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Hi all, are you trying to start a blog or want to learn to blog step-by-step? If yes, then you are on the right path. Here is my full and free step-by-step guide to starting a beautiful and fully functional blog with easy steps.

To start a blog is not difficult but it is not easy too, but keeping in mind some basic steps this is very simple. This guide will lead you to become a successful and professional blogger. After following these steps, you will be able to teach others how to start blogging.

My name is Naji Khan and I am going to show you how to start a blog in 2021 step-by-step. I was not a professional when I started blogging. But one good person said;

“Experience makes a man perfect”.

And I followed that good person’s words and watched a lot of videos, tutorials, read dozens of books. Earlier I made a lot of mistakes but I did not disappoint, it was a hard time for me.

But, you guys do not have to worry. I filtered all those easy steps that are necessary to become a successful blogger. No matters how old are you, after reading this free tutorial, you will start your blog in less than 30 minutes. If you stuck on any stage, then feel free to contact us.

What does Blog mean?

Basically blogging means expressing your thoughts and ideas in written form that you share in your site for your readers.

In daily life, we hear about News Blog, Fashion Blog, Celebrity Blog and, Tech Blog, etc. They express their ideas in their blogs which are known ad blog posts.

Basically, Blogger writes posts from his personal point of view, which allows him to make direct connections with his readers. To improve communication and build a compelling relationship with readers, bloggers add a “comments section” at the end of each post and allow readers to share their opinions.

Choose the Best Niche for your Blog

The first step before starting a blog is to choose the best niche for your blog. I think a question arises in your mind about the word “Niche“. So be patient, the niche is basically the topic you choose for your blog.

Keep in mind the things before choosing the Niche to start a blog:

    • How can you make it a way to make money?
  • Are you a passionate writer for your topic?
  • Do you have more information about your passion?
  • Figure out your ideal readers

If you have these points in mind, then thumb ups! If you are a passionate writer about more than one niche, then fine. You can write your own content about more than one niche. Writing about more niches means interacting with as many readers as possible – Start a Blog

There are a lot of Niches like SEO, Digital Marketing, Fashion, Travel, Cooking, and Tech, etc. if you cannot write about these niches or you do not like these niches then fine, don’t worry.

Well, everyone has a lot of experiences and lessons in their life, and sharing your lessons with others in this situation is a wonderful way to help others. For example, as I discussed earlier, I made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot about starting a blog. It was one of the best experiences of my life. So now, I’m sharing my experience with you guys. Similarly, if you don’t have a Niche, then share your experience, regardless of what your experience is.

Pick a perfect Platform for Blogging

This step is putting your Blog online. Before putting your Blog online, you have to know better about several blogging platforms. First, check out the best blog websites and determine the fine tool management system for your blog.

Let’s make it clear, there are two types of Blogging platforms, Free-hosted Platform, and Self-Hosted Platform.

I will recommend you guys to use self-hosted platform for your blog if you want to make money.

But first, I discuss both aspects of platforms in detail.

A lot of new bloggers use this platform such as, Tumbler, Blogger, Wix, and Weebly, etc. using a free platform means following their rules and regulations. In other words, when you use free-hosted platforms then they will use their domain name after your blog name (for example:

But the free hosting platform sets limits on your blog. If you are thinking of making money from blogging, your earnings may be at risk. Free hosts can place their ads on your blog and restrict your own ads to your blog. That’s why you won’t think of a free hosting platform.

If you want to get some experience from blogging, then this free platform is fine. But if you really want to be a blogger and make money, use a self-hosted platform.

Self-Hosted Platform gives you full control on your site and allows you to use tour own domain name.

After following the rules of your domain registrar and web hosting company, you will fully in control of your blog and all of its contents.

Many Content Management Systems (CMS) give you the choice to use the best CMS but the most popular and best CMS is, This Self-Hosted Platform allows you to use your own web hosting space and domain name.

I’ve mentioned some free hosting platforms but, when you use copyrighted material like articles, photos, and tips, owning your blog is the best practice. The self-hosted platform allows users to monetize your blog. However, you can customize your blog as much as you want. Pay a small fee to own your blog from the best hosting companies.

Some best web hosting provider companies are Bluehost, HostGator, Hostinger, and GoDaddy.

I will recommend you guys to use Bluehost, it has some good points like:

    • Free Domain name and Site builder
  • Starting from $2.95*/month
  • Allowing 1 click WordPress installation
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Choose your Domain name

Actually, the domain name is the name of your blog or website. People who know your domain name simply type your domain name (which is called URL: universal resource locator) on the address bar and get access to your blog or website. People who don’t know your website address come across your site using search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Useful link

If you don’t know how to choose perfect domain names, then click the link below:

Tips for Choosing Perfect Domain Name

The domain name is a unique address that you pick for your site. So choose it carefully and make it extraordinary.

Now, there are some extensions while choosing your domain name which will come next to your domain name after ‘dot’ like,,, and

Generally, ‘dot com’ extension is used but sometimes people use other extensions regarding blogs.

Keep in mind that you can use any extension, even countries like “.in”, “.uk”, “.pk”, and “dot us”. So Blog niche doesn’t matter here.

Now visit and do the following steps:

  • Open the site and click ‘Get Started

Get Started with BlueHost

  • Choose your hosting plan and press the ‘Select’ button.(if you are a beginner then I will recommend you to select basic plan)

Choose your Hosting Plan

  • In this section, write your desired blog name and give extension and check for availability and press ‘Next’ button (Generally ‘dot com’ is used)

How to start a blog

  • Now fill the form correctly and press ‘submit’ button

Fill the Form

Fill the Form

Fill the Form

This process can take 1-3 hours.

Choose the right theme for your Blog

After receiving your request, they will send you login details through email. Every web hosting provider companies have their own way of registering new domains and their control panels.

After receiving login details, open your Cpanel, scroll down and find ‘WordPress

cpanel image

In fact, the theme is the front page of your blog, visible to your readers. When choosing the right theme (blog design), choose the ones that attract attention and look good. Your readers will read the information from your website, so do not choose non-native and impractical colors, which immediately cause trouble to the readers.

Now install WordPress and open your dashboard.

Install WordPress

After installing your WordPress, be quick to find your blog`s theme. By default, Twenty Twenty Theme is installed which is also a good theme for beginners and free theme. But this is not necessary to install this theme. Install the theme which is compatible with your blog`s niche. Choose it carefully, your readers will first look at your overall appearance, rather than going to the entire content. So, your blog`s appearance depends on the theme that you choose for your blog.

Go to ‘appearance’ and click on ‘Themes’.

Start a Blog

By default, ‘Twenty Twenty’ theme will be installed, if you want to install a new theme, then click on ‘Add New’. There will be plenty of themes available, if you still don’t like any theme then search for your desired theme in ‘Search themes…’ search bar.

Before installing the theme, acknowledge the checklist below:

    • Check theme`s rating
  • Read Customer`s reviews
  • Read the theme`s description
  • Preview the demo of the theme
  • Check for customization

Upload WordPress Theme

If you have a WordPress theme file in your computer, simply click on ‘Upload Theme’ and upload the theme file and press the ‘Activate’ button.

There are around 3000+ themes available on, you can choose the best. Some other websites are available for WordPress themes. is the most popular for WordPress premium themes. More than 11,000 premium themes are available on

First, let me clear the Free Themes and Premium Themes.

Free Themes and Premium Themes

Free themes are free of cost and allow bloggers to install them with one click. These are faster to load and easy to manage but, some of the theme features will be disabled or will not work until you purchase it.

Premium Themes are not free of cost. You have to purchase the desired theme paying some amount of price. Premium themes have a price from $10-$500, depending on your theme. Premium themes give you full control over your theme with a lot of functionality and features like online troubleshooting and online help centers etc.

Okay, let’s move to the topic!

When you completed the theme installation, install some important Plugins to your theme. Don’t confuse with plugins. Let me describe a little bit about Plugins.

A plugin is a piece of software that contains some functions and can be added to any WordPress website. These Plugins are transcribed in PHP and it allows users to add new features without any effort.

Just click on ‘Plugins’, then ‘Add new plugin’

Upload WordPress Plugin

Here are some Plugins that you have to install to your WordPress website before you start a blog:

Yoast SEO: It helps to monitor SEO performance and content readability.

TinyMCE Advanced: This plugin extends the Block and Classic editors.

Shortcodes Ultimate: This is an inclusive group of graphic components which gives some awesome visuals to the WordPress site.

Akismet Anti-Spam: Akismet Anti-spam plugin is a very important plugin that protects your blog from spam. It works within the website and regularly checks for spammers.

You can also find and install your desired Plugins from

Plugin WordPress image here

Write Contents for your Blog

So far we’ve discussed niche choices for blogs, domain names, platforms for blogging, and themes for blogs. We have fully explained all these factors in detail.

Now, it’s time to write competitive content for your blog and make it great. Content is actually useful information that you write in your own blog for your readers. You need to learn how to write the perfect content for your blog. Content should be attractive and useful to get your readers back to your blog.

Keep in mind that without great and useful content your blog can not rank well and not attract readers, even your blog is well-structured and eye-attractive design. So writing good content is a key factor to interact with your readers. You have to write perfect content for your blog.

Three Essential Factor Must Be Include in Your Content

You know that when your content is better than you can increase traffic and engagement both. Three essential factors must be included in your content that is mentioned below:

Quality and Unique Content

Your content should be unique, you need to write perfect and unique content. Without unique content, your post (article) may not rank in the search engine. You need to write the perfect heading for your blog post. Three types of content make sure your content should be unique.

  1. Writing content (Words)
  2. Image content (Pictures)
  3. Video content (Videos)

Informative Content

You need to write informative content to start a blog, why you need to write informative content? What you think about the informative content? It does increase traffic? The answer to these questions is “YES”, informative content can increase traffic and engagement both. So you need to create (write) an informative content.


The third one factor is “Engagement” when your content is unique and informative then definitive the user (visitor) can stay and engage with the blog (post). In this way, you can increase traffic and growth both.

Essential Things Before the Publish of Blog Post

You need to do these things before they publish the blog post that is mentioned below:

Perfect Title

You need to write a perfect and unique title for a blog post, you can use the Yoast SEO plugin for doing these things perfectly. Your title tag should be 50–60 characters.


Tag/keywords are an essential part of the blog post; without the right keywords, your blog post may not be rank in search engine. So you need to create the right keywords for the right blog post.

Add Right Meta Description

Most blog post-show in the search engine on the base of meta description so you need to write the right meta description for your blog post. Try to explain the whole content in meta description with short words. Your meta description should be 155–160 characters.

Useful link

If you don’t know how to do On-page SEO then read this article:

12 Basic SEO Tips For Beginners to Improve Website Ranking.

Essential Things After the Publish of Blog Post

You need to do these things after the publishing of a blog post that is mentioned below:

Manual Indexing

When your post is done and published, after that you need to manual index of your post. Just go into Google search console and index manual.

Share on Social Media

After the publishing of blog posts, you need to share the blog post on a social media website, in this way you can increase traffic. Social media sites are best for increasing website traffic, this is a short way to increase website traffic quickly.

Hope you enjoyed the free tutorial to Start a Blog for Free. Express your valuable thoughts in the comment section below. Now start a blog and make money.

Best of Luck!

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