaners are uniquely designed to find the files that have not been used for a long time and deleting them if you allow it to do so. One such disk cleaner is CCleaner. This tool crawls the hard drive of your system and finds such unused startup programs, files, apps that are taking space on your disks. If you have done the above steps then you can install third party software which called disk cleaners. There are may disk cleaner available online few of them are CCleaner, CleanMyPC, Treesize, Glary Utilities Pro and total PC cleaner.

  • Step-8: Defrag your Hard Drive

  • Defragging is beneficial if you want to empty some space on your hard disk. A file is generally stored as a one large document file that is fragmented into the smaller pieces ad stored at different locations. The fragmented files take up more space and hence defragging software can help in rearranging and organizing these files. Defragging these files is all about arranging them in a logical order so that your hard disk has quick access to all these files without taking up more memory. T Many laptops such as Macs do not need to defragg as they pretty much store and arrange the data like this. Even the newer versions of Windows don’t need to defragg software, but it is always better to know the ways that can potentially help you in the future. You can defragment your hard disk for the space which utilize by hard disk unnecessary.

  • Step-9: Increase Virtual Memory

  • Virtual memory is a technique of an operating system which makes PC or laptop to provides shortages of physical memory by transferring pages of data from RAM(Random access memory) to disk storage. This techniques is combination of both hard disk and RAM. If you want to increase virtual memory of your system then follow the below steps:

    • Click on My Computer and then properties
    • Click on My Computer

    • After properties new window will open then click on Advanced system settings
    • click on advanced settings

    • When you clicked on advanced system settings then again new window will open, from here you can select Advanced Tab, In advanced tab click on settings. When you click on settings then new window will open in this window again click on advanced tab, from advanced tab you can click on Change.
    • Increase Virtual Memory

    • After change you can manage your virtual memory according to your system storage.
    • manage your virtual memory

  • Step-10: Swap your old HDD with SSD

  • If you are a tech junkie, then by now, you probably know about these miraculous SSDs that improve the functioning of your PC. People who are fans of playing games, animations, or have a gaming PC often opt for swapping hard disk with SSD. These solid-state drivers will help you in increasing the speed of your laptop or PC.

Every electronic needs little maintenance to ensure its effective operation. So instead of waiting for your laptop or PC to slow down, make a routine of deleting the unwanted files, programs, etc every fortnight. This will reduce the chance of slowing down your PC. Always keep your operating system updated and upgrade your RAM if needed. Following all the above-stated tips will help you in getting increase the speed of your computer or laptop in windows 10 and window 8.

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