How to make money blogging when you are not blogging!

Jimbaran, Bali.


There are basically two things that are involved each time you are referred to as a blogger:


  1. You have a blog
  2. You create and publish articles frequently on your blog.


Without these, you may not be referred to as ‘a blogger’. Now if you want to make money blogging, you have to fully comply with these two.


But owning a blog and constantly publishing content doesn’t instantly mean you’ll start making money. You must be able to monetize properly. You may want to check out this post on how to make money blogging.


If you have a blog and for some reasons, you are absent from the activity, does it mean your income also ceases?


Well, for many, that is exactly what happens. The reason is their blog monetizing strategy.  There are three things to focus on to make sure your blog keeps generating income while you are absent for some reasons.


I have not been consistent for the past couple of months in the industry. But my income has been flowing and I want to share with you in this post the three things I did to make sure I consistently have income whether I blog or not.


#1. Develop other skills around your blogging skills


This is one of the things I have developed in the past years of blogging. I have SEO expertise which means I can offer SEO services without blogging and be paid. As a certified cryptocurrency expert, I get income from cryptocurrency consultation services, training, sales of of my products, investments, etc


As a full time blogger, I have developed my writing skills so tremendously. I get sometimes paid to ghost-write for some clients. While this is not a service I promote so widely, it sometimes generate income for me.


Recently, while I was away, my cryptocurrency, SEO and blogging coaching services have been ok. And I do not need to publish further articles on my blog to offer these services. While on the go, I use skype, WhatsApp and Zoom to stay in touch.


Recently, I had to upgrade my phone. The main challenge was being able to create local backup of my whatsApp messages with my clients. I mentioned Backuptrans  (on my blog) which is the tool I use to copy my WhatsApp messages to desktop and back to my new Android phone easily. More about how it works if you are moving from Android to iPhone or from iPhone to Android


#2. Promote Affiliate Products that pay recurring income


One of the ways to monetize your blog is to promote affiliate products and get paid commissions. There are two commission structures when it comes to making money with Affiliate Marketing:

  1. Once off payment
  2. Recurring payment


With the first commissions type, you get paid only once per sale generated. For instance, if you promote a product that pays $33.33 per sale and make 3 sales this month, you earn $33.3X3 = $99.99. If by next month you do not generate more sales, you earn nothing.


With the second commission structure, you generate a sale one time but get paid over and over again. This happens with signup platforms where your referrals keep renewing their memberships month after month. You are paid your commissions for as long as your referrals do not cancel their subscriptions.


My friend Anil of is doing well with this, promoting SEMrush SEO and marketing tool suites. This offer alone pages him over $10k a month.


The point here is that your income keeps coming from your referrals every month without you needing to do anything. You just have to focus on getting more sales in order to raise your income.


If for some reasons Anil is absent from blogging for three months, this will not affect his income that much because the recurring payment platform keeps milking for him.


#3. Create and sell your own products


I encourage all bloggers to work on creating their own products. If you blog for one or two years, creating your own product shouldn’t be a rocket science. Bloggers learn a lot in the process. Ryan for instance has written books like a machine.


Check out his books here 


Ryan’s books keep generating sales from Amazon and other platforms on autopilot. He does little or something near nothing to maintain the sales.


My book on Cryptocurrency in Cameroon keeps spitting money. Because of the local delivery method, all I do is deliver copies to buyer who constantly find me on Google or in seminars. So you see creating your own products keeps you going even when you are off blogging.


#4. Create evergreen content for constant flow of traffic


Creating evergreen content is the key to successful blogging. Seasonal and news articles create the buzz of the moment. But if you want to be relevant from one year to the other, create content with upward trends.


If you have such content well positioned in Google, your absence for a couple of month may not mean a drop in traffic. And with proper monetizing strategy on your blog, the constant flow of traffic will maintain your income flow.


These are some of the ways to make money blogging when you are not blogging actively. Thanks for reading.

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