How to Write a Blog Post Quickly and Professionally

Blog posts or their similarities are everywhere nowadays. Even when you write to your friend a long story in private messenger, it is already a blog. If it is obvious for you and you want to move to another level of blog writing, the first question you need to answer yourself is what you are doing this for. Here is a list of common answers.

  • Writing is your passion, and you become happier when you write. 
  • You want to share your life facts with all the people around and enjoy it when someone follows you and cares about all your adventures and happenings.
  • You want to investigate the market of online blogging or have a scientific interest that can be used in your future research.
  • You have a plan to earn money using your blog.

You can compare your goals or change it during writing, but you must remember that it is not so simple to become quick and professional, only using your desire to become a writer of the blog. The first thing you can do is use the following writing service that can write papers for you for the chosen topic with keywords. You might order a few posts and publish them as your own to check the result and maybe make some adjustments to the topic or the writing style.

In every blog address, the .com extension is always used. But when you open your blog then the extension will change automatically as per your country code. If your blog address is and visitor open your blog in the United States then blog address automatic change to Google tracks your IP (Internet Protocol) address and change blog extension according to IP address. Com extension used in worldwide. Every country has its own domain extension like au for Australia, de for Germany, us for the United States and so on.

In Blog, there are many languages like English, French, German, and more. You can create a blog in any language without any restriction. By default, country language is set automatically. You can easily change blog language in blog settings.

During the creation of a blog, you have to select one blog theme for your blog. There are many types of colorful themes available in a blog like a picture theme, travel theme, classic themes and many more themes, which is provided by Google free of cost. You can also upload your personal theme on the blog. Latest and elegant themes are available on the internet which is paid and unpaid. Before uploading the personal theme, you should take a backup of your current theme. Sometimes your personal theme will not support your current themes gadgets. So, you should take precautions. It’s very easy to take backup of the current theme. Download current theme backup which is available on the blog. It’s very useful for your blog.

The next step is your writing using the previous experience, and the main goal of writing will be achieved if you will follow the rules above. 

  1. Choose a name for the blog and a domain extension. Check whether it is free and doesn’t look like famous names. If the name of your dream is Channel, everybody will confuse it with the name of the Channel. It is not bad or good; it just doesn’t work in a blog post environment. Decide if you need a separate domain (it can be prepaid or free) or open planforms like Instagram or Facebook. Choose an alias if it is necessary.
  2. Decide if you need a template for the name of the post. They can start with the number of the month or year. They can start from the letters of the alphabet consistently. Or every time it will depend on your mood. It is a good idea to choose it from the very beginning even before you posted the first writing.
  3. Work with customization. This is the question of style, colors, and writing itself. If you want to be the owner of a successful blog that is specialized in cars or food or hairstyles, you must choose a special style for it. Posts can be long or short, or you can write one long and seven short every week. Writing style can be formal or informal with more or less official respect for your readers. Remember that the colors will provide the first impression, so if your topic is food don’t use the photos of animals or ancient buildings on the main page.
  4. Deal with publishing. For some writers, all the previous tips are obvious, and this one is truly hard. Any of the resources you chose have different interfaces and instruments of publishing. They are similar to their result, but the process differs. So it is necessary to make test publishing and check as a reader how it looks. You can ask a professional or a friend to be a judge of your blog. It doesn’t mean that you need to follow their advice, but it is always good to get feedback.    
  5. Pay attention to the promotion of the blog. Congratulations! Now you are an internet marketer too. If you need a successful blog and wish community to read your posts, it is necessary to place an ad in the right sources. Unfortunately, sending links to friends and waiting that they will share with their followers is not enough anymore. We don’t urge you to watch online seminars or study this profession, too, but you need to have a simple promotion plan.

We hope that the thought gathered in this text will be helpful, and you can write a blog post quickly and professionally following the tips. Every successful blogger has his own secrets that are suitable for him. Many of them share information to help newbies, so you can also try to find some helpful advice. The important rule is that you need to keep in sight your main goal of blogging and move step by step, according to it. 

A separate issue is how to earn money through blogging. The modern world is very changeable and unpredictable for new professions, and a blogger is very popular, so it is time to use all these circumstances and become a leader in a new sphere. More and more people start working from home and read a lot of private posts during workdays. It is time to use your chance as a writer. 

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